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    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    There are 16 ship tokens so 3-4 for each faction (so 6-8 pilots for each faction).
  2. You can definetely tractor yourself off of it. Dunno about taking your action though. I think because it was your actual maneuver that made you overlap (rather than an Aileron move for example) you would still have to roll a dice (if its an asteroid) and skip your action (if an asteroid or gas cloud).
  3. After testing the version I posted earliest I've made some tweaks. 5th brother didn't pull its weight, partocilakry as you only generate 1 force a turn and want to save that for Vader. You could maybe move it to RAC but its not really that useful. Bombs though are very useful especially as you can drop them before or after using the Jerjerrod boost... (76) Rear Admiral Chiraneau [VT-49 Decimator] (2) Hull Upgrade (7) Minister Tua (8) Moff Jerjerrod (6) Proximity Mines Points: 99 (74) Captain Oicunn [VT-49 Decimator] (14) Darth Vader (2) Hull Upgrade (6) Proximity Mines (4) Dauntless Points: 100 Total points: 199
  4. I'd built a similar list and think a 10 ppiknt bid is a waste of time just for Soontir. Hold him back until the end and stick Predator and something like Hull upgrades on the Decis.
  5. As soon as a better cannon comes out they will be much better I think. Like, I like Kestal and the Agressors, there are just things that can do more /better for less points.
  6. What big weaknesses will this sort of list have and how to combat them? Arc dodgers are probably the worst thing right?
  7. I think this with prox mines or death Troopers is strong. (76) Rear Admiral Chiraneau [VT-49 Decimator] (14) Darth Vader (7) Minister Tua (2) Hull Upgrade Points: 99 (74) Captain Oicunn [VT-49 Decimator] (4) Dauntless (9) Fifth Brother (5) 0-0-0 (2) Hull Upgrade Points: 94 Total points: 193 Oicunn is essentially RAC and has actions even if bumped (probably better on RAC though given his PS?). Both have good free mods and Vader is a beast Edit: Tua likely better on Oicunn so he can see where enemies are before reinforcing. Title on RAC as he's likely to be blocked before moving.
  8. The Agressors are still over costed, maybe when a better turret comes out. A 3/4 dice range 3 only turret would be cool.
  9. Surely just keep all upgrades and take ESCs? I don't really think a bid is that helpful here anyway...
  10. How does something like this look? I realise it's all very low PS, but I'm struggling to find a good way of running Maul and think Dooku might have some real game. Assuming I can choose order of Informant / Decloak. Room for more upgrades in there, or a change to discords. (63) Count Dooku [Sith Infiltrator] (5) Informant (4) Scimitar (3) Heightened Perception Points: 75 (44) General Grievous [Belbullab-22 Starfighter] (6) Soulless One (6) Outmaneuver (4) Impervium Plating Points: 60 (26) Techno Union Bomber [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] (4) Discord Missiles Points: 30 (26) Techno Union Bomber [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] (4) Discord Missiles Points: 30 Total points: 195
  11. Probably better off dropping to a generic Deci with just Sloane and Death Troopers and getting another tie in there
  12. Can you give examples of good lists? I'd love to fly the ship but I've nit seen anyone use it!
  13. Is there utility with the Upsilon? In bullseye it's 4 dice at r2, at r1 in bullseye it's 5... Even out of bullseye at range one it's 4 dice, and with mods that could potentially do a lot of damage. 2 points seems good for the opportunities you might get with it. I realise you have to be out of the defenders arc, but depending on how you play you might get some good shots.
  14. Nah launch bay next was updated within an hour of the stream. Its my favourite app to use
  15. Because she's a very expensive 2 red dice ship at a mostly irrelevenat initiative.
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