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  1. FSD

    Adepticon - who’s going ?

    I'll be there working the con. Bringing my stuff in hopes of getting a pick up game or two after my shift. <fingers crossed>
  2. FSD

    official drop of DT

    You can use the two together but only once. They did rule you cannot combo it to pass out multiple order tokens off of Entourage.
  3. You obsess over things decades old? You?? We’d have never guessed. 😉
  4. FSD

    official drop of DT

    True but if they are hanging back, they are likely not as big of a target as your advancing troops. I guess I'm picturing them in a more thematic build where they've got Krennic around with Strict Orders so they can hopefully consistently pull off any suppression and not have the Recover be an issue. I was actually surprised at being able to get Bistan's attack off numerous times in a game as the unit was not taking much fire and was able to Recover when they needed it.
  5. FSD

    official drop of DT

    Very true but having run the Pathfinders with a full squad tossing range 4 dice, I think it could be worth it to park them on an objective and use them for covering fire as your other troops attempt to secure a more hotly contested objective further up the field.
  6. FSD

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    NP. The Battle For Endor is much better anyway. Noa, Teek, Terak & the Mauraders, Charal. Oh yeah. I guess we DO need stuff from CoC.
  7. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. After all, two weeks ago, we could have said: "I don't see the Mark II Medium Blaster being in the same box as another unit, requiring you purchase more of the corps unit to get more Mark II Medium Blaster units because it makes more sense for them to be in their own box" but here we are!
  8. Yes, they are. But we really do not know much about detachments other than you have to take the base unit in order to use the detachment. We can see that there are 2 order tokens in the Rebel Veterans product glam. This leads me to think that while you have to take the base unit in order to include the detachment in your army, they are operating independently from the base unit and get their own separate activation. To me, that fits the bill for a Viper probe droid. I could see the 11-3K variant as a separate, multi-mini unit. I have a hard time seeing the ESB Viper probe droid as a multi-mini unit for the exact same reason you seem to think it should not be a detachment - each droid works more as a SINGLE individual unit, not a unit of figures that have to worry about cohesion. That kind of leaves us with Detachment or Operative. I'd much rather FFG concentrate on filling out the rest of the ESB bounty hunters than releasing a Probe Droid as an Operative (but who knows, they could release it and an R2/3PO Operative pack as a wave...)
  9. I’m still of the mind that a probe droid would be a perfect “detachment” for an Imperial Veterans unit.
  10. FSD

    What colors for Rebel Pathfinders?

    Honestly, you cannot go wrong with a color selection on these guys. While I usually try to keep a single color palette for each unit, I kind of threw that idea out the window with my first set and tried to match the outfit for the best example I could find online. They were not a perfect match (due to facial hair differences) but it worked. IIRC: Sgt Melshi, Pvt Calfor, Corporal Maddel, & Corporal Casrich
  11. Imperial’s second support unit was the E-web - a ground unit.
  12. Not sure if anyone else heard but March 28 seems to be showing up on numerous places as the release date...
  13. FSD

    Star Wars Inspiration Art

    And don't kid yourself. The First Order knew better than to go poking around diners owned by the Fratelli Syndicate.
  14. FSD

    Painting furry snow lizards

    Marvel Editor: "What the heck?! The colorist just put light blue on every third panel. I don't care if this story takes place on an ice planet; I'm not paying full price for this. Send it back!!" Colorist: "Fine. Whatever." *randomly puts color in each panel and waits for his check to clear.*
  15. FSD

    Sarlacc Pit

    Is the "beak" one of those weighted paper holders?