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  1. my sincerest condolences
  2. Melee viability?

    As Per Raw it is restricted to the maximum of 6 (as well as Force Power enchance, Imbue, or Stim-Specialization). RAW you can only achieve a characteristic of 7 by using a cybernetic (and thus losing the original limb beforehand - [something my players always will whine about ^^])
  3. Melee viability?

    Now adding 60 more XP for Meele 5 and your are rolling YYYYYGG and for even more fun add 30 EXP to gain the last two of the 3 "frenzy attack" you can use 3 strain to Roll YYYYYYYG (Important that FA upgrades the check and not add extra ranks!) If your GM tells you 6 Brawn is maximum and the powered armor falls in this restriction you'll have to get a cybernetic arm with extra Brawn (cybernetics are the only RAW way to increase a characteristic to 7) now add cortosis to your armor and you will be soaking up Lightsabers and heavy artillery fire, while your "range"-Friends go down like flys once a stormtrooper decides to shoot at them with the heavy blaster rifle.
  4. PCs Becoming Force Sensitive?

    a little additional hint: as long as you want to keep it an EotE Campainge keep it the EotE-Way: Lightsabers are not for PCs. IF you ever dive into the FnD rules you (and your Players) will have better means to utilize them while not starting with the Killer beast weapon you find in the EotE/ AoR Corebooks. (for the droid you will only have to think about compensation once to give out kybercrystals... so along as you stick to EotE... never ^^)
  5. Reflect and Parry

    Well the PC on my table will disagree but foremost due to his bad dice luck... 3 out of 4 forcedice showing up black every time... while he want to be a LS paragon ^^ That or the Gm is a smart@ss and starts to use Strain damaging means against the PC... (checking my bag: stun grenades... check, sleeppacks... check... heavy Autofire blasterrifle with stun setting... check)
  6. Sounds Like my "Bulk"-Nikto PvP char ^^ - so be aware of Thermal Detonators... a frustrated GM will pull them out if your Char seems to be immortal to all standard means. In the end this would be the damage soaking Tank, with later on the unmatched protection trait (usefull to help your Team), but this relys heavy on DP use (as well as adding M.A. for the coordination dodge) Then again the Armorer lets you start as a Forcy and will give you a FR of 2 that will be usable with sense "commiting" Def-Upgrades while still have a free FR for enchance or force talents. - Unmatched heroism is here quite the same as Unmatched Protection (different is the damage reduction therefore he get engaged with the alli) Armorer will boost the use of armor (and the building of those) Protector helps to help the party more than yourself (the nobel sacrifice way of doing things ^^) - the trouble here is that Force protection can't be utilized much if you also want to use sense... well as long as you don't have a second tree with Force rating at least. - Improved Bodyguard (as well as bodyguard) will work nicely with Unmatched Heroism since it allows to engage the ally, and then protect them. Soresu Defender then is the most offensly Force Tank, with a provocation ability (strategic form) and relying heavyly on parry and reflect while dishing out counters. since Soresu has no Force rating it will need a second force tree to utilize Sense in addition to "strategic form" Since Soresu is the "Intelect"-Lightsaber form you will suffer in the "Brawn" to bring up you natural soak (and starting wound threshold) so this tree is really heavy rellying of migiating Before soak, and wouldn't work to well with Protector. (At least not at 300 XP later on it will be a great addition) In each case armorer should be a part of any "Tank"-combination ether Protector/ Armorer to migiate the damage dished out to your Partymembers (without dying yourself) Or Soresu/ Armorer to provoke the enemys and counter them (without dying when you fail to migiate all damage) In each case Sense should be a part of your build to gain a additional benefit of Upgrading at least 2 enemy checks. (Protector/ Armorer will lend you a FR of 3 in the end, and Soresu/ Armorer with an FR of 2) The benefit of the force combinations is that you will start with the Force, and that the combinations are IN-career which will reduce the activation costs of the second tree, and you won't need to rely to heavy on skills except Lighsaber. The benefit of the non-foce combination proposed @JRRP is the real high Soak and WT, therefore your Strain will be a real pain in the ***. (you'll have to think twice if you realy want to use a second maneuver) and if you want to get to higher damage output combinations and gain some defensive means beside soak you need a third tree like M.A. and therefore you'll need to concentrate a bit more on an extra skill besides brawl, you need coordination to utilize coordination doge and martial grace. therefore you won't get any means to boost your attacks (no accuracy or other handgrip upgrades for brawling unarmed) and if you go for M.A. you shouldn't go for Meele.
