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  1. Darth Sanguis

    3D Printed Terrain: Buy Or Print It Yourself

    check out https://www.3dhubs.com/ local people with 3d printers sign up and offer their services for often VERY good rates. I do most of my 3d printing through a local guy I met here.
  2. Darth Sanguis

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    I don't really see how that's a limit if they allow a force power slot. If I bring 6 corps units, and each of those units has a z6, then cumulatively per round they can add up to 36 white dice... The difference here is with the z6 the dice still have to go through the attack and defense steps... meaning between dodge tokens, cover, and defensive rolls, it's possible to negate that entirely. It's not really OP, the points balance it out pretty well. Force powers like force choke and jedi mind trick don't have attack and defense steps. You do the action, the opponent's unit takes an effect. So even with extreme point costs, it would be very difficult to balance... I would shudder at the thought of an army with 6 Jedi mind tricks on the field. None of my units would be able to do anything by round 3.
  3. Darth Sanguis

    Newish Player Help!

    Honestly, I really can't recommend this combo anymore. Pulsetapping had it's merits up to a couple of waves ago, but now, for as difficult as it is to perform, it just doesn't have the punch required to do the job. Too many upgrades that effect activation order, too many upgrades that cancel hits or force rerolls. Especially with the Avenger title nerfed. I agree with Jabbawookie's assessment, HIEs, D-caps, those will make the interdictor sting.
  4. Darth Sanguis

    Terrain: Crait (the planet that bleeds!)

    I actually didn't grab that lol I grabbed the outpost a couple of towers and a shield generator... I use these in conjunction with the barricades from the core set and a broken AT AT... as well as a couple of "micro machine" T47s lol Makes for a cool battlefield.
  5. Darth Sanguis

    Terrain: Crait (the planet that bleeds!)

    Thanks, I really like how it turned out too. I really like this little outpost. The 3D printing is decent quality. The only thing is it comes in 5 pieces and has to be assembled. Not a big issue though. It’s a fun spot for snipers and even E-webs to climb up. I definitely recommend.
  6. Darth Sanguis

    Terrain: Crait (the planet that bleeds!)

    I used GW’s Agrellan Earth. Then followed up with a dry brush of white.
  7. Darth Sanguis

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    I actually like this idea. Makes sense since that's often what you see the Jedi doing.
  8. Darth Sanguis

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    Okay, so here's another example, what about force push? or even worse, considering it's cost especially.... jedi mind trick.... Imagine being able to drop 12 suppression tokens a round without ever firing a shot? All I'm saying is force powers are strong, I could see it snow balling without some kind of control. At the same time, I wouldn't want a generic Jedi unit that couldn't take a force ability, it just wouldn't seem right? Solution? a keyword maybe?
  9. Darth Sanguis

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    I'm glad this came up. I really hope this happens but considering that all the other force characters get abilities do you think this has the chance to become OP quick? (Imagine 6 whole units with force choke).
  10. Darth Sanguis

    Terrain: Crait (the planet that bleeds!)

    Painted my outpost for crait... I think it turned out well.
  11. Darth Sanguis

    Terrain: Crait (the planet that bleeds!)

    I designed them myself! Inked Gaming is actually hosting them on their site if you like ‘em. check here
  12. Darth Sanguis

    Showcase modded minis.

    Modded the absolute crap outta my E-webs. Stormtroopers all the way!
  13. Darth Sanguis

    Shooting From On Top

    Typically I try to work this out with the other player ahead of the game. Personally, I think this particular situation would give them cover. I think it's difficult to use the "in base contact" ruling for terrain that blocks LoS on multiple axis. For example, if the portion of horizontal roof that is blocking LoS in this image was removed, the vertical wall would maintain the obstruction of LoS entirely. In this imagine your mini can literally only see half his opponent, if you can't shoot through walls and roofs, it's safe to say those are "covering" the opponent. As a rule of thumb, I work out with my opponent ahead of time that minis within distance 1 of an edge taller than their target cannot have their LoS obstructed unless the target is touching the vertical plane of that terrain.
  14. Darth Sanguis

    Guardian X

    @toffolone @NeonWolf @Turan @Lemmiwinks86 Confirmed YES by FFG:
  15. Darth Sanguis

    Looking for inspiration rebel/resistance color scheme

    You know, I hadn't really considered making a color pallet to match Crait, but it's not a bad idea. I even have an overstock of scarlet red vallejo paint... which I used to base my minis for Crait. I'm thinking I may do a scheme similar to this.