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  1. I’ve tried this list once, and it did pretty well. I’m not sure I would keep LW, but Boba and IG-A were able to share tokens at range 3 fairly often. It’s a little like Parattani, but it is not as stress-resistant. If Sloane emerges as a meta fixture, I don’t this this list will do well. Otherwise, these ships are hard to pin down and very action-efficient. (80) Boba Fett (4) IG-88D (3) Marauder (4) Han Solo Points 91 (70) IG-88A (2) IG-2000 (8) Advanced Sensors (4) Lone Wolf Points 84 (22) L3-37 (2) Tactical Officer Points 24 Total points: 199
  2. I agree—it should be Moralo. The old Bossk could kill high value targets on his own using K4/munitions/chips. No longer an option in 2.0. But Moralo can avoid being flanked AND become a flanker—this is new territory for the 666. How much would you pay to give an IG the ability to take a 5-7 speed white sloop, a weapons disabled token, and a one turn “no damage token?” That’s Moralo. He deserves to have nice things. He really wants ships to approach him at the board edge and expose their flank to the rest of your list. If the opponent turns into Moralo, he ghosts out and redeploys behind them. If opponents turn away from the board edge, Moralo puts in work and doesn’t get flanked—no 1.0 engine upgrade required. I think that means he wants Lone Wolf—he’ll be able to maintain LW distance whether he flees or not. He’ll want Ion Cannon to punish opponents for turning toward the board edge and to control them when he redeploys on their flank. [Does he want Dace Bonearm on his team?] For crew, I still like L3 to minimize damage before Moralo flees. L3 also improves his stress clearing on his way out and his pursuit on the way in. L3 also lets you deal with Zuckuss stress. I agree with the post above—IG-D crew and calculate is highly efficient. Calculate/IG—D also works very well with Lone Wolf Moralo and IG-A. This team works a lot like Parattanni—two ships pincer and force opponents to turn toward one or the other. At the start of combat, whoever needs the tokens gets the tokens. Even if Moralo need to reinforce, he still has a LW reroll and a calculate So, my party bus of choice is Moralo w/ LW, IC, L3, Zuckuss, and IG-D crew. Pair that with IG-A with IC. Not sure what filler....
  3. TL:DR: If you want a hard hitting party bus, it’ll cost a lot, and only Moralo can live long enough to deserve the points. The old party bus was simple. Move, take a focus, get passive Dengar rerolls, Zuckuss/4-LOM an expensive ace off the board, get flanked, and die. The platform changes a lot in 2.0: No cheap rerolls; the new crit deck is ugly for the 666; fewer shields between the bus and the damage deck; and a white reinforce action. The party may be over—this ship may have to invest some points and actions into defense just to stay alive. The loss of the passive rerolls from the 1.0 Dengar crew hurts it a lot. Lando crew plus Perceptive Copilot is a lot more expensive than Dengar crew and a focus action were in 1.0. And you might need to take that reinforce action at the initial engagement to stay alive. So, to keep things cheap, I’d take the Trandoshan Slaver with Zuckuss & 4-LOM and take reinforce actions just to keep fire off of the ship and prolong the Zuckuss/4-LOM duty cycle. L3 would really help this cheap party bus tank damage and get out of dodge while clearing Zuckuss stress. That build is 68 points, the 2.0 equivalent of the old party bus, but it doesn’t hit nearly as hard. The most competitive builds might need to invest more into offense, but I think that Moralo is the only 666 that can stay alive long enough to deserve the points.
  4. 100% agree with the OP. TL:DR Escape Craft is the best ship in the game. I posted on this in the main section. I think this ship is so undercosted that it might require taking the Falcon w/title. Even if that’s the case, two of the Escape Craft pilots—L3 and the ORP—don’t have a self-destruct clock and function like support ships for a filler ship price. So for a 6 point premium (Falcon title), you can just undock L3/ORP in the first turn to use the red coordinate. Like OP said, that makes heavy hitters like Fenn and Guri extremely good. Add Boba and Han to that list, as well. Here’s a gross list that I’m calling Death Blossom, after the Last Starfighter movie. Han pilot (54); Trick shot (1); cluster missiles (5); veteran turret gunner (8); perceptive co-pilot (10); 4-LOM (3); inertial dampeners (1) [82] Fenn (68); Trick shot (1) [69] L3 (22); Beckett (2) [24] ORP (24) At setup, Beckett moves a large asteroid and adds to the cluster of asteroids to help proc Trick Shot. Han sets bow tie to port/starboard. He now has a virtual 75% shooting arc. Out the front arc, if he can lock a ship at R2, he can fire cluster missiles at up to 3 additional ships at R1 of the locked ship. Those are 4-dice shots if trick shot procs. Assuming RAW, he can 4-LOM all of those shots and rack up 8 ion tokens that will clear next round with a blue maneuver. He can even fire while on an asteroid if R0-1 of ORP. Not sure about this, but the Escape Craft may be able to coordinate two actions for Han if he decides to stay on the rock and pops ID’s in the next round. Let’s say the opponent bugs out on either side of the asteroid/Han: Veteran Tail Gunner means another multiple attack round. Those Veteran Turret Gunner attacks also benefit from Trick Shot, Perceptive Copilot, and 4-LOM synergy. Having two ships coordinating a hitter like Scum Han makes getting off Dengaroo-style attacks way too easy. This Han will be able to double-focus, lock, and boost, no problem. Fenn benefits from coordinate, as well. He can face-up to a rock to proc Trick Shot, and an Escape Craft can barrel him out before he moves. So, if an opponent focuses down Han, you still have a double-coordinated Fenn that can shoot from behind (or on) rocks. 6-dice R1 focus-locked shot? If you can listbuild like this, the Escape Craft is easily the best ship in the game. Even if you need to take the Falcon w/title, and the Escape Craft is, itself, unique, it’s still the best ship in the game. It doesn’t really matter if it’s targeted first and blows up early when it can set up burst damage and tank hits. Fenn, Han, Boba, and Guri are all awesome, but it’s the Escape Craft that is broken—assuming no corrections to points or clarifications on listbuilding
  5. Is it me, or is the Escape Craft severely undercosted? In a few practice games flying Boba, Fenn, and Outer Rim Pioneer, the Escape Craft did serious work with the red coordinate action. Boba was never at a loss for focus (or double focus) or boost, even in heavy traffic. A coordinated boost for Boba at I3 was especially good for setting up Veteran Tail Gunner shots vs. generics. Fenn is less in need of coordinate due to his linked actions, but it was helpful for focus on red maneuvers. The dial on the Escape Craft is just fine for clearing stress, especially flying next to a big threat. My guess is that the Escape Craft can’t be beat as a third ship in a three ship Scum list. It’s a very capable support ship at a filler ship price. I assumed I could fly this ship without the “mothership” in the list, as you can with the Attack Shuttle. But at 12-26 points, I’m wondering if there are some list building rules with the Escape Craft that I missed. Rigged Energy Cells mean that Lando and the drone blow up eventually if undocked, but L3 and Outer Rim Pioneer seem so good that it’s worth taking the Falcon just for the Escape Craft. Any more info on the list building rules here?
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