  7. That would implie that a character could forgo any difficulty to hit a NEMESIS at medium by targeting a Minion in short first, which would be wrong (attacking the BBEG with only one purple at the cost of one advantage [blaszing guns and "paired" guns assumed). Not in a million years! RAI is that it works the same as autofire and thus needs to declare the possible targets first to define the final difficulty! The Gunslinger could declare more targets like: "the minion tropers in short, the rival brawler in short, the Nemesis in medium, and the minion tropers in medium" the GM has to look at the worst difficulty (mostlikly the Nemesis at medium) [this is also covered in the rules section of two weapon fighting - create always the worst pool for the user] then he may hit the target and if enough advantages are in there he may hit another of the declared targets. But even if he could use this technique to change the target without difficulty, your example wouldn't work, because of the order of announcements. The Gunslinger throws his check. -> He declares "one success and two advantages" NOW he has to tell you what he will do with the advantages: "Since I do 7 damage I use the advantages to hit that girl a second time!" Attack resolves as two hits with 7 damage each: NOW the Wookie jumps in using unmatched Protection to take the hits of this attack. the gunslinger already used his advantages he can#t redirect the attack afterwards. his Target was the girl all the time, the wookiee used his ability to force a target change after the gunslingers talents, the gunslinger doesn't get a second time to change the target (also he couldn't change the target since he always targeted the girl.) the wookie reacts to the gunslinger, not the gunslinger to the wookiee For the player to visualize it, you can compare it like this: "you shot 2 times in a blink, you know both will be killerblows right on the mark! but then in the last second before the impact a furry wall of wrath appears right in front of your target getting hit by your precisly aimed shots." "But i want to redirect the second shot!" "That one that is already flying to your target... how? are you Kylo Ren that you can stop the blasterbolt midair and let it fly in a curve around the pissed wookiee? No don't think so! you can't use your attack talent to negate the defense talent of another character" BTW, it is the same with the Lightsaber crystal that allows to forbid parry on an attack for a triumph. The player hast to attack, if he rolls a triumph he hast to declare rightaway that he uses this to forbid the parry, he can't wait if the other would use parry or not!
  8. ups... funny things that happens ^^ yes quite appropiate
  9. Correct, well and it foremost implied: This is the last saber your farther build before he fall to the darkside... Oh and it is this saber that he used to slaughter all the jedi in the Temple the day he Empire started it's reign, I lost a lot of friends to this little bastard... and before I forget it is also the saber your dear farther used to slay down dozends of younglings, childs that considerd him theire protector, theire guardian, they had no clue what was going on... he butcherd them, mercilessly... yeah you take it, it is a fine Weapon out of more civilised days! I'm sure it will still work your farther was very crafty in technical thinks... In hindside it is no wonder Kylo wants this heilroom... it was a symbol a slaugthering innocent and helpless kids... there should be no dark lord without something compareable!
