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  1. Holup. If I lock a ship with my FO, Rivas can also take a free lock on that ship? Is a lock token counted as a "red or orange token"?
  2. Does anyone have a link to a sheet showing movement dials for all ships by faction? I used to have a great one for 1.0 and I'd find it really useful for 2.0
  3. Yes it works. At the end of a phase is still during that phase. It would be different if Phasma said AFTER the phase.
  4. The first list with DBS there is pretty hot...
  5. It absolutely wasn't a horrible ability. In 2.0 it'd be different but with Kenkirk, Ysanne Issard and Palp you could guarantee 2 evades every time you defended which, on such a beefy ship, was nuts.
  6. If you ignore the obstacle then you can 100% barrel roll over it.
  7. That seems too fiddly. I don't think the player being tractored will actually get to choose anything, rather the penalty for being tractored will be lessened, so it doesn't feel like as much agency is lost. My guess is if you hit someone with a tractor beam and assign a token, you either leave the token on so their agility is reduced (on a small ship) or you spend the token to move them. That way you as the player doing the tractor can choose to lower their agility OR move them but not both.
  8. I like this a lot. I'm really hoping Grand Inquisitor crew sees a little drop in January. It's never used.
  9. Ensnare is ridiculously expensive as is though. What would you change?
  10. I would take Tavson and Phasma and forget about Hux/Thannison altogether tbh. You can take Munitions failsafe in the SFs that way.
  11. Tie Agressors need a points drop and probably a sensor slot (if they won't release a range 2-3 turret).
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