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  1. Thank you! This is probably far better than what me and my GM could do all by ourselves. 95% accuracy on 95% of ships is a pretty ambitious goal too! I'll be sending this to my GM forthwith And I feel you on the "it's wrong until tested" thing. There's no such thing as bugfree code, and by extension no such thing as an error-free rule system... But if we get close enough, it doesn't matter
  2. Yeah, the Fully Operational vehicle building rules are kinda worthless for anything above Sil3. It just doesn't scale well at *all*, so unless you have literally no other option, it's actively a detriment for using them. You can make some decent fighters and smaller though Me and my Gm were thinking of fixing it but ultimately ended up abandoning the project, so I unfortunately have no tips for houseruling it
  3. TheJack

    Pommel Cap

    Probably just a typo/derp from the writers, it should probably apply the stun to any item
  4. The lathe laspistol is only too heavy for a mechadendrite without the machinator array And with a compact "upgrade" it can still be mounted. As for your suggestions on how to make shoulder-mounts cool... Thank you, but unfortunately none of those strike my fancy. The Crimson Exemplar example is the best one so far, but I still don't particularly like it. However, you do bring up a good point that I can just slap it into any other weapon I have... Like a mechadendrite mounted pistol, lol. As for mechadendrites not on the cybermantle... I dunno? I don't think so technically. But it wouldn't surprise me at all if it's possible. You frequently see tiny mechadendrite-tentacles emerge from hoods in illustrations of techpriests, so presumably it's possible to attach one to the upper back/neck or something at least
  5. Easier than non-mechanicus Though you are completely correct, non-mechanicus can't even take it so it's meaningless to say it's easier for mechanicus dudes to get it than anyone else. And I had completely forgotten it was a talent... That makes it magnitudes easier for me to get it, as the GM just need to slap some aptitudes on it and call it good. It's probably gonna be Tech and something else, I bet. Though, it should be noted that Only war does seem to convert a lot of formerly talent cybernetics into actual cybernetics (autosanguine for example) requiring logistics checks. And yes, I know it's already integrated; That's why I want to put it on a mechadendrite. For one, it's got infinite ammo (since it's a las weapon), so I don't have to bother reloading it (which IIRC a ballistic mechadendrite still requires), and also because it's just a really good gun. After all, it's integrated, but nobody has specified *where* it's integrated... Why not integrated into a mechadendrite? As for the shoulder mounted option, I really don't like that one... Mostly because I can't figure out a way to make it cool. I'm weird like that, but all my characters have to look cool, otherwise I can't play them My plan for this guy is two Servo-Arms as shoulder mounted mechadendrites. THen, on the right side, a Utility mechadendrite on a sternum mount. Left side, medicae mechadendrite on a sternum mount. Then, if my GM allows me, an Optical mechadendrite mounted inside his spine, in the form of a finger-thick camera tentacle (it extends when in use, retracts into his spine when not in use. Exit point is near neck). And, if the GM allows me, two ballistic mechadendrites on a lower-sternum (hip?) mounting. One with an integrated lathe las-pistol, and the other with an integrated hand-flamer (it will still need reloading, but it doubles the magazine size) for clearing crowds. His main weapon is going to be two-fold; some kind of high power las-rifle as the primary weapon, and then a Lascannon (carried on the back, the servo arms help lift it) for anti-armor/artillery roles. Both will also be Integrated for further unlimited ammo. I almost pulled this off in a Dark Heresy 1 campaign, with the additional option of an Inferno pistol built into his cybernetic arm... I still can't believe my GM let us have an inferno pistol that early, but I wasn't complaining. Bolt-pistol with holy bolts for anti-daemon as well. I was a walking armory lol. Only weapon I never got in that DH1 game was the lascannon
  6. I'm planning to play a techpriest, so I figured they would have an easier access to the machinator array... Hopefully. Who knows if he'll actually get access through it through logistics though As far as I can tell, shield of humanity doesn't have it either And hte plan was to mount an Integrated Lathe-Laspistol on it for some absurd damage and infinite ammo... I pulled the same trick in a Dark Heresy game, and it's amazing. It can still be done without the machinator array though, it just annoys me that I lose 1 damage to it due to the Compact "upgrade" (more like forced downgrade, but whatever) Also, I like how you use the set theory operators union/intersection. Very Techpriest of you
  7. Or is that for Dark Heresy only? If it exists in Only War, which book is it in? If it doesn't, does anyone have an alternative way to mount non-compact weaponry on a ballistic mechadendrite?
  8. Honestly, by now, I wouldn't even mind if they waited until april to release it, as long as they told us they were doing it I've been checking the site just about every day for two+ months now
  9. I mean, we've been saying that since like... August.
  10. So far, nobody knows for sure. I think someone saw Amazon listing it as being released the 31st, but who knows how trustworthy that is
  11. I was holding out a small hope, but... I think it's officially impossible for the book to be released in 2018.
  12. I mean, there's no way in **** it'll arrive before christmas, unless it just completely skips the "shipping" stage.... 31st sounds like a fairly reasonable guess to me After all, it can't *possibly* be that much longer now... Right?
  13. Wow, that's some serious optimism there
  14. Aw man, those absolute teases didn't even show up anything from the Jedi specs, beyond vague descriptions! Not even confirming the third spec! The Jedi class better be amazing to make up for all this teasery Sadly, by now, there's no way it's coming out before christmas though... not when it *still* isn't off that **** rowboat!
  15. Neither can we, it sounds amazing!