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  1. But if you use Precog you don't get anymore actions that activation, right? So Vader in particular is sad that he can't use his ability. I keep listbuilding with precog but never feel comfortable enough to leave it in. A Coordinate in the squad definitely helps though.
  2. I am. Did not expect this long-*** (but surprisingly orderly) line..
  3. Finally. Commanders for everyone! (and one tricked out ship base)
  4. And I know you asked for podcasts, but if you're up for YouTube, I highly recommend Master of the Fleet. They have a lot of videos talking about specific ships and offering tips and tricks for flying them. Their battle reports are also nice because they talk before each match about what they hope will happen, and then debrief about what went right/wrong.
  5. I loved the IFF podcasts back when I was a young admiral just learning how to play the game. It would be interesting to see how the game has changed since then, but I think going back and listening now would just make me sad.
  6. Fire When Ready (http://www.firewhenreadypodcast.com/) is great for learning the basics of how to use various ships and squadrons. Each episode is short-and-sweet, self-contained, and you can pick an episode that features what interests you. As you go further back, however, some of the content might be a bit out-of-date. Comms Noise features longer episodes, and is good if you want to hear people reflect on their recent tournament performances or feelings on recently announced ships.
  7. If you're still looking for a local group, definitely check out Woodburn Games on Thursday nights, and also join the Echo Base FB group:(https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=321221191310238&ref=content_filter)
  8. @LT BDP and @ExplosiveTooka, there are a few of us in Cleveland Heights/University Heights and I think we could get people together at Critical Hit sometime if that's closer for you. Otherwise a few of us make the trip down to Empire in Streetsboro regularly and it's worth it.
  9. Bump for a SC in the Cleveland, OH area this Sunday, August 19th at Critical Hit. Only $5. https://www.facebook.com/events/234199887191002/
  10. August 19th at Critical Hit Games in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA https://m.facebook.com/events/234199887191002
  11. Ooo, my in-laws live pretty close to this, so I'll be seriously considering making the trip out from Cleveland. Does anyone know what sort of prize support they've typically offered in the past for the non-Armada tournaments, or what to expect this year for Armada? I'd probably go just for the games, but when justifying a 6-hour drive any additional perks help.
  12. I prefer A, although if you made the stick for B about two feet long I might have to change my vote.
  13. Oh yeah, I don't begrudge anyone running a fleet that works. I look forward to facing him and striving for the 6-5 victory! Also, we're about due for another seasonal kit tournament that should help everyone focus and build confidence in one particular fleet.
  14. Also complicating things is that we have the regular multiple-games-per week players and the once or twice-a-month players (like me). It's not always so simple to talk about a single meta. I've only heard rumors about this legendary Dodonna Liberty Drill, never actually faced it. Maybe one of these Friday nights we all agree to bring new/untested lists and just see what the **** happens? Just to shake things up.
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