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  1. The TFA core set was different, at least for me. You got two new (sub)factions with that, plus ships, plus 1 spare set of everything you already had. If I wouldn't own the TFA set already, I'd have no problems with buying the 2ED one. But I guess we'll have to see the actual content of the box to cast judgement.
  2. Recently bought in? Welcome aboard then. I sank over $400 into the game over the last 3 years, though none in the recent couple months, and I'm far from owning everything. My issue is, that I just can't feel like another core set is good value for money, when I already have two.
  3. I want my X-Wing 6.3 AMG already.
  4. While I overall like the upcoming 2nd edition of the game, and I'm more or less satisfied with the contents of the conversion kits (needs 3 Defenders though), the only thing that really bugs me, is that do we absolutely must have to buy (yet another) core set too? Aside from a new damage deck, and possible the new maneouvre templates, what else is in it that's so important? New tokens and markets will be in the conv kits too, since upgrade cards will require them to function properly. 1st ED dice and obstackles are compatible with 2nd ED. Rulebook can be DL-ed from the internet, or it might be even included in the new app. I don't argue the necessity of the existence of a new core set - FFG must always think of new players, but I'm also sure that many people who own at least two (or more ) of the previous CSs already, may not be thrilled to buy another one. Okay, we get a shiny new flappy winged X-Wing model. That's cool. But we also get that from the $20 blister (which should be $15 btw). For the sake of customer satisfaction, I think FFG should consider including a new damage deck in the conversion kits too. If I got to play $50 to get the new damage deck, I'm not going to be happy about it, and I'm sure a lot of other folks won't as well.
  5. Wow, that really made me see the light, man! To be serious for a moment, you can make the argument that the Force itself is just a large Deus Ex Machina the movies revolve around. But at least they use that as an explanation for your points. Rebels doesn't bother to explain teleportation, time travel or hyperspace-travelling space whales, nor does it hints that they have anything to do with the Force. Force users USE the Force to initiate changes according to their will. The Rebels "characters" just react to inexplicable events outside of their scope or influence.
  6. They aren't even that outmatched. The Rebels shot down like half a dozen ISDs and a dozen cruisers without too many problems. But okay, that's a justification for deus ex machina. But in that dose?
  7. Okay, I need help guys. I really want to like this show. Really. I want to like everything that's Star Wars. But after watching it, the following conclusions came to me: In the end, the Rebels won their struggle, because:
  8. I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't give words into my mouth. You may come off as rather childish and salty, I suppose that's not really your intention.
  9. Usually just Miranda, or one single Y-Wing. I suppose that's the problem. Then again, all factions have access to a potential 4 TLT carrier list, yet they aren't really prominent lists.
  10. Okay, I see this exact argument in every single anti-TLT threads, and I'm genuinely baffled by it. What is wrong with ME that I can't get it to work like that? Anytime I bring one or more TLT equipped ships I always get roflstomped by my friends' x7 Defenders, Kylo Rens... etc. Rolling 3 dice 2 times in a row, and only getting to modify the first shot very rarely does this magical "consistent 2 dmg even against high AGI targets" to me. I dunno, I must be missing something.
  11. You guys have no idea how much this whole tide pod thing is reinforcing the "american stereotype" bull here in Europe.
  12. I don't really mind the existance and functions of Harpoons, what I do mind is that they make ANY other missile a wrong choice when you have Harpoons available. Simple solution: Raise its pts cost to 6. The most superior missile should be the most expensive, right?
  13. Largely depends on the situation, but I would prever Vectored Thrusters. A Boost lets you cover a larger distance, but with a Barrel Roll, you can actually get closer to ones behind you if you are chased. If you can't outrun them, make them overshoot or bump.
  14. Punishers have an awesome upgrade bar, because it's designed to work with all the upgrade goodies equipped. Problem is, that makes it so expensive, that they can't possibly pull their weight in a 100/6 game. It would need a title card or something, that gives it a 3-4 pts cost reduction, allows a 2nd mod upgrade, and decreases the cost of all equipped upgrade cards by 1. THAT would make it pretty cool. Redline with Bomblet + LRS + EM + Plasma Torps + TS + LWF + UGR right now would be 40 points. He would be much more of a tempting option for 31-32 points.
  15. The very point of Optics, is that you practically never have to do a focus action again, so you can do other things, like boosting or TL-ing. If you use R5-P9, you must have a constant supply of tokens. On the other hand, P9 can be useful on Norra with Recon Spec. But then again, the EPT of choice for Norra is PTL, so you pretty much have to go green every turn anyway, so you don't gain much, other than the single point in the list.
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