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  1. Yeah, actually, the supplies all got used. One of my B1s got an arc welder. took the 1 wound off my tank. The rest kinda didn't do much but all the supplies were picked up.
  2. Had a grand army match on Sunday. We had Intercept the Transmissions, Danger Close, and Resupply for our set up. Deploy: Round One was a little anticlimactic, he moved his speeder up and put a wound on my tank but also lost a speeder, and the dekkas on the far side of the main centerpiece got hit hard, but otherwise everything just kinda moved up. Round one end: Round 2 things started to pick up. I removed his speeder almost immediately and started moving some B1s & B2s as well as Dooku and grievous forward to score on the center point. His units were deployed too far back to reach the objective round 2, so CIS scored 2 victory tokens. However he did land a major shot on a unit of B1s with his AT-ST leaving only 2 minis in the unit. To retaliate and draw fire off my heavily wounded essential unit of B1s (OOMs and HQ uplinks) I used the B2s and Dooku to attack the AT-ST. Ended up landing 6 wounds. ( of which he removed 2 of with R4s). Round two end: Round 3 we were in the thick of it. B2s and dekkas started moving up the left flank while the right flank drew in to avoid shots from stormtroopers as they made their way up. Dooku used his card to gain arsenal and relentless to move a small amount strike the ATST hard and fall back behind the center piece. The opponent was unable to draw his ATST from the pool in time to use it before losing it to Dooku and a unit of HA B2s. The AAT moved up the left to get ready to agitate the back field where the opponents troops were massed. Round three end: Round 4 was tense. Many of his troops moved up to the back of the centerpiece to score and with Vader rapidly approaching on the right ( also him playing his Vader's might command card), I was at high risk of having Grievous or Dooku yanked out of their relative safety to fend off Vader and 2 units of Imp royal guards by their lonesome. Fortunately, I was able to gun down Vader with the combined fire of my AAT's high energy shot and a couple of volleys from nearby units of B1s. At the end of the round He moved a unit of his Royal guards up the right of the centerpiece wiping on a unit of B2s with them. I was able to use Grievous to scale the terrain and take out a couple of units that were down to their last mini. Then, in conjunction with Dooku's force push captured the center objective. CIS taking another 2 victory tokens. Round four end: By round 5 his forces were pretty well decimated. Combined fire from Dooku, grievous (and his windmill attack), the tank and a few B2s pushing the foreward line reduced his numbers. The remaining B1s in the back moved forward to hold the center point. Round five end: Round six was met with little resistance. My forces mopped up what units they could preventing the opponent from capturing any object. Leaving the final score 8 to 2 CIS victory. Round six end:
  3. I'd advise this as well. It folds up really well so I can use the space for other things. It's sturdy as long as you don't put your weight on it. The only issue is the seams play havoc with the Armada ships if/when they land on them.
  4. Obi, pardon the wet base. Saber to be added later.
  5. Agreed. Dave has done wonders for this franchise. I think most if not all of my favorite characters and moment are from stuff he was directly involved with. John definitely has chops for this kinda thing too. I'm excited t see what he brings to the franchise.
  6. Very true, and a good point. Personally I was onboard with the sequels until IX. I loved VIII, but it got away from JJ's plans for the story too much, and instead of trying an original thought, they rode the nostalgia train all the way home. Which, is fine, the movie itself wasn't intolerable. IX had pacing issues but enough action to get me through. Ian's performance as Ole Papa Palps is really what stole the show for me. As much as I dislike the mass appeal story and nostalgia baiting, palps was fun to watch do his thing. I just hope, whatever they do going forward, they plan ahead.
  7. I mean, he does almost make it in on his own, maybe he knew it would be more harmful than useful to force his way in entirely? I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that he had contingencies set up for Vader's betrayal either. There's nothing stopping him from setting up a portal at the bottom of that pit because he saw Vader huck him into it in a force vision. After all, we're talking about a character that is a master at pulling the strings and planning ahead. In the OT films he had asked Vader "if his feelings on this matter were clear". He straight out told Vader that he had foreseen his fall to Luke. Sounds like he may have planned it all along. Sounds more than tangible to me. Planned to be removed from the picture long enough for Luke to die then return with an army built by his loyalists in his absence. Makes sense to me lol Pretty much this.
