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  1. RAW vs RAI it happens sometimes ^^
  2. And here the answer is: That settles it. Durable and Supreme Armor Master saves the day ^^
  3. Great Work! Once Again! Thanks a lot!
  4. For Rivals and Nemesis yes! Minions get killed.... Ninjad by Absol ^^
  5. Ok time clear everything up: lightsabers are immun to the sunderquality (damaging by one advantage of sunder weapons) Lightsabers are not immun to damage by triumph or despairs. You can damage a LS by one step by one triumph if you forgo the damage, or one step if the wielder throws in a despair! However in F&D the Advange and Triumph table also states that in the case you DO damage and SPEND 2 triumphs at once you are able to destroy any open wearn equipment immediatly. In the case of the Lightsaber the GM has to say if the crystal is also broken or just the hilt. So in this case since Tanson spend two triumphs on a successfull hit with damage (even if you reflect you still get damage from both weapons since both have pierce2 = 4 and 2 if I didn't miscalculate) he is able to destroy that Lightsaber in one go. (this is something the players at my table try to do all the time to my inquisitors...)
  6. The Out of Turn Maneuver - You may use any kind of maneuver without the use of incidentials - So Draw/ put away something, Move, go prone, stand up, activate any device (computer/ door ect.), denfesive maneuver, Aim, Talents like sidestep, defensive stance, sometimes Force powers like Forcejump (if upgraded to the "maneuver Controll") or thnaks to special talents that allow the use of an action as an maneuver (mostly once per session!) - you may not use any incidentials that have to be used on your turn during an out of turn maneuver. Out of Turn Incidential - Those are Talents that allow you to react during the enemys turns. Reflect, Parry, Mind over Matter ect. - Those are no Maneuvers and they don't need the 2 threats of an Enemy action to be activated. Reflect and Parry: Those can be activate in response to any hit. If you are targeted by a Linked or autofire attack you'll need7 are allowed to activate parry/ reflect on each of that HITS but not more than ONE time per HIT! Here an example how it works: you are attacked by an Heavy Blaster Rifle with one sucess and sic advantages, The damage will be 11 and all advantages are use to hit you again (total hits 4), let say you have a Soak of 5 and Reflect Rank to. First hit 11 Damage - use reflect? yes! rank 2 (reduction of 4) = 7 damage - 5 Soak = 2 wounds (you paid 3 Strain!) second hit 11 Damage - use reflect again? yes! rank 2 = 7 damage - 5 Soak = 2 wounds (you paid 3 Strain again!) third hit 11 Damage - use reflect again? NO! 11 damage - 5 Soak = 6 wounds fourth hit 11 damage - use reflect? yes that hurted! rank 2 = 7 damage - 5 Soak = 2 wounds (you paid 3 Strain again!) now the attack is resolved - you suffered a total of 12 Wounds and you suffered voluntary 9 Strain to activate reflect. (without reflect it would have been 24 Damage... a real life saver ^^). You could NOT activate reflect more than once per hit so NOT LIKE THIS: First hit 11 Damage - use reflect? yes! rank 2 (reduction of 4) = 7 damage - reflect again= 3 damage - 5 soak = 0 wounds (you paid 6 Strain!)... In your Example, you would have been able to use reflect ether way (as long as you had the Lightsaber activated in the first place) since it is an out of turn incidental (if you have any ranks in it) so you would have been able to do something else additonal. If you hadn't the LS out yet, than it is nice of your GM to allow you to use the out of turn maneuver to draw it before damage resolving so you could use reflect as an out of turn incidental.
  7. since it seems we are running forth and back, I went ahead and send a question about this to the DEVs, once I get a response how RAW/RAI on this topic works, I'll share it. (here as well as in the DEV. Answerd Questions Thread) Until then (and of course even after that!) everyone should use the ruling that works the best at your table!
  8. it's treated as not having rolled the critical hit percentile at all and since the critical hit percentile was never rolled The wording of P.S. is: "...May chance the Result of a crit roll to any Easy/Medium/Hard severity critical result" So you don't forgo the roll, but you change it's result: NOT "Hmm... rolling 44... Meh I make it Overpowered!" BUT "Hmmm... rolling 44... Meh I make it 76 - Thats Overpower!" otherwise the P.S. would be the one and only Talent that has no chance of beeing resisted to and that would be overpowerd! (PUN intended) The reason why it is possiblie comes with the already citet Devs rule! It is just a question of which comes first, and the DEV - Sam Steward - ruled that first you determin the options on the attackers side (in the example it is the disruptors effect, but that can be extrapolated to the Varpelin crystal AND the precicion Strike talent. so NOT Attacker "Hmm... rolling 44... Meh I make it Overpowered!" Defender "... Great can't do anything... and you just spend some strain" BUT "Hmmm... rolling 44... Meh I make it 76 - Thats Overpower!" Defender "... ok I use my durable 3... that makes the crit 46 - thats Headringer... well still s***ks but at least you can't attack a second time!"
  9. I really hope this char has the obligation "Addictive to Booster Blue" here some ideas: 1. The Crate was part of the payment/ lure of the handler, once the betrayel has happened, the PC realizes that he won't get the crate if he won't get back on the handler VERY SOON, (this is the moment where the setback from "Addictive" starts to set in ^^) 2. The Betrayel isn't an ambush (or what ever you have planned) it is that the handler sold the location/ coordinates of the players ship to the mighy Lord Jubbu de Hutt, who has just confiscated it (including al goods a board like the crate of booster blue) and brought it to his personal shipyard for deconstruction... 3. The handler is the PC's local drug dealer, and after the hole inccident the PC will find himself in a tight spot... he needs a new dealer, since the crate won't last forever... mostlikly not longer than one or two adventures 4. Make it the hook for the next adventure: after the PCs returning to ship in the spaceport, they find the Imperial Customs Bureau investigating the ship... and finding the crate... how will your PCs react...
