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  1. My personal opinion is that the new Marvel Star Wars series has been good and getting better. As I began to read the early stuff, I felt like the OT characters were just being put into situations that didn't matter, that felt somewhat pointless. But, they've done a good job at getting better and tying most everything together. The Darth Vader comics were great, a bit of dark that a lot of people like. Doctor Aphra.... I have to kind of agree with some of the negative stuff that's been said about the comic and the character. When the character was first introduced in Darth Vader, I loved her. She was a character that seemed to be a little darker than the OT characters and had a great idea behind her being an archeologist. But, her comic has gone down hill and she hasn't done the things that I would have expected given the concepts they gave her. She has rarely been an archeologist, or at least it feels like it. Kanan was great. Perhaps it was because when I read it, I had become a Rebels fan, but I feel like it is one of the best things Marvel has published so far. The Poe series was good, giving us some backstory to The Force Awakens, but I still have not finished reading the series, having about ten issues to go. I've had them since they released, but I got seriously behind on reading my comics. The Marvel app has gone a long way to helping me there. The "Age of" series they are doing now are fantastic so far, though I have not read the newest one. Some of the earliest mini-series feel very flat though. Princess Leia and Chewbacca was not good at all.
  2. Well, an observation: the above Amazon link now lists April 19, 2018 as the release date for the books.
  3. Given that the game is set post-A New Hope, I think it's meant to represent the lack of training PCs have had, at least "official" training at the hands of an actual Jedi Knight/Master. I've always thought that if they were to do books that took place back during the prequel era, they'd have to rebalance the game to represent the power level/training level of the characters at that point. Though, this would only apply to FaD...
  4. Hey, while the prequels aren't the "bestest" of the Star Wars saga, I don't consider them terrible. They had terrible moments, but they had great moments too.
  5. Exactly. If I remember correctly anyway, the Jedi Temple on Coruscant was built on Sith temple ruins and had actually been corrupting the Jedi slowly over years. I think this led to the Jedi becoming blind and so stiff in how they did things that they lost sight of the overall goals of the Jedi were originally. In game terms, I'd place most Jedi to have less than 70 Morality, with only a few like Obi-Wan and Yoda having a higher number.
  6. You are on the same track as I am, I believe. I am not personally saying that the new Jedi would be agents of the New Republic, but instead, that until things change, they are aligned with the New Republic and are willing to help and assist. Take a look at the old EU (Legends). This is pretty much what happened. Sorry for any spoilers, but Luke separated himself and his Jedi academy to the moon of Yavin but continued to help his sister, Mon Mothma, etc. Many years later, Luke disagreed with the direction the New Republic (since renamed to Galactic Alliance) was taking and took the Jedi order from being allied with them. Here's the timeline that I have in mind: Following the events of Return of the Jedi, Luke stuck with the New Republic military for a short time as a general. This would be a lot less time that others like Han Solo would have served. When that time is up (perhaps three to six months?), he resigns and goes on his search for as much information about the Jedi, about the Sith, about the various Force traditions that he learns about and so forth. He spends years doing this, roughly three or so. During this time, he seemingly disappears from the galaxy. He uses his status with the New Republic as a way to get on many planets during this time, following leads as he finds them. Then He finally "reemerges" to help found a new Jedi order. He does believe that he is the "last" Jedi (he found no "Jedi", but did find many force sensitives) and takes the duty to pass on the teachings of the Jedi that he has learned (from Obi-Wan, from Yoda, from his research). Only then does he begin teaching.