  10. To the controverse of Plagueis / Palpatine / Anakin Combination - for those who like to hear since it is nowadays half canon and half legends. We have indeed two hints to Anakins Origins from the Prequels TPM tells us that Anakin was given birth by the Force/ the midichlorians In The Legends source "Darth Plagueis" we can read that the former Muun Dark Lord experimented with the midichlorians to gain immortality (a common aim of Ultra Evil Suckers that want to reign the universe forever - even so he wasn't as evil as good old Palps) We learn in the book that he suceeded up to the point to convince the midiclorians within his test subjects to create new cells, so he was able to create and prolonge life, also he was able to do the opposite to let the midichlorians destroy the cells, to kill (ok that is a feat every darklord can, but on a different level) In the book (which takes place up to the day after when palpatine becomes Chancelor) when Palpatine hears the rumors about Anakin beeing a miracle birth by some force hookie pookie he suspects that somehow the experiments of Darth Plagueis and his sucesses with the midichlorians had taken a cosmic detour and somehow affected the boys mother by pure accident/ chance on a planet his former Master never visited. In a way he thought of Shmi as some kind of cosmic force lightning rod. Now we go back to the canon a lot of years later in ROTS Palpatine feeds Anakin a lot of stuff, some lies, some truthes, a lot of in between (because a good lie needs always a fundament of truth to grow on). This when he tells Ani the "Tragoedy of Darth Plagueis" which is a true story (from a certain point of view, of course) he just didn't tell Anie that this übermaster was his own Master. In combination with TPM this is indeed an "Aha-Moment" if a viewer draws the string even without kwoning Palpatines Background. In combination with the book a viewer/reader knows that this is what Palpatine beliefs or at least what he highly suspects - that Darth Plagueis was an important factor to Anakins birth (evenso he NEVER met Shmi or was close to her!) very Important in both cases (Book and movies): 1. The involvement of Plagueis in Anakins Birth is ONLY Palpatines suspection, it is never said to be true nor false! 2. Palpatine while powerfull, never learned the secret to manipulate the midichlorians to the level of Plagueis. He is not capable to create or even prolong life, he tells us himself in the movie (first within the Story he tells Anakin "His Pupil learned everything but that!" and second when Anakin becomes Vader and askes to save Padme - where palpatine declares that only Plagueis was capable to do so but together they will be able to uncover the secret.) - this speaks highly against the "Powerfull Life leaching across the galaxy, while nobody notices it" Theory. also we never see any Lifeleaching or even healing Force Powers within the Movies (I know that doesn't mean that they can't exist but especially GL always wanted to display forcepowers in the movies, he never intended to just imply them) Funny note: while it sounds lame that Padme "just lost her will to life" it is not so unknow (or rightout dumb) as most people think, e.g. thanks to the so called childbed depression a lot of Women lost theire life just because they lost the will to life and/ or the power to support teire child and themself - Yes, Padme was an very fast and extreme example of this category but well it is not unheard of. - And GL wasn't the first to use this feat: J.R.R. Tolkien already used this in his "Silmarillon" (the prequel to "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" - the Mother of Fearnor (a powerfull elf with an tragic end) died in the Real of Valinor (a land of everlasting spring and life) after she gave birth to the boy she went immideatly to her favorit place in a beautyfull garden and there she just died because "her lifeforce was exhausted by the flame of the boys' soul she gave birth to" and she became the first inhabitant of Valinor to see the house of souls (elfish afterlife) And now I'll have to brush my hands because I wrote the evil and forbidden word that much... midichlorians *shudder*
