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  1. I'd say, we both may take a discipline or Cool check for Strain recovery (to symbolize the time out). But No new initative (therefore I start with only half my WT already) - Next try is mine! Oh and this threat here was one additional strain for Grrrr Discipline check to (hopefully) regain some strain: https://orokos.com/roll/609043 3eA: 2 successes, 2 advantage [3eA=S/S, -, A/A] (why do I keep getting so much blanks ) Well thats 2 strain recovered so I am at 6/14 Will do my attack once you rolled your strain recovery check// When the Wookiee kicks his rifle of the, Balk is irritated for a split second, then his grim face becomes a smiling one. his voice while full of antipitacion becomes a lot smoother, and so much less angry: "Ah finaly a true warrior! Yeah lets do this the right way!" with some quick movements of his brawny claws he opens his suit. after some minute the suit and his helmet are gone the same way as the suit and the weapons of the wookiee . He flexes his muscles and takes in a deep breath. "So much more natural! Are you ready?" he takes a stance he didn't use for a long time, the fighting art of a wookiee, that his former teacher always used (ok of a mad wookie since they normaly don't use theire claws but hey, Nikto do, so). Grrawlryyhl will mostlikely recognize it for the most part. // quick recalculation: Brawn is now: 5 Soak is 5 Damage of my claws will be 9 No change in WT and ST maximums. No more defense Brawl attack is now: GGYYY Since we are both only able to attack by fist aaah claw I guess it is obvious that we will use CD as long as possible on each other. ^^
  2. //Ok just to Confirm that I interpret you right here: you are willing to go on an honest 1on1 without weapons and armor only our claws and hides (and I gues the belts with the pouches)? If so I am totally willing to do this since it will take the time for both of us to strip down to the normal clothes/ fur. I will narrate that and then go on with my turn, BUT evenso Balk isn't the smartest, he won't take of the armor if the danger of hightech weapons is present (which is why I ask if thats what you want to do before narrating!)
  3. //ok attacking with frenzy attack https://orokos.com/roll/608266 2eA+4eP+1eB+2eD+1eS: 2 successes, 2 advantage [2eA=A, A] [4eP=S/S, S/A, -, S] [1eB=-] [2eD=F/Th, F] [1eS=-] Arrgggh I have no luck on my dice, your CD cancels out my sucesses. I'll reduce 2 Strain. Wounds: 13/25 Strain: 8/14 DP: 1 W / 2B I will use CD if you attack with your backhand shock glove, your tangel gun or any autofire again.// He got angrier and angrier, but also somehow happier, as each of his swings missed his target. "Ya Quick Furball! Jump around, didn't know that ya was that flexible!"
  4. The First: The commitment doesn't upgrade your base power. It like a power of its own. You commit one Force dice, and roll your Force from now on with every skillcheck and you HAVE to use all pips generated for sucess or advantage in this check! [not for future checks]. (darkside will still generate strain and conflict for a lightsider, and lightside still brings strain to darksiders. Only you won't need any DPs anymore.) Since it is now alays a combined forcepower check you also lock away every other force power/ or talent that would require a force check.
  5. // still ouchie 3 times is quite effective. // I guess you'll use CD again if I attack, won't you? - will wait with my roll until your answer // I will grab one Stimpack via Pouch-Quickdraw and inject it with my first maneuver. second maneuver (2 strain) to reengage with Grrrrr. Action to hit ya really hrad (I hope). When The Lighting Bolts of Plasma went over his armor and skin, Balk felt the heat and the pain, that no fighting... thats just using tech... only playing with fancy toys to pretend to be a great Warrior. "GRRAAAAHHRR!! DAMM YA! You are no Warrior! Ya ar only some kid playing with da fancy toys! All puppiy must learn that dangerous playthings are not for them to use, and ya will learn now!" Then he realized that his opponent had dropped his gun and raised its arms. "Finaly ready to fight like da grown ups little puppy?" Quickly he grabed a little stimpack and injected it to himself. "Ok then let's start anew and let's do it right this time!" Like a hailstorm he went into his enemy.
