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  1. I wouldn't mind a big ol'box of weapons, armor and such for Heroes. I'd like to see something new on the overlord side too.
  2. Valyndra is cool with infector, wendigo, and kobolds. There you go.
  3. I use figures, map tiles, and objective tokens for D&D (My current group's game).
  4. Thanks for the clarification Sadgit! Did you have an opinion on the topic as well?
  5. Could you prefer a link to what you're talking about please?
  6. Such a great question! I'd definitely check out the CRRG here in the forums. If you need a quick answer, my guess would be that everything the player has when defeated is gone, but that could include the wolf too. I would say it's a situation close to the hero that can respec during encounters.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm quite sure i'm up to date on erratas, as we don't get much of those. This thread originally stemmed from users saying annual updates aren't fair when others are getting monthly(?) updates. IMO, This is because those games are played competitively in events and descent is not. I only want unusable content to see play, since the game is meant to be competitive. I could hold back playing against my son by choosing not to play cards efficiently, instead of playing printed junk among my collection. Edit: I'm surprised that the CCRG discussed rule changes, as I was under the impression it was to define rules, not adjust. Can you provide any links for those discussions?
  8. I like that we have communication happening. I have to say that i'm a bit shocked by the results so far, but that's okay. I'd like to know if there are any quests that could be changed. Maybe the armor from lotw in act 1? the 1xp you gain for it's finale? Let me know.
  9. Please don't take this as an attempt to rewrite the game. Simply, it should be to get better use of all content, and make the strictly worse become on par. I can't recall ever using the 1xp magus card "word of pain"(?). Rather than adjusting it, id like to review with a group to see if I'm missing something.
  10. Unique opinions are the best ones. If we could get 8 more people on board, we could get the ball rolling. I personally think of monsters as a tool and when I reach in to my toolbox, that each tool I spent money on should have a purpose. So perhaps the best route is to start with what gets used the least, and later what is used too much.
  11. Hey Rugal. I really like the idea, but I feel this needs to be in control equally by everyone to maximize it's usefulness. I'm sure some of your ideas could be ported to a community-driven patch where everyone has say.
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