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  1. The rules say about the attacker measuring the distance from centre to centre of attacker and defender's base to determine which section can be targeted. Does this same rule apply to the actual range determination or does that still get measured from nearest point of each base as per the standard rules?
  2. Adding to this same school of thought, can you fire twice out of the auxiliary arc on the TIE sf using the spec ops card if you haven't fired from the primary?
  3. Can Rey's Falcon pilot ability be used to support any friendly ship if the defender is in her firing arc? Does it mean 'you' as the Falcon only or 'you' meaning the player, therefore allowing her ability to support all friendly ships?
  4. Can you have both your maximum shields on your chosen ship and still have more shield tokens ready to move accross one at a time when you lose shields? For example,Boskk's ship starts the game with 5 shields and in the first round I place a hield token on gonk therefore now holding 6 shield tokens and possibly more in the next couple of rounds in reserve.
  5. Does this card still work if your ship is in arc of a TIE sf/ Slave-1/ Arc 170 auxiliary arc? It doesn't state primary or auxiliary.
  6. Does Snap Shot cancel out Black Market Slicer from be able to be used as well in that phase because that 'action' would be classed as an attack.
  7. Can Snap Shot and Black Market Slicer both be used with the same pilot?
  8. Having looked at these new 'condition cards' that are coming in wave 10, this reminded me of a recent group game I played with 4 players. We each picked a 100 point squad and paired up to make 200 points wach side. However, one side was entirely Imperial and the other Rebel and Scum. This aas very interesting but has left me thinkjng maybe FFG could create'condition' cards for each faction and add things like 'betrayal' where a player decides to start shooting at a friendly ship or 'turncoat'where a player's ship switches sides at some point in the game?
  9. But 'modifying' the dice would be something like your opponent changing one of your hit dice to a focus as with 'Sensor Jammer'. Both AC and Backdraft's cards say 'add' not re-roll or modify.
  10. If Backdraft uses accuracy corrector, does this mean that his final result would be 2 hits and 1 crit or does the crit only get added to the dice rolled before using accuracy corrector to get ONLY 2 guaranteed hits on the dice?
  11. Is there a limit to the number of free actions that Valen Rudor's pilot ability gives him? The new core rulebook says 'A ship cannot perform the same actions more than once during a single round, even if one or more of the actions are free actions'. A friend recently bounced all over the board using Valen's 'free action' pilot ability which I think is wrong.
  12. Another question around this that came up at a recent game I played. Can Kanan spend his focus token to reduce the attack of any ship within range 1-2 even if they are attacking someone else?
  13. Sorry, I didn't mean it activates rec spec. You would activate this after the maneuver as normal since electronic baffle cleared the stress. This would leave you with no stress and 3 focus tokens.
  14. I had some success recently at a casual game using Kanan/ Rec Spec, electronic baffle and Kyle Katarn. Do a red maneuver, get stressed. Change stress to hit. Get Focus. Activate rec spec. You end up with 3 stress tokens and if your opponent has cards that add stress, just keep changing them into damage and focus tokens.
  15. Just out of curiosity, can the Phantom redock with the Ghost anytime after it has been deployed or does it just stay deoloyed?
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