  7. Actually, I'd disagree. I understand what you are saying, but you have to remember something. Luke just helped the future "New Republic" defeat the Empire. He helped them come to be. He would have an investment, if you will, in helping the New Republic succeeding. And that's not to mention his ties to the NR through his sister, Leia. By not "siding" with the NR could be viewed as a betrayal to his sister and everything that they fought for together. Now, I get what you are saying, but at roughly 28 years old, do you think Luke will have the foresight already that you are giving him? I personally think not. At least, not yet. What I can personally see is that Luke is young (and naive) enough to think that he can have a positive effect on the New Republic and he can do so by forming a new Jedi order and aligning them with the group that he just helped form. I am not saying that what you are talking about would never come to be, but instead it would be later on. Actually, as I've been writing this out, I have thought that it could make a good story in game, as the PCs uncover various Jedi and/or Sith (and others) artifacts that helps Luke and the Jedi grow. Perhaps with that study (could include the Journal of the Whills as a item to claim?) and how the New Republic is having to react to everything going on in the galaxy, then Luke could see that with a bit more clarity.
  8. I love the idea, but I have this personal fear that my players wouldn't want to do that. So, in my idea so far, I've jumped to the "final mission" they are taking in order to be "promoted" to Knight status. It represents maybe in-universe one year of hard training with Luke and perhaps a couple others. I have given it thought though, even before your mentioning it, and I thought that if a GM needed to help teach his players how to use the dice or something, they could role play out pseudo-battles between the players, using training sabers as their weapons. That'd allow players to learn the dice and learn combat as well with no threat of "death". But if my players ever wanted more pre-Knight mission adventures.... well, it's something that I could work on, I just fear that no one would end up being interested in that. I wanted to jump to what I consider the meat, having players explore out in the galaxy and being Jedi, which I picture they'd consider themselves even before they complete that first mission. heh
  9. Nah. More like you're graduating from the academy. The first quest that I have in mind would be the "final" test before Knighthood. Those are some good ideas to keep in mind. Thanks I am not necessarily following any particular canon. Ilum is my choice because I am not using the First Order and so far, they don't exist in "my" canon, per say. In doing this, the PCs would be writing their own canon with a bit of input from me.
  10. So, I thought I'd post about an idea that I've had and see if I could get some feedback. I'd also love to find some people to help me flesh it out and turn it into something great. So, the idea I have is a New Jedi Order story. No, not the Legend's old series, but instead it's titled (for now), "Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order", starting roughly five years after the events of Return of the Jedi. Luke Skywalker has spent the previous five years searching for Jedi and force traditions to learn everything that he can in order to grow in the force. He has decided that he was finally at the stage that he could train others and has began training on Yavin iV (Yeah, took a page from Legends). The player characters that join this game are among his first students. So far, I don't have much for the PCs to do. First, I have the idea, taking a page from Nexus of Power, the PCs will go on the quest that'll turn them into Jedi knights and each claim a kyber crystal for a lightsaber. This quest will be a trip to Ilum where the PCs will use what force abilities that know to get past obstacles that's been placed in their way. This would be a pretty basic adventure, where the GM would have to think a bit on his/her feet to customize the obstacles to the force powers. From here, I don't have much. PCs should go on adventures that'll uncover more force traditions and artifacts. But also, Luke Skywalker has aligned his new Jedi with the New Republic as well and PCs should be called on from time to time to take the roles of mediators and the such for disputes around the galaxy. But also, there should be something that tiptoes the Jedi vs Sith idea and I have been thinking about having surviving Inquisitors also confront the PCs and battle them. In my idea, the Empire will already have been reduced to "remnant" status (as they'd eventually become in Legends) but still remains a threat. Luke, Han Solo, and Lando will all have served for a short time (around a year or so) as generals in the New Republic navy and all helped nearly eliminate the Empire. But the Empire still exists and still tries to be a thorn in the side of the New Republic. Well, that's the idea. It's still at the beginning stages though. I am trying to sit down and type up a treatment for it, to describe exactly the state of the universe as I am imagining it. - Eric42
  11. So preordered this from Coolstuffinc.com about four weeks ago because they listed it as having a May 2017 release date. Well, May ended and here we are mid-way through June and still no word on the book. Has there been any news yet?
  12. Absol, I followed that quite well and that could be a great way to reference it. Thanks
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