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  1. My choice of soundtrack for Dark Sci-Fi moments is Death Odors. I wa lucky enough to pick up probably the last copy in Melbourne years ago after hearing three tracks on it on the radio one night and ringing the station to ask where I could buy a copy. It's a compilation record of Dark Industrial music from the mostly Metal label Slaughter Records. It's a dark and intense album, and in the end, a couple of gamers in my circle refused to play when we used this album for atmosphere as it made them too tense. I think it would be very good for Sith ruins or industrial worlds. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Death-Odors/release/122040
  2. Kevin Kiner has a lot of his music online. http://www.kevinkiner.com/
  3. I'd say anything with Nubian drives, like the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps, or some other shipyards use. Nubain drives are renowned as very powerful and top-line engines. So a tricked up new version of the classic Naboo Fighter might be a curiosity a figher ace might take note of ..
  4. First, this is a damned splendid idea. I think you should write it up as a scenario for the forum once you've played through. It's too cool. A few ways to tackle this. Is it a New Car Show, a Custom Car show, or a classic Military Air Show styled affair? A Ship Show for New Models? That's Inner Rim or Core where the big credits are. Planet 'Sheboygan' isnt going to attract these shows, they want the cashed up Core World types. A Ship Show for Pimped Classic Fly's? Anywhere that is cool, but I'd stick to Inner Rim. These folks aren't going to spend big bucks Pimping out their Fly's to take them to a sh*tty Outer Rim or Criminal Overlord world unless they want them stolen. Planet 'Sheyoygan' would get one of these. Smaller shows organised by enthusiasts. Is it a Ship Show for lowlife Scum and Villains, Smugglers and Bounty Hunters? As HappyDaze suggested, Nar Shaddaa or Ord Mantell are great picks. Planet 'Detroit' might get these, a world once renowned for its product but fallen on hard times. An Air Show type deal could be anywhere that is cashed up enough to attract a crowd to help fund the show and potential buyers to actually make some decent money and a Space Port big enough to handle the traffic. JUST FYI - I've never been to Sheboygan or Detroit, but only know them as a foreigner exposed to certain reputations based on internet news media. I'm using them as broad stereotypes. I know good folk and great ideas to come from both. I really want to visit Detroit one day and see the place.
  5. Making Grenades - Tell the players they better not roll Despair.
  6. I reckon we leave Teleportation in Star Trek where it belongs.
  7. i'm trying to run with conflict for everyone. All living things are connected with the force, not all have natural talent to use the Force though. If your PC's stray too far down that path they can become quite evil bastards, with all the benefits and penalties that apply.
  8. I ran a very similar idea a few years ago in a different game universe. Bascially a huge slingshot gate near the galactic core. Certain trader species ran exploitative monopolies on many trade routes by using it to shortcut to the outer rim and trade slowly coreward. It was called The Engine by the species that used it. I was part of a fun bunch one-shot scenarios to cap off a long campaign game, basically tipping the hand of some of the secrets of the game. The Engine that allowed the Spacers to dominate trade, a famous armored Assassin that was actually just a suit donned by many different agents over time, the traitor(s) in the PC's midst, and so on...
  9. You know, I'd never thought of using Two-Weapon rules for Brawling, but I guess it's perfectly doable.
  10. If feature downed ship, Sil 5, maybe even two of them. Remnants of an ancient battle, or perhaps marooned treasure hunters. They will have tech the Players might like...Mods for Vehicles, Gun, Armor and such; maybe a nearly burned out stealth suit or something the infiltrator will be gaga for. Of course the ship is now populated with weird critters hostile to the PC's invading their home. Maybe there is a broken but difficultly repairable lightsaber (only then will they discover it is red), maybe it's a Cortisis Vibro-Sword. The ships computer core is offline, but in good repair, but only activated only by a missing Holocron. In the Temple complex, have something high up on a cavern roof only the sharpshooter could knock town with an expert shot. Sets of traps and security the Infiltrator can get past. You definitely want a chase scene with the driver racing the party away in an ancient speeder while the sharpshooter picks off the flying creatures pursuing the group before they can close, while the Jedi deflects their acidic spit, or something like it. Maybe the whole chase scene is on a boat on an underground river. This fits with your Indiana Jones Idea. You could have an Ewok equivalent culture, or maybe descendants of some of the crashed ships crews are now the primitive natives, and only the last of the Dark Side Adepts really understand the technology. Later, after they defeat the Nemesis do they gain the Holocron. The Holocron spirit, whose skill sets match the kinds of things the other PC's might want or need to do, is of course Sith. Don't let any PC know he's Sith until they decide the Spirit of the device is really useful to have around. Maybe she's a Sith Armorer who can teach them about making amazing weapons...
  11. Custom Layout, a final tier ability from Modder in Special Modifications gives their Signature Vehicle +2HP. It's all a bit vague, isn't it. Jury Rigged covers Weapons or Armor - Gives a permanent Improvement from a limited Repertoire until you loose it. Tinkerer covers "equipment" - Gives +1HP to the item, but you still have to attach the Mods yourself. Custom Layout covers Vehicles only - +2HP to your Signature Vehicle. I'd be inclined to allow Tinkerer for a Vehicle. I'd only allow one one Tinkering bonus for any bit of gear, regardless how many players want to make improvements. One Tinker per item. I would allow Jury Rigged and Tinkering on the same item. One think I think I'd like to add is fiddling a bit more with Jury Rigged. I'd let Jury Rigged be applied to any item, maybe some other raw bonuses to choose from for Vehicles or Gear. I think getting a Despair on any result with a Jury Rigged item should allow the GM to have the item fritzing the Jury Rigged bonus, if not the whole item (or ship system) for the short term. Thus we could have the Millenium Falcons souped up Hyperdrive, with it's Jury Rigged bonus, blowing out until the crew get it fixed. and so on.
  12. Yes, to get the bonus, you need to swap out all the arms.
  13. Fashioning something like a personal defense shield would be cool. Or a booster for ships shield defenses, or as a cognitive accelerator unit for your droids. The pseudo-science BS uses you can make up are limited only by your willingness to have the crapola in your campaign.
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