  11. First time we see him losing a Lightsaber is in AOC while hunting the Bountyhunter Zam Wezels, that one is catched by Obi-Wan during the pursuit. When Obi-Wan gives it back to Ani he says: "how often do i have to tell you be carefull, not to lose your lightsaber, it is your life!" (the quote is free, since I watched the movie in a differnet language than english but you get the gist I guess!) afterwards his saber is destroyed on Geonosis where the metalcutter in the droidfactory destroys it. Anikin than mentioned "No! Not again! Master Obi-Wan will scold me once more for this!" Therefore he and Obi-Wan are getting replacements by one of the Jedis in the arena, but those lightsabers are lost during the fight with dookun when anakin finds out that he is able to dual wield lightsabers and also loses one of his hands The Next time we see him "losing" a saber is in ROTS when Obi-Wan makes a crispy shish-kebab out of Ani/Vader and confiscates the saber to one day hand it over to Luke (who then again loses it in the Wampa cave (where he can retrieve it) and then for good on Bespine. later Finn gets it but loses it after his fight with Kylo, who want to retriev it but loses it immediatly to rey in a force pull contest. she gives it back to Luke ... who throws it away on purpose this time... Rey keeps it an loses it to Kylo and snoke when she let her self be captured so that kylo can use it against snoke, then it goes a little bit forth and back between kylo and ren during the pratorian fight scene and in the end it ist destroyed and los for good... except that rey brings the remains of it to Leia... hui what a story of an item that get lost all the time ^^) So yes it is set in the canon than Anakin loses his sabers all the time PS. I liked the new movie (even though it had some little flaws, but then again that had every installation of Star Wars so far ^^) *keeping my head down*
  12. The Wording is: "when an Ally is hit by an attack, (the user) may be hit instead." So it refers to the full attack not to a single hit of an attack. While the gunslinger had announced to hit on Elaiza with every hit of his attack, then the wookie announced to use his (GM approved OOTI) unmatchedprotection to get hit by the attack instead, so he covers the original victim. The wookie will be hit by both attacks (depending on his upgrades both or only one reduced by half)! If the Gunslinger had announced to hit different targets before like: I shot at Elazia and at the Guard, then the wookie would have only be able toi save one of them. Talents that allow to hit multiple targets (this includes autofire, spitfire, Move-power with magnitude, sarlacc sweep) always have to announced before the check and it is always important to declare all possible targets before rolling the check, since you always will have to roll against the strongest defender (who also will always be the first to be hit) You have to watch out for Talent priority order, some talents have to be activated before the check other after the check. Then it is always in this order: First the attacker declares all his talents that will have impact on the dice pool (Aim, True aim, guns blazing, ebb/flow power) or have another impact on his next check (like martial grace or Falling avalanche) than he declares if he wants to use a Destiny point to upgrade his pool. After that the defender declares his Talents that will alter the pool (like Dodge, Nemesis (for NPC)) and if he wants to use a DP to upgrade the difficulty of the check. Now the check is made. Next up talents taht alter the outcome of the check. Again the Attacker goes first to use his talents to alter the dice (with unmatched fortune, or the enchanced, Flow (changing pips to sucess and advatages )) then adding not thrown symbols (via Seek-power adding triumph, or flow adding add vantages/ sucesses from former checks) after this the check is resolved now the attacker may use incidential talents to ramp up the damage (like Anatomy Lesson if no DP was used to upgrade the check or to activate a signature) afterwards the defender(s) may use interupting incidentials (Parry, Reflect, Unmatched Protection) to reduce or redirect the damage. So in your case you Gunslinger tried to go around the orders by seeing his attack didn't hit his initial target thanks to the last interupting effect of a defender and tried to activated something he needs to declare in front of the attack, at a time where he is no more able to activate anything. The order of announcements is really important - first attack than the defender. So NO:"Hit - 12 Damage!" "Ahh I use my reflect! that will reduce 6 damage before soak... oh with my soak of 6 that is no damage" "Dam m I want to crit ... Oh I have anatomy lesson I flip the DP - then I can crit!" ether the attacker has to make the decision to aim for the heart (anatomy lesson) before the enemy reflects or he won't be able to add it up.
  13. Ebb/Flow

    An interesting Follow up would be: the last control (or was it mastery?) Commit a FR - for the rest of the encounter you have to use all Pips (white and black with out the destiny flip) - are you now forced to only use ebb/flow OR are now even allowed to use move/ bind/ influence/ what ever other force power and would you still have to apply the "use all pips rule" since you can't uncommit the FR?
  14. Wouldn't be the first time (just look around OUR level of technologie ^^)
  15. YIEEEKS!!! -> Running like the Road Runner *MEEP MEEP*