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  1. you may do so, it is just an option I offer you BTW @Darth Lectus are you still with us?
  2. yep thats the reason. There are some powers that change due to the use of an control Upgrade so that the initial basis power doesn't need to be activated, like with sense the "always a triumph" control Upgrade for wich you roll your force dice and than use 3 FP on the target. there you won't need to put in the initial base FP since the power totaly changes. On other things like move, misdirect, harm and so on you need the initials FP to activate the base effect and then use range, strength, special controls, effcets to utilizes even more out of the power.
  3. Sorry wrong! Correct! Took me half a session to hamer this into the heads of my players... and it comes always back and tries to wreck havoc with my players thougths.... So to answer the question of the OP: yes Range-Upgrades can be different within the different powers. Always read the full description first the shorties in the "trees" are only ment as a help to remember.
  4. It's a bit tricky Wouldn't work by RAW but I would allow it under these circumstances. Called Shot Maneuver (add two setback) to a brawl attack, on success no damage would be done. , but the LS would be flinched out of the wookies hands an drop to ground. for 2 advantages it can be fetched before hitting the ground. The setback can be reduced by one by spending one more maneuver. BUT the Wookie gets the changes to retaliate, by using three threads (or a despair) he may use "improved parry" this round (also parry needs to be activated by spending strain) and may hit for base damage with his fist. This is just so we keep it fair (if one gets a change to go around the RAW the other one should also be able to do so)
  5. Sunder is an active Weapon quality, you need to be on turn and you need a advantage (really cheap IMO) to use it. against sunder-resistent objekts you'll need to hit with damage! and use a triumph to convert all damage to one step of damage. or you have to deal damage and use two Triumphs to instant destroy any object you like while still dealing the damage. The alternative is (by RAW) using a Despair to damage the weapon of the attacker by one Step (be aware this all could also be used against your Lightsaber, except for the sunder quality) Furthermore there are only a few "qualitys" that can be activated on your enemys turn with 3 generated threads, like the shorting out of a LS by a refined cortosis gauntlet/staff, or improved parry.
  6. Hmm, oh OOOOOH! I see what you did! Bad Wookie! BAD BAD Wookie!
  7. that one would totaly need the GMs approval, but netherless here the template I would use: Windmile Lightsaber, construction check 5 purple, Damage -1, Unwieldy 4, Linked 3, 2 remaining HardPoints (after crystal installation), add one Advantage to any saberthrow actions with this weapon while adding one thread to all attacks other than throwing with this weapon, a despair can be used to hit your self for standard weapon damage. needs 4 identical kybercrystals, every attachment must be bought 4 times (while still consuming only one time the HP of course) (wouldn't allow any of this hilt customation: curved, reversed, extended, pommel, crossguard.)
  8. yep no combined check for "force leap" only a force check the main benefit of a full upgraded "force leap" is the fact that you can move one rangeband up amd far without having to care about the terrain. the second is that a player can use it to get three "movements" out of it, two times as a maneuver one time as a action. one of the few way one can reach a long distance in one round. first to medium, second to "half long", third to long (engagement or disengaments not included since you can't use it for this) it will cost (at least) 2 strain and you'll need three times to roll up two pips to start this feat but it is possible (more reliant at FR 3). Oh and the player needs to have a possibility to "land" between the jumps (no super-ultra-hyperjump in one go!) the rest of the enchance tree (basis and left side) use the combined check to increase the capabilitys of the charackter on different fields of expertise.
  9. EOTE concentrates on the scum of the universe, bringing the "Obligation" rule, AOR concentrates on the Alliance Soldiers bringing the "Duty" rule, FND concentrates on Forcys bringing in the "Morality" Rule, go with what ever setting you and your Players like the most, Just keep in mind if you players want to be "wanna-be jedis" you should go with FND, since the other two only have a very small access to the powers and gear they'll need. AOR and EOTE can be interchanged quite a lot (it is easy to argument why a Rebellion commando is up to the neck in a crime lord buisness, or why a smuggler helps the Rebellion as a frontline fighter.) of course every kind of hero can go on any adventure [Luke was a farmboy (EOTE) became an Pilot and Commander (AOR) and was in the end the "last" jedi (FND)] but you can#t really build up a relevant force sensitiv most people expect (with his own Lightsaber, reflecting and parrying and all that) without the FnD rules/ classes.
  10. Outch thats evil. Since Cheevil doesn't have "Move + Disarm control" and no "Magnitic Tether" there is only the possibility to force the wookie to drop the weapon with 3 Advantages or a triumph on an check of your own. But to be fair since you two never moved from the spot where Grrwalryyhl drop his first weapon, you could regain his with a maneuver. -- Freaky Friday, weapon switch-- @awayputurwpn be aware that Cheevils Lightsaber is two handed so if you attack it the difficulty still increases.
  11. over here in germy it costs 60 € with the curent excange rate that would be 33% off... I would take it, as long as you are interessted in RPGs but remember that you'll need the FFG SW dice to play. (if you haven't played the game yet you may should get the beginners box and of course gather some of your friends to actually play the game ^^)
  12. It is quite easy to destroy a Lightsaber, every Despair of the wielder can damage them one step, one Triumph of the enemy can damage it one step - therefore the check should have damaged the enemy which then is exchanged to deal one point of damage to the Lightsaber (or any other equip) instead of any damage to the person! Or of course the douple triumph that can destroy everything and deals damage to the wielder. LS are only immune to the sunder quality not to beeing damaged or destroyed (just ask anakin about it ^^)
  13. Didn't we just had this thread ... searching... searching... found on Page 2 have fun with it!
  14. Summit: Cheevil is at 6/12 WT and 8/ 14 ST; Crit(s) Head Ringer (increase difficulty of all intelect and cunning checks once) Grrwalryyhl is at 7/22 WT and 5/17 ST; Crit(s) Cripled Limb right arm (increase difficulty of all checks that involves this limb (so nearly everything rightnow) once) Destiny: 3 Black and 0 White
  15. Ha I also totally forgott about youtr Lethal Blows (shame upon me ^^") Than we should ret-con a bit. as for the limb I'll throw a d4 to see which one is affected 1= Left arm 2= Right arm 3= Left Leg 4= Right Leg Ene mene mo, which limb should go: it is 2, right arm I choose you!