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  1. Thanks Dras. That is what I thought it was but it came to light in a game, so thought i'd check with ya'll.
  2. When a ship is attacking a squadron with ASA dice, e.g. 1 blue. Is it range 1 only or out to the blue dice range, which is Medium?
  3. Got all of the Imps done now on to the Rebels. . Again, not great for close up, but ok for arms length while playing. I just didn't like the plain fighters.
  4. It was an Epic game! Glad to be able to chat with some of you.
  5. @ Viperous, Thanks for the kind words but yours are much cleaner looking than mine! I figured mine are good enough to look ok on the table, at arms length.... All of everyone's ships look Awesome! I'm just glad to be here! OK, gotta go and start the rest of the Imp's squadrons. Any suggestions on colours for the TIE Interceptors? Red maybe?
  6. This is probably old stuff to most of you but here is me TIE Fighters done. Will work on the rest of my Emp. squadrons this week.
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