  6. well I normally use the weaponrange to determin that the damage loss is to big to really have any effect once the range of the weapon is reached. (otherwise it is hard to explain why a gunslinger can hit a target at 15 meter with a heavyblaster but not with a holdout blaster. So yes I think range matters for damage, but I don't need housrules therefore, with in range the damage is normal, out of range the hit a narrative and won't do any harm. It's plamas it cools down eventually Characters with the talent [sharpshooter] know how to tweak a little bit more out of the weapon ^^ (and the damage loss is introduced by the additional difficulty dice, since it come extra with normal range difficulty)
  7. Depending on the encounter you are planning. A full blown raid of a whole group of the mandos? 2-3 minion groups of 5-8 per group, a rival seargeant to each group and one Nemesis Mando-Overlord to lead them. A little encounter of three against your players, all three rivals. The Boss encounter in their base? Nemesis overlord with 12 man minion shild attached + 4-5 minion groups of 5-8, same number of seargent rivals as players in the group. If your players already have some great gear put in another Nemesis with support abilitys to spice things up. stats: minions 3/3/2/2/2/2 - Groupskills: Any weaponskill, vigilance, cool, discipline, perception, piloting(planetary) [for the jetpacks], heavy armor with 2 soak and Jetpack Rivals minimum 3/3/2/2/2/2 (increase it to nearly match your PC) Skill: Any weaponskill 2, vigilance 1, cool 2, discipline 2, perception 1, piloting(planetary) 3[for the jetpacks] heavy armor with 2 Soak, Def 1/1 and Jetpack Overlord Nemesis start at 4/4/3/3/4/3 (increase to keep him stronger than your players) Skills: Advasary 2-4, Weapons Skills X (X=same the highest weapon skill a PC has), everything else 3-4 as needed. Mandalorian Heavy Armor, with soak 3, Def 2/2, Jetpack, inbuild holsters for up to 6 Weapons, Cortosis (Beskar), HUD display to reduce setback on visuals, all weapons with personalized hilt to remove a setback and add accuracy. Other Talents like parry, dodge, sidestep, deadly aim as you see fit and as needed against your PC.
  8. In my experiance players don't take capturing very lighthearted since it means they got defeated in some way. So make sure it is their "fault" to get captured. Best way is to try to overcome them "accidently" in combat, while having a plan B for the story for the case they do overcome the dozend stormies (well always have a plan B, C, D for when the players wreck your pland way of the story) Stun Grenades are a perfect weapon there fore (especially as long as theiy are not to well known by the empire, as your story continues the orders may chance from capture to kill) I use my "prisionbreak" story ideas when ever my players got really knocked out (bad luck on the dices or to much overconfidence while attacking an Gorgon or an AT-ST or attacking the whole military base on theire own while a well know Not-Clone-General from Order 66 is in the house, he just knew how to fight jedi scum.) I never intentionally try to capture them... that almost never worked out for me. And everytime they get captured they will whine about losing theire stuff (did this only one time... and it will always be a reason for grudge against those situations... but sometimes you just have to do it). And the idea of capture one to make the rest give up.... never works as @GroggyGolem already mentioned, they fight till the last wound point always trying to find the silverlining that rescues them (and in this system Triumphs can help a lot with that). so you have 3 possibil ways to make your idea work, first: forge the scenerie in a way your players can't win while not noticing it! second: let them play through the rescue and see if they pull it of good or are overwhelmed by their own mistakes, if not then just save the "capture-encounter" until a day when they do a mistake of their own. third: If you really think you need to introduce the villain this way as crucial to your Story, talk to your players: "Hey Guys, I know you don't like it to be railroaded, but there might be a situation tonight when I need to do that a bit for the purpose of the story." later: "Guys you did a very well job up to here, but there is now a battalion of Stormtroopers surrounding you and you know you won't escape here fighting, when the seargent offers you to surrender you agree. it is better to live and fight on another day, then you are brought to an officer.... - Important is to announce the railroading in the beginning of the session and let them have some credit for planing this heist by maybe rescuing at least some prisioners or the forger before getting captured so they don't feel that theire efforts are in vain (always the biggest issue with railroading) Your other issue: It is never unfair to use Obligations against the players or for the flow of a story. an Academy Defector? "Therew you were, your old instructor is still wanting your head my friend!" a retired clone? "Well thought you were all dead old champ! Well nothing we couldn't correct, could we?" Use it play with theire heads, that is what Obligations is for. As for the fallout obligation: NO!! Obligation is a currency by RAW, players have to decide activly to take them on (individual or as group) to gain something benefitical from it that otherwise wouldn't be in theire Reach and is not part of the story. Like: "you want a new ship, while your old is still ok? Well you only have 5000,- credits... but hey you remember that guy from Ferion IV who knows how to get a good ship really really cheap. After