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  1. Goseki1

    Making Upsilon Work

    I think the argument is that baffle says "during the end phase". So you can clean up tokens during the end phase, and then baffle to damage yourself and take an action. Because there isn't a second clean up stage any tokens carry forward. It'll get FAQ'd out I imagine.
  2. Goseki1

    Is Tavson (Upsilon) with GNK dumb?

    Hah, that's the truest thing about xwing I've ever read. I recently ran Thannison with Phasma, Muse, Null and Quickdraw. It did okay but needs a lot of tweaking. But it was good to play it and get it off my chest. Edit : meant to add, Muse is great but that's a lot of points to literally support 1 ship, that doesn't often do much damage itself
  3. Trying to make the Upsilon a bit more interesting and viable as a ship. My thinking with the below would be to set the Upsilon by itself and the other 3 together. If the Upsilon is focused I'll use my other ships to do damage whilst it tanks. If they go for my other ships, Tavson is quick and close the gap quite quickly and do decent damage with his 4/5 dice. If Tavson is defending against three, 3 dice hits that roll all hits (9), with reinforce and GNK you mitigate 4 damage and can recharge GNK for the next round. That seems... Decent? (62) Lieutenant Tavson (10) GNK "Gonk" Droid Points 72 (45) "Quickdraw" (10) Special Forces Gunner (5) Pattern Analyzer Points 60 (35) "Scorch" Points 35 (33) "Longshot" Points 33 Total points: 200
  4. Goseki1

    Making Upsilon Work

    I really struggled with Thannison and didn't get to trigger his ability or capitalise on it that much. I wonder if Tavson with an ion cannon is a decent threat? I imagine you'd set him on his own with your other ships to one side. If they go for your ties you can shoot them from behind with Tavson, if they go for Tavson, he gets a bunch of actions and your other ships shoot, bonus if you can ion a ship to bump Tavson? (45) "Quickdraw" (10) Special Forces Gunner (8) Advanced Sensors Points 63 (62) Lieutenant Tavson (5) Ion Cannon Points 67 (33) "Longshot" (1) Crack Shot Points 34 (35) "Scorch" (1) Crack Shot Points 36 Total points: 200
  5. Goseki1

    Making Upsilon Work

    Have you tested this out much recently? I really want to fly it at a small tourney at the weekends (though I swap some stuff for biohex /squad leader on Null) but I've not had a chance to try it yet. It looks really fun and potentially really strong. Edit: I've also asked ffg if Thanissons ability works with target locks XD
  6. Definetly. I've submitted a rules question so hopefully we hear something back soonish.
  7. Which is why I think it will get ruled as not working (though I secretly hope it does XD)
  8. It's just the same type, not the same token. I know we're getting into rules layering territories here but those aren't the same thing. I'll put on a rules request because it'll be good to get it cleared up. If it works that amazing, but I expect it doesn't.
  9. Petty Officer Thanisson crew says: "During the Activation or Engagement Phase, after an enemy ship in your at range 0-1 gains a red or orange token, if you are not stressed, you may gain 1 stress token. If you do, that ship gains 1 additional token of the type that it gained." How does this interact with target locks, if it interacts at all? Let's say Thannison is in Ship A, and my friendly Ship B target locks an enemy ship, assigning a red TL token; Thannisons ability triggers; do I get to add a red TL token from Ship A to the enemy ship?
  10. Goseki1

    Making Upsilon Work

    Holy gosh that's nice. *Yoink *
  11. Goseki1

    First FO List thoughts

    Yeah this is is hot.
  12. Goseki1

    Upsilon - Why?

    Is GNK considered to be 2 seperate actions like in 1.0 then? I like that a lot...
  13. Goseki1

    First FO List thoughts

    That's an interesting list, Null is going to be a real pain in the ***, but I still worry about Quickdraws 2 defence die.
  14. Goseki1

    First FO List thoughts

    188 is a ridic bid! Thanks for the explanation Hiemfire
  15. Goseki1

    First FO List thoughts

    Explain this more? It sounds... Interesting