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  1. FSD

    Clones AT-RT

    Per wiki, they were also sometimes equipped with mortar launchers.
  2. Have an extra Kanan AA from GenCon. Looking mainly to start securing the new acrylic condition tokens, junk droid card with token, newer (non-clear) Regional dice or Worlds condition tokens.
  3. They did have IA on display, IIRC. Granted, it was down at the bottom of the display case I think but it was there.
  4. FSD

    Getting started with Legion

    Which table did you play on? i only as I’m one of the guys demoing. 🙂
  5. Yeah, I offered but everyone has preorders in as the shop give a discount if you do so it’s pretty much “Who under ordered or are too impatient to wait?” 😁 Picking up Fleet Troopers for a friend since they are sold out locally.
  6. FSD


    Any close up pics of the Wookiees so we can see if any of them are female? 😋
  7. I am at Gen Con and currently trying to figure out how to spend my discretionary funds. They have fleet troopers available as well as pre-release Rebel commandos. I already own a set of the Fleet Troopers and have a set of rebel commandos on pre-order @ my store back home. If you were to purchase a second copy of one of the expansions which would it be and why?
  8. You should be safe. If anything, I see them as a Special Forces unit so three max in her army.
  9. FSD

    Han AA card misprint?

    The card actually has two errors. The defensive die is the most evident but you’ll also notice he has the Special Forces icon and not the Commander icon.
  10. Love Roy's Fruit Stand so much I'm going to borrow the idea for a junk/parts dealer kiosk.
  11. Preordered one as I want to see how effective the two-man unita are before I purchase a second. They would honestly have to be stupid broken for me to even think of getting a third.
  12. FSD

    Chewie is Next

    Wow. I'm totally imagining both of these as doable in a way similar to the Charge Type tokens. They need to be balanced but... Arm and Detonate Ewok traps?? Yes, please!
  13. FSD

    Chewie is Next

    That's the range 3 heavy weapon choice.
  14. FSD

    Chewie is Next

    I want to see Ewoks if for no other reason than to see FFG print a card with a ranged weapon named "Rocks and Sticks".
  15. FSD

    Chewie is Next

    Knowing the odds in a dice game can be very useful. "3720 to 1": Friendly units within range 1 can spend Aim tokens as if they are Dodge tokens and Dodge tokens as if they are Aim tokens.