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  1. It really depends on what you're shooting. For 1-2 extra damage difference? I'd prefer crits. Can't guardian them. Can't dodge them (unless they have the upgrade), they go through cover, they work on armored units. Where's the drop off in value start?
  2. Ah, my mistake, even if that's the case, Iden's card grants tactical 1. Which does proc for each move. ( I suppose if you consider OP and her card each of those crit values should go up in the test pools, so I think my point still stands).
  3. Sorry but how is 4 black 4 white surge to hit, critical 2, with marksman the same as 4 black, 2 red and a white with surge to hit and impact? Especially in conjunction with Iden's 3 pip card+ offensive push (which is an obvious choice for this unit considering marksman). 1st practice roll: 1 crit, 3 hits, 2 surges. convert the surges to crits for 3 crits 3 hits, spend 2 aims given by offensive push to upgrade 2 hits to crits changing the pool to 5 crits 1 hit.... 2nd practice roll: 1 crit, 3 hits. spend both aims again to change it to 3 crits 1 hit. 3rd practice roll: 2 crits, 1 hit and 2 surges. convert the surges for 4 crits 1 hit, spend an aim to reroll 2, (got +2 hits) spend an aim to upgrade 1 for 5 crits 2 hits total. for the DTs? 1st: 1 crit 3 hits + 2rerollq from aims to get a final of 1 crit 5 hits 2nd: 4 hits 1 surge + 2rerolls from aims for a total of 6 hits 3rd: 1 crit 2 hits and a surge +2 rerolls from aims for 1 crit 4 hits The DTs can generate a higher hit pool, but I'd take the crazy amount of crit gen of the ISF on Idens tactical strike over the DTs. Especially if I cut that card loose early game.
  4. Maybe? I can foresee some very devastating alpha strikes with a group of infiltrated Imp special forces units and Iden using Iden's 3 pip command card. (steady in these scenarios isn't to be shrugged off either. I've had this card used on me to pop 2 units of DTs out of LoS blocking terrain, light me up off the free attack, and then move back behind LoS blocking terrain, securing an objective. That was round 5, had it been round 1 or 2, I'm fairly certain it would've have altered the course of the game.) Only one way to find out lol time to start playing these units!
  5. I could see a niche of using the generic with with T21s to infiltrate and alpha strike with Iden using her 3 pip? but otherwise, yeah, I agree.
  6. I feel like Droidekas are almost good. They seem a little expensive considering some of the other units coming up. That said my dekkas usually last a pretty long time and I can usually save them for punishing squads that dare to target my B1s instead. I think they're close. If they were just a bit more survivable I think they'd be good to go. Maybe boost them to Generator 2 and give them Recharge 2 ? (It kinda struck me as odd that it was so easy to burst their shields in game when every time I see them on screen people act like once the shield is up they're never getting through them. )
  7. That's what I'm thinking. I think of a handful of cards that are basically always included that could be changed to include this new mechanic. Kinda exciting. No real way to tell, but it would be odd to not have the new mechanics included in older set, especially if they're going through the effort of reprinting all the cards. I can hope though.
  8. I really like it. I've been doing Legion for a minute while Armada has slowed and they exhaust effects in that game require spending an action to recover, so it's kinda similar. I'm hoping we'll see that mechanic on a lot of the current "must take" cards once the new kits arrive. ECMs, GTs, stuff like that.
  9. Thank you. That's really interesting. I've found that having those big LoS blockers makes moving into place to capture objectives really easy against gun lines, especially with B1s and Grievous running the show. One of the most satisfying things to do is let my B1s do most of the objective work then wait behind a piece or terrain and use it to YEET Grievous into a unit that activated earlier in the round. Could it have to do with which factions are being paired against each other?
  10. Just to clarify, when you say LoS blocking you mean terrain where the minis can be completely hidden behind the piece?
  11. Lately at our local store we've been encouraging players to select several pieces that actually block LoS. after playing with very few blocking pieces for over a year I can say Legion has a much more strategic dynamic when LoS blocking terrain is in play. Recently I commissioned some Geonosis terrain. It's in the works below:
  12. It's gonna be nice to be able to use a deck box as an organizer. I hate lugging around my binder. I am a little annoyed that 800-1200 point games are going to be impossible to line up on the side of the mat. I'm sure we'll find a way to make it work though.
