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  1. FSD

    Question regarding painting miniatures details

    This!! Honestly, after you are done, don't hold the mini 8" from your face to judge your success. Our toy soldiers are usually 2-3' from us while we are playing. You'd be surprised at how big of a difference distance makes when you are viewing your handiwork. For example: I was really kind of disappointed in the quality of a 3d printed item I had a friend print up for me. I decided to try out buying a file and getting them printed locally rather than getting gouged by shipping thru Shapeways (plus I was wanting to print up multiples for use as give-aways at local events). After I got it painted it looked "ok" but once I set it down in the middle of the table I realized I couldn't see any of the print lines at a distance!
  2. FSD

    Unsung Heros.

    There’s still the last face down upgrade card. Between that, the point cost of the figs and the Command cards, that’s enough to warrant another article I think.
  3. FSD

    Unsung Heros.

    No. It’s stiil only restoring 1 wound so the Wookie comes back with two wound tokens on it.
  4. You know I was thinking "What do we really need to know besides the Repair/Heal values of the droids?" and then went out to the first article and noticed the Command Cards as well. Plus there is the Comms upgrade which was hinted at in the article plus the face down upgrade card which we really have no idea what type it is! Considering we know we are getting Recon Intel as the Gear upgrade, I'm wondering if that's also a new Command upgrade since it would not make sense to give us a Commander but no Command upgrade to fill that slot. There's actually quite a bit of info still unknown.
  5. FSD

    New vehicles!

    Geez. I just realized it can carry its own repair droid.
  6. FSD

    New vehicles!

    It’s a heavy.
  7. FSD

    Printable Miniatures

    Had a friend purchase the downed Rebel pilot file. He's been printing off accent pieces for my homemade terrain pieces and was wanting to see if his printer could handle minis. If it works, I'll likely print up several and paint them to use as giveaways to league players. And then likely dive down the rabbit hole to maybe proxy up a Partisan Army since the normal Rebel troopers will work just fine for Corps units. If his printer is not high enough quality, I'm not too concerned with being out the $5.
  8. FSD

    Officers dropping the 25th

    Likely GenCon. The little paper "info tent" in the display case did list them as Q4 2018 initially.
  9. FSD

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    While I’m not sure it’s intentional, I love the fact that the Ewok tower has three of them in it so when I proxy them as Wookie Warriors, each wound is basically one dead Ewok.
  10. FSD

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    And so it begins... Wookie Warriors proxies will be ordered tomorrow. 😈
  11. FSD

    My Endor Table

    Looks great. I've been eyeing the Ewok village for some time but really wanted to keep my terrain more non-descript since I was wanting to keep my options open for games. After seeing it painted up and on a board, I've asked a friend to print it up for me. It's just too awesome to not add to my collection.
  12. FSD

    Where are premium bases?

    ...bringing them across one at a time....
  13. FSD

    Mortar teams?

    The issue with this is that it would give the Empire mortar team a sizeable advantage over the Rebel version as Veers can keep feeding them aim tokens every turn for maximum efficiency. It gets worse if you consider he could just sit back by two teams, feed them an aim token and then each of them could take an aim action and really do some serious damage (especially if you use the proposed comm upgrade to give them each another black die).
  14. FSD

    January Release?

    Yeah. Jyn and Pathfinders are not even listed as "In Development" and Chewie & the Wookies are still showing as "Shipping Now" when they've been in stores for two weeks so it's definitely in need of a sizeable update.
  15. FSD

    Christmas Core set… now what?

    If you can swap 1/2 a core with another player, you are in a pretty good spot. Since it does seem that you are leaning towards Imps, if you can swing a trade for the 1/2 core set, I'd finish out your initial force composition with Veers, Boba, Snowtroopers (x2) and maybe another Speeder Bike expansion. With that and the Core set, you really have a good selection from which to pull. Snowtroopers will want to be in close for Flamethrower attacks. Regular stormies can provide ranged support. Bikes and Boba will be your swift moving flankers and just all around harassers. As for Special Forces, I'd likely wait for the Death Troopers as I'm really not sure the Scouts or Imp Guard fit into your described play style but I could be wrong. Picking up the Imperial Specialist Personnel pack later this month might be good as well, especially if you are running Veers without Speeder Bikes as his 2 pip card becomes useless without vehicles. Granted we have no idea about what the 2 pip will be from the expansion, but...