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  1. But it makes sense. Once the tripod is deployed, the gunner’s not going to move it, just swivel the blaster at whatever it wants to shoot.
  2. FSD

    Rebel Fleet Troopers, are they awful?

    Clearly more illegal play. Troopers do not provide cover to other troopers.
  3. FSD

    No Time For Sorrows

    No. There is a difference between giving a trooper an order and activating a trooper. You only issue orders (place a face-up order token by a unit) during the Command Phase. You activate troopers during the Activation Phase.
  4. Keep your eyes on stuff you might normally toss in the trash or recycling. I've had good luck turning many plastic containers into terrain like cargo boxes (corsage containers from the kid's prom flowers) and bunkers (plastic tray from 5lb of hamburger).
  5. "On a <block> result the condition token detonates; on a <defense surge> result it detonates twice before being removed." Trying to stay one step ahead of the game here. I'm questioning whether the token is removed upon a <block> detonation or *only* on a <defense surge> detonation. Thoughts?
  6. I've been considering magnetizing these so that I can use them as scatter terrain *or* objectives depending on the circumstances.
  7. FSD

    Leia and Fleet Troopers are incoming

    Picked mine up today from my FLGS - preordered to ensure I’d get them. Just finished glueing them together and noticed one of the Fleet Troopers is female. Loving the diversity, FFG.
  8. FSD

    Special Tokens

    Agreed. I'm still waiting for my Bleed tokens in Imperial Assault...
  9. FSD

    Special Tokens

    The coin is a stylized representation of the Commander Token. The commander symbol is surrounded by rays very reminiscent of the top of the cardboard Commander Token. It is considerably smaller than an order token and closer to the size of the cardboard Commander token. Plus, the Operation information even calls it a Commander Token but if you've not held one in your hands or ever looked at the Operation pamphlet, I can see where confusion may occur.
  10. FSD


    I believe Contrapulator is correct.
  11. FSD

    Legion is in its WWI Phase

    "If you place them vertically rather than horizontally, you can get even more barricades onto the mat." ~FFG Sales Team
  12. FSD

    Special Tokens

    Yep. The next kit is really awesome for an acrylic junkie like myself.
  13. FSD

    Special Tokens

    I think part of it stems from the fact that it's a prize. It should be something you really want. FFG's like, "Oh, your commander died? Here's a cool metal token to mock you the rest of the game" and some people just can't handle it...
  14. FSD

    Rebel Fleet Troopers, are they awful?

    Granted, you might have to sell your car for the rest of the troops. And foam to carry them. And all of the terrain you are going to want to build or buy. And the paints and inks and washes and brushes.
  15. FSD

    Special Tokens

    If it’s from the Operation kit, it’s not an order token. It’s for Commander promotion.