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    We are about to have 4+ X-Wing Formats

    No, I meant using 1.0 and 2.0 ships where everything under the sun of X-Wing is legal. Didn't even think of 2.0 without conversion kit. I just lumped 2.0 in with new ship releases and conversion kits.
  2. Mackaywarrior

    We are about to have 4+ X-Wing Formats

    So I will admit, I was VERY hesitant about 2.0 but I am cautiously optimistic at this point. What I would like is for FFG to promise they aren't going to make a 3.0 but I know that is asking the impossible. However, we are about to have 4 X-Wing Formats and that is pretty exciting. 1) Classic - This will be all the people who want to play the original X-Wing 1.0. It will be a legacy format just for fun that the seasoned veterans will play from time to time to remember the good ole days (or not so good) 2) 2.0 - Pretty self-explanatory 3) Frontier Format - People using 1.0 and 2.0 ships whenever they want. We are talking classic Biggs in a 1.0 X-Wing flying with Two Tubes in a 2.0 X-Wing. Mixing and matching and playing a completely wild game. But man will it be a lot of fun! 4) Atari Cluster And of course, X-Wing Epic will be able to use these formats as well. This type of variety in formats is what keeps MTG so big. I predict a long life for X-Wing and a lot of variety at X-Wing night.
  3. Mackaywarrior

    Strike 3

    A PDF covers that concern lol Thanks for the info!
  4. Mackaywarrior

    Strike 3

    I’m still cautiously optimistic. Mainly because the designers have baked in enough flexibility to not have to make this huge buy-in a thing again. I would prefer a stat book over an app though.
  5. Mackaywarrior

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    Compatriots is what Soviet strategist would call communist sympathizers in countries they were going to invade. They counted on a certain number of compatriots to join them. i know it is REALLY specific but that’s what ruined L3 for me. Again, I’m not saying Disney are commies or that L3 was supposed to be. I just gave my reason for why I didn’t like her.