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  1. Goseki1

    Rhymer range 0?

    Yup (so long as the ordnance a range of at least 1)
  2. Goseki1

    agile gunner crd

    Maybe I should drink more coffee and post less...
  3. Goseki1

    agile gunner crd

    Hah, fair point! Should probably read the whole section I'm posting...
  4. Goseki1

    agile gunner crd

    I thought the symbol on agile gunner only refers to a Turret (like ion/dorsal Turret) , not a primary 'bowtie' Turret? Or are they interchangeable? I guess my assumption doesn't really make sense. Edit: Having said that the rules reference does separate the two symbols. If a card like agile Gunner says you can turn your single arc Turret at the end phase, does that mean you could also put it on a ship to turn your double Turret at the end phase. RAW I'd say no. But I doubt that's the intention?
  5. Goseki1

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    This is ****** ridiculous and I love it.
  6. Goseki1

    A couple evade dice questions

    Hah, you're right, though I was just being silly!
  7. Goseki1

    A couple evade dice questions

    1 - This is correct. If they spend it on attack then when you roll defence, they have no tokens so Ferophs ability locks on. 2- Attacker modifies Defenders green die first. In this case you could Juke an eyeball to an eyeball (Lols) and then Luke can spend his force.
  8. Goseki1

    Rexler, Redline + 1

    I like both these ideas a lot. I can see Vizier with being super useful here in particular...
  9. Goseki1

    What is Tomax Bren good for?

    When we see more EPT's with charges he might improve beyond being I5
  10. Goseki1

    Rexler, Redline + 1

    Redline with advanced sensors and proton torpedoed is insanely efficient for 61 points. He can advanced sensors an action and still use his ability to get a lock, as it is just acquiring a lock, not taking a lock action. Rexler is a monster and I love building him with collision Detector. It means you can put him on weird awkward spots your opponent might not expect. I'm not sure how to fill out the rest of the points though. I really like the idea of Duchess, but she is very fragile. I don't think I'd want another ordnance carrier and I don't think there are enough cheap support shops to fill the role. Any thoughts on what to spend the last 46 points on would be much appreciated! Rexler, Redline? (44) "Redline" (9) Proton Torpedoes (8) Advanced Sensors Points 61 (84) Rexler Brath (4) Juke (5) Collision Detector Points 93 = 154 points I could add the Duchess below (42) "Duchess" (3) Seismic Charges Points 45 Total points: 199
  11. Goseki1

    Who has Double Decimator lists?

    Tell me more about the Oicunn build.
  12. Trying to come up with something flexible and resilient but I'm really struggling. RAC is probably a given to take, but I'm not sure Oicunn is worth it. Mines will help for ships chasing them/k-turning behind them etc but it will leave them quite open wherever their arcs aren't. Are there better crew /gunner slots they could take? Let's build some lists! New Squadron (88) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (7) Minister Tua (2) Hull Upgrade (6) Proximity Mines Points 103 (80) Patrol Leader (2) Hull Upgrade (6) Agent Kallus (6) Proximity Mines Points 94 Total points: 197
  13. Goseki1

    TIE Aggressor in 2.0

    Players choice as its their effects and they trigger at the same time. So you'd Juke an evade to a focus, then spend your focus to bin the die (and the other blank /focus hopefully)
  14. Goseki1

    TIE Aggressor in 2.0

    I dunno man, that's a lot of setup. Optomised prototype only works in primary arc attacks too.
  15. Goseki1

    2.0 Jendon w/ Tarkin + Triple Gunboat

    Hah, just realised and edited!