  10. the weakness of the Gunnerybrain is that it can be sliced! or crippled by a critical wound, deactivated by ion-cannons. especialy the slicing can be mean: targeting allies instead, or upgrading/ settbacking the combat checks can become quite nefarious. But as @Darzil mentioned, it can become abusive when you allow more than one or two Gunner brains in the Ship at once to have extra gunners (there fore restiriced it to only 1 or two ^^) BTW the Pilotbrain will of course allow the pilot to gain the benefit of the assitance in combat, it won't work any less efficent only because a TIE shoots at you. It would be absolutly absurd to write down the brains with the choice of beeing used as own unit or a assitaning unit, if the only option you can use the assitance would be a situation where you are not allowed to use assistance ( as the Gunner-Brain would only be needed in a structured time encounter [once you want to fire you have to roll initative])
  11. You could use a Droidbrain for every weapon (per RAW) BUT this should be overloading the actual targeting computer on most ships (best way to restrict it before abuse!) The player can Choose if the Gunner Brain will a) take controll over one cannon or b) assist an actuall gunner. in case of a) the brain gets his action immediatly after the pilot and can attack with an attribute of 0 and a skill of 2-4 (depending on your modding) in case of b) the brain will assist the actual gunner ether with its skill level (if higher than the gunners) or a boost (if lower as the gunners) therefore it is not allowed to take an action on its own. Assistance is NOT limited to narrative time!!! Only you must have good reason for an assisted check in structured time! while Battle assistance is covered by the Assistance maneuver (giving a Boost to an engaged ally) or the Boost for advantage, there may come some actions that will need the assistance rules, like: while 2 PC are fending of the enemy, 2 other PCs are tring to break open a path through a pile of rocks - they will do a skilled or unskilled assistance athletics check on the turn of the slower charcter. (as Gm you should define that thos two character have two take initative spots one after the other) The Droid Gunnerbrain is special since it is one of the very few situations where you are able to get a skilled assitance on a Combatcheck (Gunnery)
  12. Absolutly correct, I never have implied that it would stack ^^ I only mentioned the defense against this talent, but maybe my language was bad, so I'll clarify a bit more: First you roll the Crit than you add Lethalblows (automatic no Option here!), now you decide if you like the result if not you use a version of precision strike. Now the defender can choise to use Durable and/ or supreme armor master to reduce the outcome again. The same goes for Weapons that will set the Crit to a minimum value: like the Disrupter You roll the crit and add lethal Blows, if your crit is lower than "Maimed" the weapon will set the crit to "maimed", now again the defender can choose to use durable/ suprem armor master to reduce the crit (an not lose an arm or leg ^^) also this counts the same way for the Varpelin Crystal Special Effect (spend to triumphs to auto maim) and here is the Dev ruleing for it (Page 11 of the "Dev answerd questions") : Answer And of course in each and every time: The GM has the final word on what works how
  13. There you are right! The Precion Strike (all three versions) is extremly powerful in this game. But for a minion the crit is never rolled (it just kills one minion everytime) so you can't use Precision Strike. so no extrem exploiting here. For Rivals and Nemesis, if the Pc uses P.S. to much or in an unbeatable combo, you can resort to Durable and Armor Masterand unstopable to keep your BBGs in the fight! Since the reduction of the crit is applied after the outcome of the roll/ change by P.S., the maiming LS Crystal and Diruptor is set, so it helps a lot ... sometimes. But now for the Topic: Dual wielding Light saber and Fist is possible, The M.A. talents for unarmed and brawl will only be applied to the fist part of the attack [Be aware by RAW martial grace wont work since you don't do a Brawl check but a combined Brawl/Lightsaber check - on a 2 Weapon Brawl attack it would work since it still is only a brawl attack ^^// same goes for the marauder talent frenzy attack since it would upgrade brawl or melee attacks BUT not Lighsaber attacks (at the same time it should work if you use a Vibrosword instead of the LS) also Force point due to Enchance for Brawl wouldn't work since this is not just a brawl check] And all Lightsaber related Talents are working only on the Lightsaber and some talents won't be useable by raw since you are not doing a Lightsaber-Agility check, so no hawkbat Swoop, or Saberswarm. So in your Ataru - MA Hybrid attack you would have to use the lower Attribute (Agility or Brawn) and the lower Skill (Lightsaber or Brawl) while increasing your difficulty 2 Times (since the skills used are different) That is a basic difficulty of 4 Purpel just for your attack. If you are able to hit you'll need 2 advatages to just hit with the second part of the attack. however it is possible to achieve this. Then if you hit and do damage on both attacks you can proc a crit each time IF you have enought advantages! For the Lightsaber you can use Precion Strike and for the Fist attack you may use the basis OR Improved OR Supreme Version of P.S. (the later ones are resticted for one use per turn while the basis can be used as often as you like) For this Combi Flow/ebb is recommended since this only need to be the same skill check again!
  14. Yes for the Parry (while I don't let it exploided by LS user, that is just cheesy!) not for the Supreme Precision strike (or at least you have to use the not armed hand for the attack and thus for the damage calculating and special effects ect.) same goes for Iron Body's crit cost reduction, both will only work on the unarmed attack