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  1. Store Championship - Jetpack Comics, Rochester NH 10 Players 1. eKylo/eVader(SoR) 2. ePoe/eMaz 3. eBaze/eSnap 4. eVader(AWK)/Royal Guard
  2. Just went an embarrassing 1-3 at a store championship this past weekend with Palobtanni. To be fair my opponents were in order, The undefeated tournament winner (L), my most frequent play partner (L), Winner of our last Regional Tournament (L), and some guy (W) At least every losing match came down to the last ship. Still a very disappointing day.
  3. According to the vast majority on this forum, nearly everything breaks the game.
  4. Here we go... Can we NOT with the friggin "power creep" garbage? It's only the second set for Kenobi's sake...
  5. Essential Guide for playing X-Wing TMG on PC Step 1. Log on to Steam Step 2. Purchase and Install Tabletop Simulator Step 3. Enjoy the next best thing to playing in person
  6. Awesome! I was really hoping for a Top 16 cut. Not that i'll make it that far...
  7. I can. Vasudra with Otana and the whole Azzameen family aboard. I also really would love to see the Otana make it into the game. But, it's in the YT family of freighters (YT-2000) and would more than likely fall into the "Large ship" category.
  8. I had one in my hand at a store championship this past Saturday 3/12...
  9. JFC, if I ever find myself in this situation, im done playing competetively for good. The friendly community that this game has is one of it's best qualities. Take that away and it's just another game to table 3-4 times a year when friends come over... Fly casual or GTFO
  10. Husky 22" Cantilever Organizer from Home Depot http://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-22-in-Cantilever-Plastic-Organizer-with-Metal-Latches-189746/202021301
  11. Just give me those TIE/x7 cards already!!!
  12. 2015 Yamaha FZ-09 PS 8 Veteran Instincts
  13. Hey Mike, I actually met Mick on my lunch break last week and made numerous "Donations" to the cause at his store . I intend on making a Wednesday night or Saturday session before the tournament. But I WILL be at the tournament at the 27th. Already have it penned in. I'll see you there! If you ever want to play casually on a weekend, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM.
  14. ****, our LGS in Amesbury, MA is having a tournament that same day at noon. It's a little closer for me. If it were on a different day, I would be there!
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