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  1. The article does state that Phase 2 will be hard plastic.
  2. Q4 means it’s going on the Christmas list. My gaming discretionary funds are already wrapped up in all the shiny new army men. I’ll let my wife buy me the house for my dolls. 😆
  3. Yeah. I was looking at it the other day and thinking, "I'd really like the CM-O/93 for my normal Troopers so they can get some attack surge love and toss the Z-6 on my Vets since they already have surge to hit". I think having the CM-O/93 on the Vets allows you more flexibility with the Mark II. If you are running the Vets with no heavy, you are more inclined to always use the Mark II with the lean Vet unit. If you have the CM-0/93, I think you can get away with saving the Mark II to support a unit of Troopers to add the Crit 2 kw to the pool. Granted, it might end up being a moot point now since they announced the DTL-20A.
  4. While it was announced first, I’m of the opinion that was mainly due to the timing of Adepticon. What is more impressive to announce and display at a major con with its own In-Flight report: Shoretroopers and Dewbacks or the Clone Wars core set?
  5. I just started playing around with the CIS on TTA and, dear lord that's a whole lot of clankers that are going to be out on the board...
  6. Exactly. There are enough ways to make "generic" types of Corps units and then use the other org slots to define a Scum army and keep it from being a catch-all faction where people just take the most effective units. Roll out a Keyword - Syndicate: X. In order for a unit with Syndicate: X to be included in an army, there has to be a matching commander with the keyword. Want to run the Hylobon Enforcers who have the Syndicate: Crimson Dawn keyword? You have to have Darth Maul or Dryden Vos as your commander (because they also have the Syndicate: Crimson Dawn keyword).
  7. He was taking about, like, a pretty necklace. Or a nice hat. You know. Something that makes the other Sith Lords go "Ooh, that's nice".
  8. No such luck. Commander-specific command cards are identified by an image in the upper-right corner that matches the image on that commander’s unit card and by the name of that commander appearing below the name of the command card.
  9. Can you show me on this doll where Boba and Bossk touched you?
  10. Thanks. I went with simple but functional. I was very impressed with what’s available in rattle-can sprays nowadays. Found a sandy textured spray that worked perfectly over a spray of almond colored base coat. I understand about how daunting 3D printing can be. Luckily a friend bought one to toy around with last Christmas and was more than happy to print up whatever I wanted as long as I paid for the files and filament. I’m way too tech-illiterate to have attempted this myself. Can’t wait to see your temple ruins! I love the idea of locals taking over the ruins and repurposing for a settlement.
  11. Aesthetics is always key for me. I finally finished my docking bay from Imperial Terrain and could not be more pleased. I think it’s versatile enough that it can work as a centerpiece with other themed buildings or with some industrial storage tanks or heavy equipment. I’m glad I had some surplus vinyl with a cobblestone print because I think it will really distinguish the piece as a whole and make it pop regardless of what type of mat I am using in a game
  12. I've noticed the same when I look at the tables for higher level events. I try to put out a good mix of heavy and light cover when we are playing at my FLGS. Granted, I had the happy coincidence of having several large swatches of scrap vinyl lying around that had a grassy pattern printed on them so I cut them up to represent light area terrain (tall grass, sparse forest) and then made up some plants/trees to place down in the areas. That way the 3D elements can be moved around to accommodate models as needed but not really impact the actual boundaries of the terrain.
  13. Death Troopers, DLT, HH-12, Snipers, Occupier, AT-ST, Bossk, Veers 1pip, Boba's 3 pip,
  14. I agree on Bossk - grenade version. I think with Sabine I’m going to have to wait and see. If possible, I’d like to keep the head unglued so I can swap them out but honestly it depends on how she looks in-hand. The preview images almost make the helmet look too large. i also need to grab the IA pack for Sabine/Zeb because that sculpt looks like the scale may be pretty spot on for Legion. If so, then the official Legion version will get the Darksaber while I use the IA sculpt for a dual pistol Sabine.
  15. For beginners/casual play, this is a solid basis. I do tend to agree with @Squark somewhat. My main issue is in the static deployment zones. I'd prefer to see Disarray and Major Offensive adjusted to fit a 3x3 area and then adjust Fog of War to take into account those set ups (divide the board along the diagonal for Major Offensive and make four separate quadrants of "no fire" zones for Disarray). Then roll off for Deployment using a black attack die: Hit is Battle Lines, Blank is Major Offensive, Crit/Surge is Disarray. I'm going to try out the format this weekend and toy around with added deployment options and report back with how it goes.
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