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  1. DM Run Campaign

    Oh you have no idea.... The party made the CO of the station they were on nearly soil his britches. (One of the things I noticed about the SW universe is that security, for the most part is seriously lacking. The party took full advantage of the lack of security protocols to berate the crew members into letting them pass unchecked... One player in particular, the face of the group was an IT specialist, when he saw that most computer terminals don't even have login codes he blew a gasket.... the game was getting hilarious by the end).
  2. Storage ideas?

    I use one of these: They're $20 for 2 stages at home depot, the top stage is all small compartments with plexiglass covers that lock in place. I store the speed dials, command dials, all the small ships, pegs, fins, bases, and ship tokens for medium and small ships in it. The lower stage is a semi-open tool box. I cut the handle out of mine and laid down a small sheet of foamboard. I store my assembled squad bases in MTG deckbuilder boxes* separated by faction, and keep the painted figured in small plano cases** separated by faction. That stage also holds my dice, rulers, tools, tokens, large ship tokens, and has tons of room for paper/rules/pens. I bought a 2nd 2 stages and retrofitted the bottom one like I had to the first set. I use that as my ship storage. All my models for large and medium based ships fit in there. I also Keep my 6 flotillas (3 of each faction) assembled in there (They're used so often either by me or other players borrowing there's no point tearing down.) There's enough space that you can lay down packing foam sheets or bubble wrap between models to keep them from jumbling. It's quite nice. For the cards, I just bought a 3 ring binder (cloth covered with a zipper in case i ever drop it lol) and plastic card sheets.*** My mats are still in their original boxes (though a bit taped up) they sit nicely over the tool case as I'm carrying everything. With this set up I can carry my entire collection (minus a few extra redundant small bases, speed dials, and command dials lol) when I go play, it's perfect for leading my local community. I always have everything I need to share and build on the spot. I can run multiple fleets, assemble alternate learn to plays , run monster truck events... very handy. hope these help! * ** *** https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006MGWVVM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004QVH0RK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004QO5KLK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ARJ9AT0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. DM Run Campaign

    I don't know if this will help but I ran a Age of rebellion/Armada mix game that was very successful. Players were tasked with sabotage and theft of imperial plans on a hidden base. They went in, pretended to be "undercover boss" , and then to escape the soon to be destroyed base, stole a ship. Once into the Armada realm of play, I , the GM, controlled all the ships except their own (Each player had their own ship). There was a patrol of interdictors they has to by-pass, and after the destruction of the base they had to avoid ISD reinforcements until they could escape. One player led the group into a bad spot where all their ships were likely to be destroyed, so I had the rebel fleet jump in to finish off the game. It played well and all the players were raving about it for weeks. Not sure how well it would play with kids though.
  4. last jedi deleted scenes

    I think the raiding scene was very important to what Luke was trying to explain to Rey. I think most of the unnecessary fandom hurt about his character wouldn't have happened if it would have been included. He makes a really good point about the force users in Star Wars. They are responsible for 99% of all the war. Without the Jedi the series would be called "Mostly functional galactic politics with minor disagreements". 'Course I could just be salty that so many people think that Luke having a realistic reaction is character assassination... Yeah I'm salty.
  5. Come on, we all know Star Wars fans are the worst... no one expects better of us...HONEST....
  6. A very good point! Still, I'm of the mindset that it may not be too much to ask for both. 'Cause it's not just speed screwage, raid hits all the walls. If it can interrupt a fleet's gimmick even for a solid turn, it could be enough to change the game. Add to that a speed 4 hull 7 squadron with rogue, I'm just not terribly convinced it's dead. Maybe not optimal, and probably not competitive, but not dead. So the timing of placing that raid token is before the spend defense token step of the attack, and I rarely see fleets with more than 1 comms net flotilla these days. (at least locally, everyone is scrounging points for a low bid lol). Couldn't I just raid the flotilla? This is all hyperbole and hypotheticals on my part, but it does strike my curiosity. Maybe my local meta will be getting hit with a swarm of Raid-Jank fleets for a change lol test some of these theories!
  7. Wait, am I misunderstanding this statement? I thought a raid token prevented a ship from resolving that command whether it was a dial or token? They have to spend that activation ridding their ship of that raid token. Whether they lose a command token or the whole dial to achieve that, I could see it adding up quick. (Particularly if there are enough mando's to reapply the raid token after that ship activates. Perpetually leaving it stuck without). Especially if there's other command token modifiers on the field. Q7s come to mind immediately (ICBs too but no one uses them atm...). I could see this really screwing speed based small ship builds. In the specific case of the quasar it could even be more effective than slicers as it kicks the pursuant title right in the ****. You really think it's DOA? (snagged this from google because I don't have access to the rules slip on hand)
  8. Why no Happy Friday!?