  13. I mean, I play sector fleet matches. Don't under estimate my need for extra squads and small ships lol That said, I really do like this version better. I think it's better for new players. I organize the Armada group in NE Ohio. I can say with definitive certainty that the old core set kept a lot of players from buying in. The fact that the old core came with two factions but only 1 set of essentials meant anyone looking to grab only 1 faction had to eat a half value core that came with ships and squads they wouldn't use or find someone else to split 2 cores with. This new starter set is the perfect middle ground. I can't imagine the ships in the new core wont sell separately. Even if they don't release them, there's always someone willing to part stuff out. (Actually there was an old Ebay dealer who did just that for all the cards and packs. I suspect he'll be back splitting the cores up to sell the ships individually. Especially if theres a demand for it. ) Try not to worry man, I think it's gonna be okay.
  14. Honestly, the best part about this for organizers who plan on buying in heavily is we'll have 2-3 extra of the essential pieces (Damage deck, tools, dice, ect) to donate to interested new players who want to buy in but are unsure about the core pieces or have specific ships they want. I think it was wicked smart of FFG to go this route.
  15. Fair enough! lol I guess I'm just used to the Armada crowd where taking a few extra seconds to do something causes all kinds of nerd rage. I made a squadron dial some years ago that moved the cardboard squadron dial and slider off the table to prevent bumping. Caused an absolute frenzy of negativity around the difficulty to look an extra foot or two away to check info. If it doesn't slow down the Legion crowd, then yeah, 10/0 could be an alternative.
  16. The only real issue with that would be identifying the original deployment areas mid-game. I usually pull the tokens up once all units have been deployed. Otherwise I could see it.
  17. I was thinking about this today. I have an idea but it doesn't necessarily follow the entourage train of thought of ignoring list building mechanics. I think it could be kind of neat though. So Roughly it work like this: Reinforcements x: After all units are deployed a unit with Reinforcements X may choose a number Corps or Special Forces trooper units up to X to be reinforcements. Place a victory token on each chosen unit's card. At the end of any round if any of the chosen units are defeated, you may remove the victory token from the defeated unit's card. If you do, the opponent gains a victory token. The unit gains infiltrate and scout 1 and may be deployed at the beginning of the next command phase. This unit deploys with a face up order token. > Chosen units may not contain unique cards > Upgrade cards that were exhausted or have wounds are refreshed. I think this could be a cool way to get some of the units back on the field. I suppose it's also possible that the Keyword contain a specific unit name. As to prevent people from creating undying B2s or Droidekas. Maybe something along the lines of: Reinforcements: Unit Name At the end of any round, if a unit with Reinforcements: Unit Name is in play, it's owner may either discard 2 victory tokens or have the opponent gain a victory token to choose a friendly defeated unit that matches the name specified by the Reinforcements keyword. The chosen unit gains infiltrate and scout 1 and may be deployed at the beginning of the next command phase. This unit deploys with a face up order token. > Chosen units cannot contain unique cards > Upgrade cards that were exhausted or have wounds are refreshed. > No more than 1 unit may be selected as reinforcements per round. > The face up order does not trigger effects that happen "after you are issued an order" Probably OP, but I figure a victory token as a tax to use it may balance out? Maybe make it cost two token either way? Dunno just an idea lol
  18. I think what keeps B1s from becoming OP is the rank cap, so I don't think they need adjusted just yet, (we may see issues once a cheap commander, strike teams, and a cheaper support come along, but we'll see.)All I'm saying is B1s give CIS order control at a fairly low skill cost. They also give a shockingly durable unit as the main corps unit. (I usually end up bringing all 48 minis, it takes a moment to chew through all that.) That said, I also think Grievous is a bit under costed. (I can't say if he's better than Luke, I tend to think force abilities are quite good at shaking things up.) I will say that I think Grievous is a little under costed, personally I think the persistent scale effect on Grievous is insanely valuable. I'm still blown away how easy it is to keep Grievous out of sight then pop out in a single round using scale and get him into the action. Could be. But when I think of hordes of B1s, Dekkas, and AATs I think of good ole Nute Gunray.
  19. Honestly I'm still really curious what the 3rd corps choice is going to be for both CIS and GAR. Personally I'm hoping for planetary forces still, but I doubt that's what they'll have to announce. I'm hoping CIS can expect magna guards and DSD1 dwarf spider droids relatively soon. Following the trends of the Imperial/reb releases I think it's plausible.
