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  1. If you absolutely wanted to avoid a reroll or taking over a NPC you could have the dead PC's near-dead body reclaimed by the BBEG. It steals the threat of death and any serious consequences of battle, but it's an option I suppose. The BBEG could throw the PC in bacta. Retconn that the PC was hanging onto life by a string. Then have it be a rescue mission to save the revived PC. Maybe cost the PC some XP as a death penalty (if you're going to bend the rules a bit might as well make it hurt a little, right?). Not something I would do. Death needs to be a reality of the game, that is, unless a PC's death is a scripted event (which should only be done with the player's consent or request). So, while I don't recommend it, in the end, it's really up to you and your players.
  2. Not the discussion I imagined from the title. It brought to mind a character one of my players wants to make. A Toydarian Heavy Gunner. The poor guy would struggle to hover while firing such large weaponry. That's the ramifications I thought I'd fine. I'll see my way to the door now
  3. All depends on a what else was going on. Was the area busy and was it enough to warrant their immediate attention? A busy spacelane can be a hectic thing for the Imp crew monitoring the area. Were they actively looking for anything suspicious? Was the PC ship on a watch list? Basically,as a GM,you can narrate a number of different reasons for either their quick reaction or lack of attention. Maybe the area was a major hub of activity and the Imps had their hands full. Tbe computers would log the ship's entry and exit. Maybe somebody would get an alert to review the information and send out a query to look into other checkpoint logs for the same ship. Maybe that calls for some rolls on the GM side to see if it happens (percentile) and if they're successful (skill). There's a lot a GM can do with this to simulate the situation thru the roll of a few dice. Or the GMA can just script it out as a setup for a future encounter. Either way, you don't necessarily have to inform the players what the Imps know or don't know about their jump. Keep them in suspence and let them worry about it.
  4. I gave my players a GHTROC 720. The Mighty Space Turtle. The pilot desperately wants a mission to infiltrate BoSS in order to change the ship's registration.
  5. What I've set up is a few Rollable Tables containing a list of items, from lint to rare gems,that a macro randomly pulls from. I did this to streamline the looting process for my PC. I did the same thing for NPC names. Two seperate tables for first and last names. I have a tendency to get scatterbrained at times after a fight as I'm making my GM notes. I've found that I'm not the most creative when it comes to what the PCs find when they go to loot the bodies/room. Also, rather than pull up my list of Star Warsy names and try to pick one I figured a name generator would be handy.
  6. I'm currently GMing a campaign on Roll20. I've subscribed to get the full features it offers, but was wondering if anybody has any macros that they use that work well for SW:EotE. I've built a few tables and macros to add in a random NPC name generator as well as a loot table (generic and rare). Both are helpful to keep the pace of game moving along. Thank you!
  7. Might I suggest a less obvious entry port? A CR90 must have a waste ejection system. Might be an easier access for your infiltrators. Security may not be as tight as it's not expected and should have an external access interface for maintenence.
  8. Not sure on the RAW, but I'd have a talk with the players about how to work this. I'd start by having to utilize piloting skills to navigate the terrain, obviously. However, I'm not sure I'd allow that PC a chance to shoot every turn. The speed of a swoop should have the pilot popping in and out of combat. Also, depending on the skill & weaponry it may be more powerful than standard weapons. So, Piloting one turn to swoop into range, shoot on the next AND maneuver past the target, Piloting the next to swoop back around. Piloting-Shoot-Piloting-Shoot and so on. I think it's a fair trade off even just on the cool factor alone, which this would be VERY cool to narrate. The biggest thing I could suggest is to work out something that makes sense narratively, is fair to all involved, and is fun.
  9. There are no official Minis, outside of Armada and X-Wing, that I'm aware of. Given how controlling Disney is over the Star Wars franchise I doubt you'll have a lot of luck finding much out there. I would assume that anything Star Wars that is not licensed gets a Cease & Desist letter. There are some places that make custom 3D printed Minis, but they are ultra expense. I would suggest printing out small pictures and making tokens.
  10. I'm using Zann in my campaign as well, but as a lore character I'm not sure my PCs will ever have a chance to get face-to-face with him. Now as far as his crew? He had a large crew so it shouldn't be hard to homebrew a Rival of Nemesis level NPC to interact with.
  11. Here's the setup I gave my players. We are all and I asked them if they'd be ok with this first. Working in the EotE setting they created their Outer Rim shady characters. The group of PCs were not a pre-existing team. The first session began with a short solo intro encounter for each individual PC that touched a little bit on their backstory. At the end of each of their encounters they were greated by a Protocol Droid (another PC) that invited them to a meeting with an up-and-coming Crime Boss on Randon. Without explaining how (and to this day they haven't investigated his methods) the CB knew who and where they were and he wanted to hire them for a job. The plot had them then travel to a mostly derelict space station that served as a cantina & refueling point for smugglers at the far edge of Hutt Space to retrieve a ship that was stolen from the CB by a pirate gang. The ship had a special cargo that was to be exchanged to a Hutt on Nar Shadaa for something that belonged to the CB. The team was provided a cover story as workers on a freighter that was traveling in that system and was dropped off at the station. Once at the station they split up. One part of them team searched the abandoned portions of the station for a side quest item while the others entered a Sabaac game with the pirate gang leader, to try and win the ship. For my guys chaos ensued and they took the ship by force as a different pirate gang started to attack the station The cargo containers had a high security lock system that the pirates couldn't unlock. And undisclosed to the team contained slaves frozen in carbonite. Once in the ship the team went to NS only to be ambushed by the Hutt's guards. The team escapes, in the ship, and ends up hiding in a refugee shanty town. They then learn the truth about the cargo they are carrying and that it was to be used to pay off the Hutt that was holding CB's son hostage for blackmail. Along they way I threw several side quests and a reoccurring friendly NPC into the mix. The NPC was a BH working for Zahn and actually blow a hole in the space station wall to kill tbe same pirate gang leader the PCs were gambling with. She also intervened when the PCs arrived at NS to redirect them away from the ambush. My intent was to have her around to help the PCs if they asked for it, but they managed on their own. Not without a few blunders and becoming an enemy of the Hutt. The CB is now a contact for work and he let them keep the ship as partial payment. THe BH is also a job contact for the future. Overall my PCs, some RPG veterans, have been enjoying it.
  12. That would explain why Jedi are all high & mighty and Sith are ruthless. Sith go commando.
  13. I have a similar issue with my sessions. However, we stretch from Sweden to Arizona so we're using Roll20 and that contributes to it a bit. We're also good friends and they tend to banter a bit. Personally I don't mind it too much. They're having fun so that's what matters. I'd like to see less out of character stuff, but we're just happy to get together. As GM I'm still working on getting Obligation into more of my sessions, but I'm also working on other ways to make it a mechanic that fits our style. One thing I plan on trying is running a few solo sessions to give their Obligation more of a story element that I can then build on in other group sessions.
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