  8. I read it, though I liked 2/3rds of the sequel movies quite a lot, I think if they plan it out they have the opportunity to tell a very compelling story. Before 9 released I suspected they'd introduce the World Between Worlds as a means of explaining Ole Papa Palps survival. When they didn't I was surprised (the canon reason for Palps return was a little lame IMHO, but it is what it is). I was speaking to a friend about this earlier. Because of the nature of the world between worlds they have a lot of opportunity to undo the sequel trilogy without it being heavy handed. The first few options that come to mind are using Ahsoka and maybe Ezra in conjunction with the Mando series to set up the High Republic era movies to do it. For instance, Ahsoka discovering that Palps is still alive in Mando time, goes on a journey with Sabine to find Ezra Bridger, the only living Jedi to have entered the World Between Worlds by himself and also the only one who may know how to get there. (this is the scene we see at the end of Rebels, where Ahsoka shows up and recruits Sabine. It would likely lightly touch on the time she appears in the Mando series). From here there are so many options, maybe Ahsoka mini series into the unknown regions searching for Ezra (maybe she's the one that wounds a younger Snoke even?) They could just start the High Republic era movies and throughout the course of the 3 films we could discover that Ezra and Ahsoka changed events so that the protagonist would be in the right place and time to enter the World Between Worlds to stop Palpatine as he entered from the fall on the DS II. The end of the new trilogy could just show Rey and her family living happily together and maybe Jedi Master Ben Solo with Grand Master Luke Skywalker training a new age of students, all this seen through the portals of the World Between Worlds... If it was well done, they could tell a very compelling story. I think it would make a lot of sense too. None of the Jedi from the current cannon were really match for Palps. Even Ahsoka likely wouldn't be enough. Rey had to be a "force dyad" and just barely beat him backed by most of the Jedi we knew, but one of the Jedi from the peak of their civilization? Maybe? It could be as simple as Ahsoka seeing the future where the Jedi end at Rey and realizing that they need to exist, in some form or another, to maintain the balance in the galaxy. Based on what we see from the Jedi on screen I've actually been giving a fair bit of thought as the difference between light and dark in the terms of Star Wars, and I think I've boiled down what the Jedi actually are. The Jedi are the light and exist to serve the will of the force. They exist to live and die at exact moments to maintain the balance of life within the galaxy. They are used by the force. The dark side, the Sith, and others, represent those who use to the force for themselves. Those who wield it and try to create their own path. They exist naturally and because they have free will are the source of unbalance. They use the force. It could explain why the Jedi needed to be purged, by the time of Palptaine they were no longer serving the force but rather became servants of the Republic. Just some loose thoughts though. TLDR: If it is true, even if you liked the sequels, there's an opportunity for a good story.
  9. So our local group started working on a house rule to create the Legion Condition/Deploy/Objective system for Armada. What we realized is that because of the inherent power of first player, the Legion system wouldn't work unless the the initiative system was also adopted. Which meant the pip card system must be adopted, which meant orders and commander abilities had to be reworked. Then, the objectives had to be modified to eliminate the 2nd player advantage since 1st player advantage was removed. On and on. It was messy. In theory, if it could be done (if someone was willing to devote that much time and effort) I believe it would make Armada an even better game. Allowing for less similarity between matches. -By eliminating a set 1st/2nd player mechanic (armada) and replacing for a competitive initiative each round (Legion). The need to bid for 1st or 2nd is dissolved and the power of a set 1st player reduced to what the player could win each round. -This would allow for many more deploy choices, condition choices and objective choices, competitively chosen by both players because the advantages of the 1st/2nd system were neutralized. This was all the further we ever made it:
  10. Bro your tank is off the charts good. Holy crap.
  11. Well, I run the CIS, but standard color scheme are what tickle me! I ran mine in a grand army battle the other day, it was so much fun fielding all those droids!
  12. Jar Jar Binks 24 points "When a friendly ship activates, before it reveals a command dial, you may select the top command dial of any ship controlled by the opponent you haven't selected this round. Reveal it and your own. If the commands match you may gain a matching token, the opponent ship gains a matching raid token. If they do not match you gain a raid token matching both commands. If there are no valid dials to select, this card does nothing.
  13. >Implying I see this thing all the time, I help admin a B/S/T group on FB, and I really don't care as long as it's an individual thing. They aren't buying up stock as it's released specifically to jack up market value, just some mook who found a valuable thing and decided to make some money. Is it ideal? No. but I'm a realist, it's not changing. It happens less with Armada because we don't have event exclusive stuff, just stuff that goes out of stock too often, but X-wing and Legion it's very common for people to turn around merchandise as high as 5x msrp. This last few weeks the exclusive N1 fighter (a $20 figure) has been selling at rates at or above $120 USD. Exclusive Obiwan for legion (a $15 mini) sells for upwards of $300USD. When things go out of print across the internet, $150 to $300+ for the CW coreset of Legion. I've seen alpha fighter sell at $75-$150 for 1.0 boxes. I get pissed when a store, who has a direct line to the distributor, sees that the reprints are coming up, buys the absolute cap of what they can, then turns them around for double MSRP. If every store behaved like that, Miniature Market, Coolstuff, everyone? Armada would die. I left a review on Empire Games SC's FB page and confronted them about it, they straight up tried to defend it as the "market value".
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