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  1. Hmm, is there anything new, other than the unique items?
  2. Is there anything related to lightsabers there at all?
  3. Did you have the lore blurb about it too? Trying to figure out what it actually looks like lol Also, I'm not so sure you'd be able to get it past many security checkpoints... If this one guy shows up with heavy duty defensive measures, even if he doesn't have a weapon he's going to be suspicious as ****
  4. Can you please give us the text for the portable plasma shield? This sounds interesting
  5. Thank you! That's what I was hoping for... As you say, it's a difficult ability to get, but the power of it is quite fitting for a Jedi Master. In essence, it gives you unparallelled utility at will (as long as the GM keeps returning destiny points to the lightside pool), which is just crazy good And with it not needing to be connected to anything, you can do some quite frankly disgusting things
  6. Does anyone have the full text for the "Powerfull Ally" talent that Master has? Specifically, when it says that you can apply a Control upgrade for a force power you have, does it have to be a control upgrade that is connected to an upgrade you already have, or could you apply *any* control upgrade? Like, if you have the basic Enhance power, can you apply the Control upgrade that lets you commit force dice to raise your Agility stat, or do you have to pick the one that lets you use Enhance with the Coordination skill?
  7. ******* what Oh jeez that's sooo much better than I thought it was I need to find me some burn weapons
  8. well then... If this keeps up, I might get Collapse of the Republic before my copy of Rise of the Separatists arrives Because, of course, it's getting shipped to europe in a ****** boat, so now it's delayed again... though not from FFGs side for once
  9. Oh yeah, I'm fully aware But nobody is using a Westar 35 in my game, so I stole the design for it lol
  10. Check out the rest of his stuff too. It's not all star wars, but the SW stuff he does have is ******* amazing
  11. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/N8vKd This is the pistol I've been using for the Dragoon in the game I'm in! It seems there's a lot of dragoon enthusiasts here... no wonder, given how awesome that gun is
  12. Either that, or waiting for the all-clear from Disney to start pumping out Sequel stuff I may not like the sequels myself, but it would be silly for FFG to not throw themselves at it to release more books from that era... Plus, we still don't really have a Darksider book, or at least an Empire focused book, which are also fantastic options for them I think they've got options for books they can release for as long as Disney lets them, really
  13. A collection doesn't interest me all that much, but the new weapons, armors, gear and attachements interest me... Hopefully there's gonna be something fun for lightsabers in there in terms of attachments!
  14. I have already tried google. I asked here because people might have better images that are not easily findable on google.
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