you contacted him he tells you that he has what you are looking for, it may be a bit damaged but it flies and you have not to ask where it is from. If you want it, you will pay the 5000,- credits and get a 10 point obligation - Which one? I'll tell you IF you take the deal!" Or it can be help to speed things up: Hey guys yeah you got once again imprisioned, you may try to escape on your own (once again) or you take the offer from one of the corrupt wardens, he'll help you escape there fore you will have a dept with him that will be a 5 point obligation for everyone - you take it? - fine then the sessions starts when you are leaving the supply hover transport the warden smuggeld you on. you escaped the prision but are still in danger, but it will take 2-3 hours before anyone notices that you are gone... make the best of it. You may say that obligations are good elements for later sidestorys, and the players actively take them! If it is just a main story element that the players have to deal with, than it is no obligation, it is just story. there is no difference between beeing framed, hunted by bounty (as fact if they go against the empire there will be bountys sooner or later on theire heads and that will be bountys they can't get rid of) Never force obligation on the players always let them choise. e.g. one of my players PCs got drunk during a very openminded party... 2 Despairs got her pregnant. While beeing pregnant was never an obligation but a story element (and sometimes a hinderence in form of setback) once her little hellspawn arrived, I gave her the option: You can ether acknowledge the Baby as your own, but have it in the care of some women of your homested. Therefore the Homested will give you big babyshower and you'll receive some nice presents (weapons and gear she really wanted for some time) but you will have always have the 20 Point obligation - Family, Son! - And this will decreasing only very slowly. Or your don't acknoledge him and give him away on the doorsteps of an orphanat. you will never look back and he will grow up not knowing you or his heritage. (would have made a nice villain later on in a future campaign - I like to link all my storys together somehow) She decide to take the obligation, got a lot of nice stuff and a baby son to look after and quite the good character development out of it.
  9. //As mentioned before I use unarmed parry to your attack For my turn I'll aiming twice since you are already engaged, and using Frenzy attack (total of 3 Strain) 2eA+4eP+2eB+2eD+1eS: 2 successes, 4 advantage [2eA=-, S/S] [4eP=S, -, A/A, S/A] [2eB=-, A/A] [2eD=F, Th] [1eS=F] So many positive dice blank... well thanks to your CD this is a total of 0 successes, 4 advantage Hmmm ok... 1 adv. for a boost for myself next round, 2 adv. for a setback for your next check 1 adv. to reduce strain by one. Since your Backhand Glove has Slow-Fireing-1 you can't use it next round, I'll only use CD if you try something with that tangel gun of yours.// Well at least he was fast on his feet that wookiee, dodging all those heavy attacks, but Balk started to get into the enemys motions with each hit that missed he went closer towards the wookiees skin, and that flushed him with adrenaline and reliefed some of that anger from falling of the tree... That shouldn't take to long to hit ya. "Jumping like a lizard monkey, that ya can do!" // Wounds: 6/25 Strain: 7/14 DP: 2 W / 1B
  10. The hit of the Wookiee wasn't half bad... compared to a human or any other little creature, but nothing to fred over. With a swift Motion Balk took somepower out of the attack, seeing the power discharge harmlessly dissolves over his armor he realizes that there may be had been a threat to him in this attack. "Cheating again even when starting ta fight lika a men? So dishonourfull, thought ya furballs where all about honour, but may be I was wrong 'bout that. Guess I confused ya with ta Trandoshans!" Then he went into a frenzy attack of his own.
  11. You forgott one Setback! My Meele Def is 2. (please roll just the missing black dice) Depending on the out come of the black dice I'll use unamred Parry to reduce the strain damage to 2 I will Attack you with my claws, I guess you will use CD?
  12. The fear check was only noted as I see it fit - It was not decided by me, you may take it (as I think it is appropiate) or you say no to it (thats what the // I think... stands for) even so the narrative would really call for falling damage - athletics check I will forgo that so you take no damage - I still will use the Triumph to keep your out of breath for one round! That is quite appropiate after that stunt.
  13. here some ideas for the not RAW-ish , where you were out of them ^^
  14. Funny thing! just for the initial though of keeping it RAW-ish Vocals: Charm on songs that work with the character or deception on every song that is more against the character (like a blues singer trying to go all heavy metall, or a opera-sing trying to go all "Backstreet Boy") Synthesizer, Keyboardish instruments - Computer Guitar, Bass and equals - Skullduggery let ya fingers fly Baby! Drums - Cool for rythm, and Meele for solos Flutes, Trumpet, Saxophone - Resilence you need to keep your breath! Dancer - Coordination Pyro, light and soundmangament - mechanics and computer Songwriting - The most important Task (if they not only doing the tribut band thing) A hard Knowledge(which kind is depending on the theme of the song) skill check, adding boosts if the song is about something that really interest the crowd or is about the adventures the guys already had.
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