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  1. Best of luck, I have not seen anything like that out there. If you find it I would be interested to see it.
  2. http://aembertree.com/sets/core Lists every card in set, but you'd have to see what all you have to compare.
  3. I use damage counters to put on top of my deck when I have chains. 1 damage per chain and leave it on until I'm out of chains.
  4. From my understanding, even though it was 'off-site' you still needed a badge for the adepticon vault tour.
  5. I would just ask to look at the deck, I know it well enough by the photos.
  6. One of my favorites; Grimolfr, Slippery Landing Strip Scholar
  7. Interesting though, is how its below average on the ratings: https://decksofkeyforge.com/decks/deaf0984-9c1f-400f-9193-8ea0db6a9a35
  8. For sure, defiantly ways to beat them, but you need to hit those cards when needed as well. That is the fun of a non-deck building game!
  9. True, once it hits a tournament then it is power leveled to no longer useable in chainbound. It is still a poor experience, so maybe they will just chain certain cards that make it that way.
  10. I have a feeling this combo will get a nerf before long, its is a bad play experience. Sell sell sell!!
  11. Did you try returning it to your LGS and letting them deal with it?
  12. dpuck1998

    Vault Tour

    I just wanted to stop in for a super fast review of the Vault Tour. My experience at Adepticon and with the Vault Tour was amazing. Cascade games did a fantastic job, even with a couple hiccups with the software. Everyone I interacted with had a great attitude, was having fun and laid back. I heard stories of a couple guys on tilt, but luckily I didn't have any poor experiences. I won a game 3 keys to 0 and had a blast, I lost a game 3 keys to 1 and had just as much fun. I finished 3-3 and every game was fun. I really think this game has lended itself to a better player experience than constructed decks I have played in the past. Were there a couple "hokey" decks? Sure, that happens and one might say the winning deck was even a little 'hokey', but it seemed like most everyone there was just there to play and enjoy the camaraderie. Big thanks to Josh at FFG/Asmodee for playing games with everyone so we could see a new deck. He also spent about an hour teaching my daughter how to play in what may have been the longest game of Keyforge ever! I really had a great time in the Vault tour as well as playing in side events, like the sealed survival and sealed double. Great job to everyone involved and it was a true pleasure playing all weekend.
  13. dpuck1998


    Thanks for all the input, I decided to play Fate because it think its more fun to play. It performed well for me, the only thing that hurts is controlling the board. I lost to too many creatures on the board and I couldn't get rid of them. I'm one Gateway to Dis from being a really good deck I think. thanks again!
  14. dpuck1998


    They really are a toss up when they play each other, but I know that isn't the best barometer. I don't think Fateshow shadows is the best it could but, but anything with Bait and Switch, Miasma and Too much to protect defiantly isn't subpar. Dis for fateshow is where I seem to struggle.
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