    It's a happy Friday for me. One of the original members of our weekly group who has been unable to play for nearly a year is coming out to get some matches in. We're looking to have 7 or 8 of us out tonight. I may be able to get 2 or 3 games in! That's a happy Friday in my book! @Cubanboy, hope you're well mate.
  9. How to do Full Metal Alchemist

    Just following up, how did your game go?
  10. Cannot Get Your Ship Out March 2018

    and now I can't unsee it. Thanks. lmao
  11. Armada still doing fine (?) - new Numbers are here

    I'm curious if these rules fully carry over to Armada. During the down period of wave 6 I had the largest growth in new players I've had since wave 3&4. It's anecdotal, sure, but during my time leading the weekly group (just over 2 years), the new players aren't really interested in the new products, they're interested in the iconic ones. They wanna see liberties and ISDs with swarms of x-wings and ties.... When I run the L2P, I use the ISD and an Mc80. It has such a positive effect on the player's focus and interest. I think the sales to new players are a vital part of Armada's success, but I don't think that sales necessarily shrink due to a lack of new products, at least not directly. What I could see becoming an issue is veterans becoming bored and not attending meets because of stale metas. Without a consistent or robust group the game is unlikely to attract attention from onlookers, and without the talent and insight of veterans, the L2P may not engage the new players. Despite the lack of releases after wave 6, the metas locally were vibrant. It was one of our best periods of gaming. The release of Chimera and the Mc75 has had little effect on new players, but our group has grown which draws attention, and with veterans like myself there to pitch the game to new people, the store is clearing merchandise like crazy. Just some thoughts.
  12. TLJ Novelization

    I really don't think they do. They've filled in Hux's personality quite well. He's an extremist to the point of insanity. Snoke is the sole reason he hasn't burned down the entire galaxy with his super weapons. Snoke was a strategist, slowly playing the field, knocking pieces out of the way. Hux centers himself around shows of force and brutality. Without Snoke there to restrain him and plan the battlefield, I think we'll see a lot of destruction. He is inexperienced, and quick tempered, but Hux, like Kylo is a growing character in this trilogy. Depending on how far out in the timeline the next movie is, he could have grown into the shoes he's been expected to fill. we'll see.
  13. Armada as Chess - Who is Who?!

    Imperial queen, thrawn? Can do pretty much whatever he wants, right?
  14. TLJ Novelization

    I snagged a digital copy.... I figure, I always have my phone on me, may as well use it! lol I've just gotten to the part when Finn Rose and DJ make it on board the supremacy. They added so much to the story, Finn's mission doesn't just feel like filler any more.
  15. Does it really need a buff? I had great success with mine when I used them. Push them with Flight controllers for a 5 blue attack on squads, use cloak to disengage or engage as needed. Shenanigans with jamming barriers can also be used. Frankly, in mass they're also not terrible against ships, especially with rhymer in play, they can jump back out of black range after assaulting a ship using cloak. I used a set of 4 as a RLB on my boarding troop Avenger, they were peaky, sometimes only doing 2 damage for all 4, but other times they hit with maximum firepower. (One game I had them do 12 damage before BTA even rolled it's first attack). They're not the perfect squadron, but I don't really think they need buffing. They're pretty good.