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  1. Goseki1

    Upsilon, Quickdraw and a Silencer

    I honestly think you're better off with Kylo and less on Quickdraw. Kylo's ability is fine but what really helps him survive is the force. It means you can barrel roll and boost and still mod your defence (or attack if you're not going to get shot). This list won a big event recently and having tried it out I can see why. Fanatical is incredible on Quickdraw BTW. It means when her shields are gone she's still a threat, and often you'll get your last shield stripped and you can now return fire with that mod (and maybe a target lock). It's great. (76) Kylo Ren [TIE/vn Silencer] (3) Hate Points: 79 (45) "Quickdraw" [TIE/sf Fighter] (10) Special Forces Gunner (2) Fanatical (2) Fire-Control System Points: 59 (62) Lieutenant Tavson [Upsilon-class command shuttle] Points: 62 Total points: 200
  2. Goseki1

    Double Decimators

    Try him he's a lot of fun though is definitely hard to fly "right" I think you need to be super cagey with him and just avoid combst for as long as you can whilst the Decis wear stuff down.
  3. Goseki1

    Kylo Ren ~ who are his best FO wing mates

    I saw that in Reddit (if that was you too). Such a cool list
  4. Goseki1

    Double Decimators

    Yeah that's fair, though I dunno if a 2 point bid is going to do much!
  5. Goseki1

    Double Decimators

    I've been testing a great double Decimator list on fly casual.... (72) Patrol Leader [VT-49 Decimator] Points: 72 (72) Patrol Leader [VT-49 Decimator] (2) Hull Upgrade Points: 74 (52) Soontir Fel [TIE Interceptor] (2) Predator Points: 54 Total points: 200
  6. Goseki1

    Kylo Ren ~ who are his best FO wing mates

    Wait is that it? No other upgrades? God I need to get better at this game... Recently I've been flying: Kylo+hate Tavson QD+ Fanatical +FCS + SF Gunner It's really strong. Kylo really is incredibly sirvivable unless you get really unlucky.
  7. Goseki1

    [BLOG] Count Dooku - Smug Separatist

    Depending on cost this has real potential.
  8. Goseki1

    Tavson’s ability.

    Agreed! But still be good to see the ruling. Also had someone argue against it in Vassal.
  9. Goseki1

    Tavson’s ability.

    I'd heard there was an officially FAQ ruling at one of the recent... System Opens (?) which ruled that Tavson can only use his ability once per time defending, no matter how much damage he took. Can anyone confirm?
  10. Goseki1

    5 Barrage Gunboats

    Are we sure the title doesn't work on Barrage Rockets?
  11. Goseki1

    Double Decimators

    It's a nice list but I dunno how well it will do. Agile Gunner might be better on Oicunn to increase action efficiency?
  12. Goseki1

    When to use a 0-pt Jamming Beam

    Explain this more, it sounds interesting.
  13. Goseki1

    Dear Devs: How to do patch notes

    I do wish they'd shown the points changes in red like they usually do on the FAQ. But it's not really a big issue...
  14. Goseki1

    Tavson’s ability.

    I'm into this...
  15. Goseki1

    Making Upsilon Work

    I think the argument is that baffle says "during the end phase". So you can clean up tokens during the end phase, and then baffle to damage yourself and take an action. Because there isn't a second clean up stage any tokens carry forward. It'll get FAQ'd out I imagine.