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  1. Everyone's wrong actually. A spotter is not there for purely offensive purposes. They also serve to watch out for incoming fire and heroically push the sniper out of the way for defensive purposes. Many a Mon Cal sniper has had to pour out a 40 for their fallen comrades once they get back to base.
  2. FSD

    Season 3

    My FLGS had them in this past weekend.
  3. FSD

    New Operations Oct 15th

    Organized Play The Operations info is listed under Support on the main Legion product page.
  4. FSD

    New Operations Oct 15th

    Usually means "most unit leaders within range 1" but whether that is any Unit or a Trooper Unit only is likely what needs to be clarified.
  5. FSD

    New Operations Oct 15th

    They are the suggested Operations for OP play. I personally love the interconnected nature of some of them. They feel like a little, 4 game RPG-lite campaign.
  6. FSD

    New Operations Oct 15th

    Rebels will not be able to run this one until December, obviously. Remember FFG has stated all of the Operations will stay up on their website for use at any time. They are just "future-proofing" the Operations so you can reuse them any time in the future.
  7. FSD

    What’s your user name origin story?

    Not sure if anyone remembers this small, old card game from Decipher known as SWCCG () but my handle back on their forums was DS-000-0, The Flight School Drop Out. Or something like that. Over time (and depending on a site's allowing of certain characters), I've shortened it as need be. FSD = Flight School Dropout
  8. And I’d like to think R2 or Chopper (when introduced) might have a small melee attack weapon. Plus BT-1 and IG-88 are all about being attack droids.
  9. FSD

    Ewebs and FD turrets are shipping!

    My Boba's done (and I now wished I'd have just gone with a ESB paint scheme because the ROTJ colors were a PITA) but I too have to get my Scouts started.
  10. That's been something I've been thinking about too. I don't think there's enough room on the card to include that text as well as the text for the "Repair/Treat" effects. I'd prefer they *NOT* add dice to the attack dice pool because I have issues wrapping my head canon around these specific droids adding to attacks. Plus it will hopefully keep the cost down because these upgrades will likely only be benefiting units other than the one they are within. If "Treat" can be used to remove a wound counter then the medic could only heal a unit that can suffer multiple wounds (Commanders, Operatives, Wookiees & Royal Guards currently). I can see sacrificing firepower in a corps unit to help out other units but also I want to see a cost no more than what a standard extra trooper would cost. I don't personally want a 20 point upgrade that adds the keyword *and* attack capacity. I'm hoping the RRG entry for both of those keywords indicate a Personnel Upgrade with these keywords do not contribute dice to the attack pool but I'm not expecting it.
  11. FSD

    New units spoilers

    Well, looks like FFG has definately learned a lesson about opportunity cost for added slots. Rebel Comms Technician is only 9 points but you have to take a Comms upgrade.
  12. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/10/9/specialize-your-army/ I dig that the Comms specialist is only 9 points but you HAVE to equip a comms upgrade to the unit.
  13. FSD

    What future Empire units?

    Uh, we already have Vader and Leia...
  14. FSD

    The bid a turn zero discussion

    I'm not a big fan of the bid. I'll usually build until I hit 798+. If I have 10 points left, I'm likely looking to see if I can add Stims, Duck & Cover or maybe Hunter. If I've only got 5 left, it's likely getting spent on Enviro Gear. Grenades are added earlier and ONLY with Snowtroopers, tbh.
  15. FSD

    Proton & Sonic Charge Markers

    They were scratch-built. I used a bamboo skewer for the main body and a larger straw for the bottom. I’m actually thinking that some extra flight pegs would have worked as well.