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  1. Infinity had the right idea going giving all units a silhouette value and making that silhouette be the targetable area - you can now do all the modelling you want and want have any advantage/disadvantage to someone else. Removes all modelling arguments and the stupidity of targeting Luke's lightsaber to hit the model (which we don't allow locally anyway) I remember way back in 3rd edition 40k someone had a chaos army that was themed around Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Units included bikers which were a chaos marine leading a servant clapping two coconut shells together and a Greater Daemon of khorne...which was a pile of bloody bones with a little white rabbit on top. He always brought the right models in case the opponent had issues as well, but that one army convinced me back then that some things are just too cool to have an issue playing against, especially if the opponent has the skills to pull it off well.
  2. I decided the first army I would paint is the imperials - problem is I hate white. Remembering an old Luke figure I had as a kid, I dug out my Shadows of the Empire book, had a quick internet search - hey presto, my Imperial troops are all Coruscant Guard units! All red, no white to paint at all (though I'm thinking white chestplate for unit leaders in rememberance of Commander Fox). Point is with a little creativity white is not the only colour for Imperial units.
  3. I'm away from the books at the moment but in the Thrawn duology - where Luke proposes to Mara, the Empire of the Hand is revealed and the New Republic and Empire make peace - isn't there sniper rifles used by the Moff trying to instigate a civil uprising in the New Republic that are silent AND invisible, and can use re-directors to make it appear as if a shot came from somewhere else?
  4. One of the groups I'm in has a bad habit of, um.....borrowing starships and ... finding them new owners .... for a price. We've actually received a decent amount for them, but most of that goes into paying mechanics to mod our upgrades since we don't have one in our group. It evens out. This is the same group that has a player wanting to add an oversized weapon mount to a Ghotroc 720, add in linked turbolasers, and call our space turtle the Blastoise.
  5. Ion weaponry is specifically created to combat droids. My grenadier always carries a couple of Ion grenades as my GM likes to throw the odd cluster of droids at us to surprise our resident force sensitive (since they can't be sensed). Droid Disabler is from Fly Casual, Gungun weapons also have Ion qualities. Can have an Ion blaster attachment on blasters. Get up close and use a combat action to attach a restraining bolt to them. Away from book at the moment, but isn't there something about a weapon quality doing extra damage to droids? Can't remember if it was stun, Ion, or something else. Might be getting it confused with minions too
  6. That makes sense. A ground support airpseeder for the Empire? We typically see TIE bombers for this in the EU, but an atmospheric airspeeder would make more sense especially for close support, not just dropping of large bombs. The body of the strike TIE does have some similarities to the TIE bomber. I would need to explain why we don't see it on Hoth? However, we didn't see TIE bombers either. It could be the precision close support vehicle of only the ISB? Or as simple as not being able to fly them through the Rebel shield? Easy enough: if the Rebels were having difficulty adapting the speeders to the cold, stands to reason the same could apply to the TIE Striker. Anything that flies in space can't have issues with cold. Space is a little bit colder than even an ice planet
  7. He came from a joke Janson played on Wedge when he was putting together Wraith Squadron and later a common joke between the pilots. It evolved to be part of the deception to catch Warlord Zsinj (I can never remember how to spell that name!) when the Wraith's went undercover (thanks in part to Voort SaBinring's backstory as a genetically modified Gammorean). One of my favourite moments in the series was when Wedge had to dress the part to look like an Ewok was piloting a fighter after all the grief it had given him previously.
  8. I had no idea who Kettch was so I looked him up. And the Wookieepedia article for him states, "Kettch was a semi-fictional Ewok X-wing pilot serving with Wraith Squadron." What the ****? How is an Ewok X-wing pilot only semi-fictional? Is he based on a real-life Ewok X-wing pilot?! Originally, Kettch was a joke...a realistic plush Ewok toy, dressed in pilot's gear that the members of the squadron would place in different, surprise locations and poses around their base for grins. Then, the prop was strapped to Wedge, and used as a disguise when passing themselves off as ragtag pirates, complete with leg and arm braces/extenders allowing him to fly an X-wing. The fictional history of Kettch being genetically modified provided to Warlord Zsinj prompted him to have his scientists create a similarly modified Ewok pilot, Kolot. Yub Yub
  9. Wedge and especially Thrawn...and best of all Zahn writing the book! The master has returned. Hope this leaves decent odds for old Zahn favs like Mara and Pallaeon to return.
  10. My father and grandfather are geologists and we've all used similar magnifiers looking at, well, different types of rock lol. Before he passed my grandfather was using them to read the paper everyday too, and I've started using them in my history thesis to read some of the old, handwritten documents I need. Makes deciphering some of the tiny handwriting on those much easier. Basically, yes, they do a good job for what you want in my experience.
  11. X-Wing: The Bacta War pg. 62. When Wedge and Tycho were discussing how they managed to buy up all of Rogue Squadrons old gear from before they went, well, rogue, Tycho explains how Incom is offering to modify A-wings to gain the ability to swivel their laser cannons to fire in the rear arc. First mention of A-wings with the ability in my memory.
  12. Wookiepedia states the minimum crew at 7 for the CR90. So yeah, a lot of automaton, but still needs people to make sure things get fixed and/or told what to do. For a modern comparison, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer is roughly the same size, but with double the crew (just over 300). Actually, it makes me wonder if droids are even counted as 'crew' or if they only count crew towards beings that use life support and consumables. Yeah I love Wraith Squadron and their corvette-carrier. Proof that Wedge can pilot anything! (seriously, 1 man crewed the **** Night Caller lol). So much shenanigans. So much explosive.
  13. In any modern military crew there's multiple people for each position, a 'primary' or most experienced main watch crew and 2-3 'secondary' watches of less experienced but still fully capable crew members. You can (and frequently during the World Wars they did) get away with less, but this is considered the optimal amount. When I see a crew of 30-165 I see that as skeleton, barely functioning at 30 and full complement at 165. So your CR-90 crew, double that and split it 3 ways and you'll have a rough 3-watch crew. Also, you're missing the First Officer (a must have, captain's have to sleep sometime!) and technically a Flight Officer tends to deal with air/spacecraft. Chief Navigator tends to be just that, Chief Navigator. Admittedly this is limited to passing familiarity and no actual experience, so if anyone knows better please correct me!
  14. Don't have a picture handy, but yes, between the two trees you can get up to 7 for your signature vehicle.
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