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  1. It would return to the owners hand. As soon as it leaves your archive it is returned to their hand and never has a chance to be purged.
  2. What should happen: Before the fight, Groke will deal the damage to Bordan, because it is direct damage. Elusive will not come into play as it requires it to be a fight. So Brodan would take the damage equal to Grokes power and then the fight will begin and Groke will destroy Mindworm and take 1 damage. Glad I saw this, I was misreading Mindworm so this made me take a closer look.
  3. Two words, Crystal Hive! Keep those mars creatures and get Hive out.
  4. This is what I think as well, sort of, you can choose that character, but you aren't able to damage it, thus do no damage? I don't presume to know for sure but that is how I'd play it right now.
  5. I think the part where is says 'rather than' the one I'm fighting, aka I have to choose one person to fight and then "rather than' that person I have to punch someone. How do I do both if I don't punch myself? Sorry you don't think it is good faith, but I can't see how you resolve the "rather than" and your example doesn't take that into account.
  6. Based on the second sentence, "rather than" I don't see how you could deal damage to the creature you are fighting. However, no ruling surprises me.
  7. I don't disagree, but its so ambiguous with the other rulings I can see how it might be possible. I would prefer it was all at once personally.
  8. Based on the wording of the card, I would say it would never deal damage to the creature it is fighting, but could to itself, if it were the only creature possible. If your opponent has one creature then you would have to deal damage to yourself (any friendly creature could be the target)
  9. One might argue that you could come in from the flanks and add power each time you sacrifice a flank creature. i.e. I have two 5 power flank creatures with +2 counters and I sacrifice them for 14 power, then the two creatures that are now flank get +2 and so on. I think with the Archimedes ruling, that seems to make sense. Am I wrong?
  10. You can only choose creatures from the battle line
  11. Actually I'd lean towards 2, damage is dealt simultaneous but this isn't damage, you are doing the effects in order of the card. That is my opinion at least and if I were judging a game that is how I'd rule at this point.
  12. Right, that is what I'm saying as well. I've gotten both in both formats. It depends on where they are coming from it seems. There was talk China was different than the other location (wherever that is)
  13. Looks to me like they are listed based on the card number.
  14. There are both in both formats actually. Just depends when and where they were 'packed' it seems.
  15. I hate the new format. I want to be able to see how many creatures, etc just by looking.
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