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  1. I gather that to mean that there probably wont be X-wing equipment "booster packs"
  2. I, for one, am super thrilled by this! I also play scum, exclusively.
  3. At a casual escalation tournament I was at recently we saw a decrease in the effectiveness of Palp shuttle on 150 points - more ships, more opportunities, less obvious decisions. Same story with Manaroo, to a degree - so two of what I'd say are the most common support-role vessel. Attani Mindlink, on the other hand...
  4. I foresee a number of heated discussions between players when it becomes apparent that one is taking liberties with their range ruler in measuring to ships along the way to the rock, or perhaps even a little off course
  5. Ive known pilots of the Empire to be known for their ruthlessness.
  6. Fenn Rau didn't kill Talonbane, Terry did. I was going to fly Talonbane and Fenn, but not it's gonna be Fenn and Terry and I'm not quite ready to go all in on a 13hp list for all 3
  7. You can't be teasing Talonbane Cobra like this. It's cruel
  8. Mozic

    SF Fighter preview

    That 0-point sensor is going to be best friends with a player who likes to field Echo, debris, and Yorr. The tech may just be the T-70 buff that rebels wanted. Hard to say how it'll do as far as costing goes into the few ships who can equip those, though. It seems pretty powerful and appropriately costed for its value, though. Glad they confirmed Quickdraw's ability to fire during activation in the preview too. Also, does the dial seem very Starviper like to anyone else? Its only way to u-turn is with a sengor's.
  9. Just be careful around anybody who gets salty about card modifications. I drew a mustache on my mercenary copilot and somebody tried to flag me for it.
  10. Neither of these things make the boom-boom
  11. You mean like the entire game is played? You are playing Yahtzee? Im playing xwing Tyvm. I'm playing Yahtzee. I realize now that I am very lost and this now puts a lot of my confusion about what I've been reading in this forum into perspective.
  12. Yeah, the problem with Talonbane is that he's a fantastic example of how people expect aces to behave when they fail to dodge arcs - fast boom. He's got punch, he's built with dodge, but he's got no backup plan for when he's got a stress token and a face full of red dice.
  13. STOP CRUSHING DREAMS The dream crushing will continue until Talonbane takes Worlds
  14. They specifically mentioned TIE/SF is next at the bottom of the ARC article
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