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  1. Looks like no Worlds this year unless FFG makes alternate plans. https://www.adepticon.org/2020/03/12/adepticon-2020-has-been-cancelled/
  2. Agreed. I do think changing it to Entourage 1:B2 is a good middle ground or have FFG make up a new keyword that is Entourage-lite where you can include 2 additional B1 units that do not contribute to the force org limits but do not get the order token bonus.
  3. Don’t worry too much about Rex being 501st but appearing alongside your 212th troops. Go read Cody’s entry on any database. While he was the second-in-command of the 212th, half of his entries are going to start with “Cody, alongside Kenobi, Skywalker, and Rex...”. You’ll just have Rex ready once Cody releases. 😉
  4. I dub this team, "Don't Eat Yellow Snow".
  5. IIRC there is actually a file out on thingiverse that is a Legion sized base with an indention in the top so you can just snap your IA base into it for easy compatibility.
  6. True. You just cannot run them like a "usual" droid army. I played against a Grievous/3B2/3Deka list this past weekend. I think it was rounded out by 1 B1 squad with sniper. The player has a lot of experience running Imperial lists. The AI did not really impact his ability to effectively play the team.
  7. Yes. It's the only one that I think can pretty much guarantee a turn one detonation without worrying about getting damaged by the detonation. I don't think a naked BARC can get close enough to place the token within range one and then still get out of the blast radius but I'd need to try it out.
  8. Well, you can likely do it with most figures by round two. Remember it only needs to be at Range 1 of the opponent's deployment zone. Granted, the Speeders are more efficient thanks to the compulsory move allowing them to cover more ground and be able to get out of the blast radius.
  9. They honestly look like a Trandoshan mated with a Klingon from the Kelvin timeline...
  10. Simple list? Buy Krennic, Death Troopers x2 and a box of Shoretroopers Vader w/ Force Reflexes & Saber Throw, Krennic, Stormies w/DLT x2, Shoretrooper w/ T-21B, DF-Mortar, Death Troopers w/ DLT-19D x2 Fill in the remaining 29 points with upgrades of your choice.
  11. Two words: Training Exercises. Now it makes thematic sense.
  12. Agreed. Han taking off once Ben went bad is a totally human thing to do. Depression and despondency can make a person do very damaging things. "Anger. Fear. Aggression. The dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow. Quick to join you in a fight. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny." The above quote is the reason I can believe Luke would be tempted to end Ben before he went full Dark Side. Luke had already gone down the dark path in ROTJ. There was clear anger and aggression in his fight with Vader in the throne room. Fear caused him to slip back into that realm while dealing with Ben. IMO, he caught himself just like he did in ROTJ and decided against continuing down the dark path but to me, it's totally in character (as is fleeing to the island).
  13. To add to the "first faction" note: GCW units are plentiful. You can actually tailor your purchases to exactly what you want due to the number of releases. I've purchased from release. When you purchase from release, you are buying enough units to fill out 800 points. As new units get released, some of your older units see less and less play. If you start with Republic as your primary faction, know that eventually you will rarely use the two BARC speeders or that 4th and 5th unit of Clones you purchased early in the game to pad out your force. That's why I'm still plugging away in games with Rebels or Empire while I slowly build my Clone army - one core set (and an extra BARC expansion because I "needed" the BARC trooper helmets ) and then picking and choosing from new releases as they come out.
  14. If your interest lies in the Empire, I say follow your heart and build an Imperial army. Any mirror matches can be easily explained as a training exercise or as the Empire sending troops to deal with a rogue Moff attempting to consolidate his own power on an Outer Rim planet. Heck, you could be the rogue Moff and that can really open up your ability to paint your troops any way you choose!
  15. If the pics follow the same formula as previous releases, we can extrapolate that K-2SO is 5 health as they usually always print wound tokens to be "wound threshold-1". So 5 wound tokens for Cassian (sixth wound is death) and 4 wound tokens for K-2SO (fifth wound is death).
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