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  1. i really dont understand anyone that says anything against having yoda in the game. its freaking yoda....he should be in the game. he is fun, iconic, cute, silly, and a badass......
  2. I dont believe you can obstruct your own shots. Howlrunner can affect the raider, as can Captain Jonus in the bomber to help with the accuracy of your missles(like cluster, or any that you have to spend the target lock). I would drop rebel captive and put on Captain needa to get through the obstacles quicker or chinreau to move another 1 forward. Cluster is close range, so you may not get to fire them often. If you assume their will be a Tantive on the other side, be aware that it tends to have long range covered and usually runs a higher PS than the raider can get and that can put quite the hurt on the Raider as it heads in to get close enough to shoot missles and the quad lasers. Sensor team can be great so that you can get the Target locks early, allowing you to spend you actions elsewhere the following turns. When you are in the thick of it with Capital ships they want to Reinforce and Recover as much as possible, leaving little room for the target locks(which the Impetous title helps with..)
  3. Diceforbrains.com Excellent podcast for Star Wars Force and Destiny Role playing game. Check it out!!
  4. ElitePilot

    Jabba preview

    they already changed the article. it doesnt say ptl to use slam anymore. doesnt mention slam at all now
  5. Diceforbrains.com Check it out if you like listening to a great story unfold or if you'd like to learn how to play Star wars Force and Destiny roleplaying game. I have had a blast listening to it!
  6. 12 regular ties and 5 tie/fo. But 2 of my regular ties, the female plastic pegs broke off, never to be found. Haven't fixed em yet.
  7. I assume its range 1 from the aft that its equipped on, but since its considered 1 whole ship, I am not 100% sure
  8. Is it range 1 from the aft section or both?
  9. OH. Is that because the whole thing is considered one ship and a ship can only take one modification unless otherwise noted? Or where does it say that Epic ships only get one mod? Just the Mod slot on each section obviously makes you wanna put one on each. No worries, either way is fine with me.
  10. These aren't limited, but do say once a round. But Each card could be used each round i assume. Can you equip and use two?
  11. Thank you to those that have responded and contributed. Fun ideas.
  12. That would be great. I'd like to see that too,
  13. Ok cool! I am behind on my clone wars. I need to get on that.
  14. The only answer i can come up with is who the F cares? Yoda is cool and fun. Total buzzkill. I would think yoda as a pilot is more ludicrous. But as a crew member...seems fine.
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