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  1. Goseki1

    PSA: so they nerfed your favourite ship

    Noice! I love strikers but they've always been too fragile in 1.0 against TLT and heavily modified 360 turrets. Hopefully they get some life breathed into them!
  2. I think you're smoking crack! Excited to see either way, though I hope in the future, spoiler articles at least spoil a ships slots
  3. We don't know the points cost, what other mods, systems or crew cards there might be to help or even if there are other configurations for the Phantom yet. Jeezo.
  4. Goseki1

    PSA: so they nerfed your favourite ship

    What good changes did the striker get? I hope lightweight frame is still a thing...
  5. Goseki1

    X-Wing 2.0 - batteries required.

    I've used my phone for every single game I've played over the past 3 years. Really not seeing a problem.
  6. Goseki1

    X-wing 2.0: The Big Thread o’ Pilots

    Thanks man, much appreciated.
  7. Goseki1

    X-wing 2.0: The Big Thread o’ Pilots

    Has anyone got a shot of the image showing the Tie Phantom with only 3 attack die?
  8. Goseki1

    Changing the Locks..

    Can you show me? Just wanting to confirm with pals
  9. Goseki1

    X-wing 2.0: The Big Thread o’ Pilots

    Yeah my bad, in my tiredness I was conflating the new reinforce with the new evade mechanics...
  10. Goseki1

    Changing the Locks..

    Is the loss of the 4th die on the Tie Phantom confirmed?
  11. Goseki1

    X-wing 2.0: The Big Thread o’ Pilots

    Have we seen any more of the Decimators stat line? We know it gets reinforce and still has 4 shields, but in order for reinforce to work it must roll at least 1 green die...
  12. Goseki1

    Krennic got screwed in 2.0

    I dunno if he got nerfed as such, just more balanced. Keep in mind the 1.0 version let's you spend a Dice to remove a shield but if there are no Shields left it does nothing. The new version let's you remove shields and then when they have a damage card flip it. And of its a super bad crit you could keep flipping it. And that flipping is practically guaranteed. It's overall not as powerful but let's face it, the 1.0 version is probably way too strong for 5 points.
  13. Nothings been shown or said apart from that it will come down the line. I'm anxious to see what has happened to my bae Quickdraw...
  14. Goseki1

    I don't like the changes to the evade action

    Do we know what Palps new ability is?
  15. Goseki1

    Vermeil is awesome

    I am finding it too hard to get excited about 1.0 stuff 😂 It's a shame as the 1.0 Reaper and Krennick look amazing.