  20. So I'm clear the counter point here is "player skill"? Everyone who played imps and lost to CIS has just done it wrong? lol It's not about panicking, it's about action economy. Imps inherently lose actions to suppression where droids do not. It's an inherent disadvantage. you can build around it or have command cards or keywords to help, but that's neither here nor there. Also, like, Vader's just one dude. (Are Vader lists doing good right now?) I really don't have a counter to this, so take the rest for what it's worth (probably nothing lol). Seems a bit of a laugh to compare a support unit to corps units, but whatever. Like if I said, "Grievous loses ZERO offensive ability when wounded therefore Droids better". lol If we're doing corps to corps comparison, then let's stick to that. Seems kinda silly to cross ranks. That said, anecdotal, but I've rolled dice (no tokens, with heavy cover, applied all valid surges, 6 rounds of shooting) between the corps units (shores +T21b and Storms+DLT19 VS. B1+1+ Heavy(18 point) and this is what I've gotten so far: 5x Shores shoot first (3/5 survived longer than B1s, 2/5 both survived) 5x B1s shoot first (2/5 survived longer than shores 1/5th both survived) 5x Stormies shoot first (2/5 survived longer than B1s, 1/5 both survived) 5x B1s shoot first (3/5 survived longer than stormies, 1/5 both units survived) Obviously this means nothing. Small sample size, and it doesn't include anywhere near the number of variables. Just thought it was interesting. Agreed, like I said in a previous post, the B1s are really good at breaking up LoS in cohesion (I actually first learned this fighting clones, since they were the first army to actually be able to delete a whole B1 squad in 1 shot lol.) So clones usually end up wasting an activation fire-supporting on my B1s. I'm just saying, out in the open they are a straight hazard. lol Oh I definitely don't think it will happen. I don't think they'll give us even 1 extra B1 unit. I think B1s are too good for their price. lol Okay, I mean, sure, Darth Maul will sell more than a Nute or a Super tactical droid or any other less known name, sure, but Dooku was the expansion that released along Rex... THAT doesn't make sense to me. Dooku doesn't have some huge following like Maul. Dude's a meme at worst and a shoehorned B-villain at best. What's weirder is he's costed and designed similar to Palps why pair him against Rex? Wouldn't maintaining the precedent and releasing a low cost commander make sense? It's not like it wouldn't sell. CIS players have been harping for a low cost commander since DAY ONE. I think it's a balance issue. I also think it's important to note Imps aren't the only other faction.
  21. I will concede that in a straight fight you'd probably be right (given the dice aren't super fickle). But I would argue that CIS and Imperial forces play VERY differently. Imps are much less likely to cohesion their forces partially behind LoS blocking terrain after moving up or before attacking. It's been my experience Imp players want to shoot stuff, and they dedicate their whole squad to that, leaning on red def dice and cover to keep that unit alive. B1s are very good about ignoring suppression, getting where they need to be and cohesioning in such a way that 2-4 minis simply can't be killed. I would also say that Imperials suffer from greater diminishing returns when their units suffer losses or cohesion in ways that disallow the whole unit to attack or be attacked. In my experience the B1s really don't suffer that bad from losses as long as they can still capture objectives, coordinate, and stay alive. I'll also note that heavy cover is very easy to achieve for droids and that on average imp units get about 2-3 hits through before rolling defenses (Which I basically discount entirely cause 1/6th is a laugh). Most of the time even when one of my B1 units has all it's minis in LoS, the attacks against them through cover are underwhelming. The only faction I outright fear attacks from is clones. Their ability to "Ctrl+Alt+Del >Task Manager> End Task" a unit is nuts. lol It depends on the keywords and cards that come with it. A keyword that lets an army take two extra units of B1s adding anywhere from 12- to 16 extra HP onto the battlefield when used as described above could really cause problems. In my opinion. I may be wrong, I've changed my tune on this from my original opinion of "they won't be OP" just based on how well the B1s actually play. I stomped my last 4 opponents using CIS and B1s were 1000% the key to those games. But that doesn't make me right. If you are right, I suppose the question for me becomes, why did FFG break away from the precedent of the other 3 factions if balance wasn't the concern? It doesn't make much sense to me otherwise.
  22. I was on this boat until I started getting more games in with CIS. The issue is the B1s. They make droid armies so efficient. They have garbage stats, yes, but they are under costed for how resilient they can be. Even with AI attack, it's very easy to coordinate orders, and with a baseline HP of 6, with heavy cover, and LoS blocking terrain, it can be downright difficult to take full units of B1s off the board. CIS getting a "cheap" commander could mean serious power creep. It's likely why we haven't seen one yet like every other faction. As much as I want a Nute Gunray commander at 90-100 points with some sort of keyword that allows more B1s, I understand how it may cause some unbalance in the game. This is more in line with how I feel. Two melee commanders leaves the strategy for CIS just a little stale. (In my opinion). I'm looking forward to the Tactical droids which should offer a more diverse set of commands.
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