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  1. This would not generally be the case. A bartered ship is supposed to go back in the game box. You could house rule it but base rules is they are out of the game.
  2. If an ability uses the word “to,” a player must completely resolve the effect that occurs before the word “to,” in order to resolve the effect that occurs after the word “to.” Example: If an ability allows a player to lose 1 Hutt reputation to gain 1 fame, that player cannot gain the fame if they already have negative Hutt reputation. Pg 17 of the rules reference Depends on the wording of the card, but most of them follow this. Aka - no fame to lose then you can't complete the requirements to purchase the ship.
  3. You might rethink this. The mat is still in development according to FFG and has an unknown release date at this time....
  4. "Judge me by my size do you?" 😜
  5. Did you have an ability that allowed a ship combat? It normally isn't possible to target an opponent without a card direction....
  6. The price is a little high for my taste, but you have to consider the time invested to make them and wear on the machine. You could always find a friend with a 3D printer to do them for you....
  7. You are correct on all counts. My guy had a great way to maximize though. He had a job he needed that crew for on same planet as bounty. He did job first turn. Second turn delivered cargo to that planet and did fight. Third turn delivered bounty. It was a beast move.
  8. You still have to battle, but you can do it that way. I had someone just last night use the crew for a job and then turn them in for bounty afterward.
  9. 1. Yes - • Each ability can be resolved once for each instance of its timing event. (pg 17 under abilities) 2. Nope - If the current player has a bounty for a contact token that corresponds to one of their own crew assets, the player can fight that crew asset as an “Encounter” ability. · If the attacker wins the combat, they discard the crew card and either eliminate or capture its contact token. If they capture the contact, they take its contact token from the pool of discarded tokens next to the map and place it on their bounty card. · If the attacker loses the combat, they must discard that crew asset from their ship sheet and place the crew asset’s contact token faceup on the planet with an empty contact token space (ignoring class) that is nearest to that player. · During the combat, the player cannot use skills or abilities of that crew.
  10. My thinking was kind of the opposite actually. In combat hits are 1 and crits are 2. The overall idea being that an unskilled check just needs 2 successes. It seems comparable.
  11. You are right, I hadn't thought it through for Lando. That seems a bit skewed.
  12. You are correct, but in an extremely limited scenario. Because this: Players often trade credits for future promises. For example, you may give a player 1,000 credits to help that player out of a tight situation, under the condition that they give you 2,000 credits on their next turn. Such agreements are perfectly legal, but future promises are non-binding. This means the player may decide, when the time comes, to not actually give you the promised amount of credits back. Means that the ONLY way your a scenario above would be binding is if: 1. It is the players turn who you want to do the contact 2. It is the encounter step of their turn 3. They have no patrol that they MUST fight 4. They have not ALREADY done a contact. Otherwise it would be a "future promise" and not able to be "immediately and completely fulfilled" and thus non binding. Which I think is the overarching idea of the scum and villainy side of this game. I am not certain the intent was to wrangle everyone into honest deals all the time. But listen, if you want to run it that way, do it. Have fun with it! This game is about enjoying the Star Wars universe and what it offers on your terms.
  13. This is only in reference to trades of cards when both players are in same space. Cash trades that can occur at anytime do not follow that rule.
  14. @skotothalamos thanks for doing the percentage math! I might house rule it that way. It seems to make sense to me. Have to do a couple more playthroughs and see how it goes.
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