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  1. Has anyone found a 3D printed character standie for FH. I hoping some will be available for the game. Thanks in advance.
  2. I’ve signed up for Carnage Con (Killington, VT) to run Descent. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a good general one shot scenario to run. I have a 4 hour slot for it so a 3-4 hour game would be perfect. I want it to be fun for the players and also offer a good range of creatures for them to fight. I appreciate the help in advance! Thanks.
  3. Ive been able to play twice and have already sold a copy of it beyond the one i bought. Your welcome FFG! Love the game!!!
  4. Its how we all know we got first edition copies!!!!!
  5. My understanding is that when you purchase a market card you flip the next one and do the movement off of that. You do not do that when you bury a market card though. I could be wrong though.
  6. I gotta say that I am pretty excited for this expansion. I wasn't at first watching the live feed as i was hoping that FFG would start to introduce some of the "other worldly" locations in the game. Portals to planets and dimensions are what makes a good Lovecraftian game. BUT, the more i thought about what they are doing with this particular expansion the more i like the idea. The organized crime part seems like it is going to be so much fun. If you want to watch a totally hokey but fun movie on gangsters in the Lovecraft Universe watch Cast a Deadly Spell , a 1991 HBO movie, that you can find on Amazon Prime for free. Well worth the watch. Good job on this FFG
  7. I think you meant to post this on the Arkham Horror: The Card Game boards. This is the one for the Arkham Horror 3E Board game. Easy mistake.
  8. Im going to be running my second game of AH3 later today and was wondering if people ran the scenarios in a certain order. We did the introductory one first..so what should we play next?
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