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  1. Goseki1

    Resistance Chewie and FO Quickdraw

    Can't disagree with that, was just wondering if there was a spread I'd missed confirming it
  2. Goseki1

    Resistance Chewie and FO Quickdraw

    I'm sure it is but, how do we know its faction locked? I'd guessed it might be chassis locked, but maybe not.
  3. Goseki1

    First Order conversion kit article

    Panicked pilot is pretty devastating to a large number of ships. Also there's no restrictions on the range (1-3) or arc requirement donut will be easy to assign. Points cost /trigger requirements dependent, it's still going to be a good condition.
  4. Goseki1

    Decimator 2.0

    It's the main issue I've had and why I want to take agile Gunner, but it really reduces the wingman options (probably rightly so too XD)
  5. Goseki1

    Decimator 2.0

    I like that a lot as well. Did you have much trouble keeping ships in arc though?
  6. Goseki1

    Decimator 2.0

    It made it easier to control range, though I suppose what I really miss is the ridiculous boost XD
  7. Goseki1

    Decimator 2.0

    I've tried Tua/RAC with an ace before and it was fine, but RAC has issues with action economy and his blue moves are much reduced from 1.0. If you're spending an action to turn your Turret then you're not getting many mods. I wonder if agile Gunner helps here; you have to plan ahead and you're essentially signalling your next move but without boost its generally obvious where you're going with RAC. As a wingman I like Rexlar but ion missile gunboats x2 might be good partners? Rexler + RAC (88) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (10) Agile Gunner (7) Minister Tua (2) Hull Upgrade Points 107 (84) Rexler Brath (4) Juke (5) Collision Detector Points 93 Total points: 200
  8. Goseki1

    Decimator 2.0

    Double post -, -
  9. Goseki1

    Jenson ST-321

    Yup. So Redline can do a red barrel roll and then aquire a lock.
  10. Goseki1

    2.0 Adaptive Ailerons and Overlap

    RAW at the moment, unlike 1.0, if you bumped with your Aileron, you skip your oerofrm action step. I don't think there's any reasonable argument against it.
  11. Goseki1

    Same bomb twice

    The rules reference notes that you can't equip 2 of the same card anymore.
  12. Goseki1

    Rexler / Redline + X

    Proton torpedoes and advanced sensors allow huge flexibility for Redone. He can aquire his TL even after an advanced sensor action as aquiring the lock isn't an action. You can do things like dial in a 4K, if that looks like a viable move you can advanced sensors a focus, then get a TL and then 4K. If your opponent moves on an unexpected way and a K turn would be terrible, you can advanced sensor a boost and link to a red TL (and then aquire a second TL) and then just do a straight white 2. It's really flexible and gives you a lot of options. Rexler with Juke and collision Detector is amazing. That leaves 46 points, you can fit a Reaper or Lambda as support, or a named striker or a bomber. I'm still trying to work the 3rd ship out.
  13. Goseki1

    Rhymer range 0?

    Yup (so long as the ordnance a range of at least 1)
  14. Goseki1

    agile gunner crd

    Maybe I should drink more coffee and post less...
  15. Goseki1

    agile gunner crd

    Hah, fair point! Should probably read the whole section I'm posting...