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  1. Mackaywarrior

    This might not be nice to say, but...

    At first I was bummed about the numbers in the conversion kits. Then I realized an epic conversion kit will come and I hope that will have a conversion for more fighters. Epic is still part of X-Wing and 5 X-wings is not outlandish there. dont forget us Epic players, FFG! (And I know they won’t)
  2. Mackaywarrior

    Renegades impact on Epic

    Swarm X-wings are going to be huge but I’d also be willing to argue that with the new upgrades, even the more expensive aces will be maneuverable enough to make BIG impacts. Lowrick (or Biggs) flying support for Wedge with PTL, r2 astromech, IA, and s-foils would be a scary under 60 pt investment on anti-fighter
  3. Mackaywarrior

    TIE/D’s in Epic

    Defenders are great! However, the trick to them is to keep the cost as low as possible. I prefer the higher PS generics in x7s
  4. Mackaywarrior

    Video on Starfighters vs shields, etc.

    I imagine (like in epic) energy management is a major part of that. Fighters can’t get through planetary shields in rogue one because all the energy is going to making shields. I would argue the Raddus was putting more power in its sub-light flight than in its shields which opened it up to fighter vulnerabilities. thats all I have to say about the matter. I don’t want too much science and explanations in my Star Wars combat. I want to make a lot of pew pew noices and occasionally quote Top Gun during my matches lol
  5. Mackaywarrior

    What Aces Really Shine in Epic?

    Howdy Folks! So recently I flew a modification of my standard epic list but instead of using the rebel transport and a combination of X-Wings, A-Wings, and B-Wings I had a Corellian Corvette, some X-Wings, and an A-Wing. However, I have not flown a single named pilot in epic in I felt like my list was missing something. Without the fighter swarm I just didn't feel in control of the battle at all. So which aces stand out to you?
  6. Mackaywarrior

    X-Wing Flights

    I get a weird feeling the "Save the Dream" ships are going to be especially special for epic players. Maybe the U-wing generic and the X-Wing generic are going to be a welcomed facelift to the Rebel Epic Fleet.
  7. Mackaywarrior

    Canon Material still needed in X-wing

    Really begs the question whether the market favors more ships or upping the potency of already existing ships. Given the excitement with the Reaper and the Gunboat (not to mention all the people asking for N1s) I would say more people want new ships. The X-Wing "fix" (sorry, I want to believe but I have been burned before) that is coming is an exception and not the rule to the desire for revamped ships. Another exception would be a fix for imperial swarms. That being said, I always assume there will be no X-Wing 2.0 and instead there will just be power creep to change the game. I also assume that FFG is keeping some "Fan Favorite" ideas on the table in case something bad happens that ticks off the consumer.
  8. Mackaywarrior

    X-Wing Flights

    Where is the list-building change? I can't find it.
  9. Mackaywarrior

    Can't wait for the new wave!

    Canonically? I don’t think so. However, in the context of fighters that they would have access to, I think they would probably use anything that overlaps Rebels and Scum. So Z-95s, scuurg (though not a whole lot of pilot options to argue this one), and Y-Wings
  10. Mackaywarrior

    Can't wait for the new wave!

    So I can buy a minimum of 5 Partisan packs for epic lol
  11. Alright, edge lord magilacutty. Calm down. #4 love is clearly warranted. All #11 did was stand there!!!! And don’t you dare follow up with EU stuff. It’s not real anymore!
  12. Mackaywarrior

    U-Wing fix, Am I missing something?

    Perhaps the U-Wing is more about the new pilots
  14. Mackaywarrior

    Fourth Faction: Star Wars Monsters

    That’s an easy problem to fix. Clearly the monsters should be the most powerful. Lol