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  1. I don't remember if it was delayed, but I remember thinking at the time that wave 4 was probably rushed a little because they tagged it on to wave 3, seemingly in response to the overflow of negative feedback about a wave with only 1 small unit in it.... Maybe they had all the concept work done but the actual cards and tokens still needed to be drawn, could explain a rushed mistake like that... I guess?
  2. If this "flaw" is universal, which it appears to be, then yes.... ever so slightly harder to hit.
  3. bought it on release lol
  4. That is very helpful, thankyou!
  5. It's rather quickly become THAT thread again. @xanderf, I think I started a thread about this some time ago in the off topic area.... Never did play test it. Personally I just don't see what all this cringe over flotillas and activation padding is. We've all seen it, but I'm not impressed. I rather enjoy playing against people who run empty activations, it means 30-40% of their play time is empty. I'm still a firm believer that quality overpowers quantity. *shrugs*
  6. Of the large bases I can confirm all of mine were 54mm within a tolerance of .015mm ± Which is why this stuck out so much. Of the mediums I couldn't visibly see any oddities other than the assaultboat's LoS dot's being visibly further in than the other ships, but it was uniform on both sides and all 3 tokens I had, so I suspect it's intentional. lol The smalls I only briefly skimmed, and all seemed to maintain similar distances... but we'll see
  7. so one vote for intentional lol
  8. Hey guys, as many of you know I've been working on a way to prolong the lifespan of the game. For those of you who don't, I've been developing acrylic ship tokens for casual play. By using these plastic pieces during casual matches instead of the provided cardboard pieces, I'm hoping to reduce the wear and keep the official pieces in tact for those of us that want this game to be around for a lifetime. So far, I've done research on various production methods and materials. After deciding on a method and material I ran a test piece. This piece was designed to show me cut tolerances, materials thickness variances and perhaps provide insight on other flaws that could occur during production. It was a qualified success. While the size, arcs, LoS dots, and thicknesses where all not designed from an official piece, they provided the information I needed to get started in earnest. I started by getting a closer look at the pieces on PC. After researching the sizes and shapes of each class size, I've been able to draw conclusions about how to design the acrylic piece to maintain the intended game state. However, I've run into a snag. While researching the the LoS dots on large base ships, I've determined that the dots are typically 54mm apart (center to center) centered off the center rectangular cut (which I'm regarding as the base point of design). I say typically, because it applies for the Mc80 and ISD, however, the Mc80L seems to have a flaw. From center to center the side arc LoS dots measure 53.5mm(.15mm ±). When the offset is measured from the sides of the base cut the right side is off by .5mm, even though the actual outside cuts are perfect. It's actually visible if you take a close enough look.... So my question is this: Is it a bug or a feature? Did FFG just make a slight mistake while designing the Mc80L? Could this be a misprint, something they just didn't catch in QC? Or for some reason is the right hullzone's LoS .5mm-.75mm deeper in for a reason? If people from across the country (or world if any of you kind folks not in North America area would) could take a moment to check the right and left hullzones on your Mc80L ship tokens, I'd greatly like to know if this is common, or maybe just a bad batch? Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!
  9. Like I said, it depends. I run a 4-6 squad ball typically built around FCs and Howl. I can usually kill jendon with 3-4 squads. In cases where I think I can get 2+ kills from that squad ball, or cases where there's only 1 hard hitter and I can remove him before Jendon, I'll prioritize other squads first. Like I said, if he's the linchpin to their ball, whether it be delivering hits or relay, I focus him, but sometimes it's just not worth it.
  10. For me it really depends. I've faced Jendon quite a few times, most times when people use him, locally, it's not for the relay, it's for the secondary attack, so he's not always a priority. However, in the cases where he is the linchpin to their squad ball, especially where they spam 2 at a time from gozers skirting the edge, he becomes an obvious and easy target, leaving the rest of the ball to try their luck in the squadron phase.
  11. This is any easy one. Having just got over the 3rd cold I've had this season, I'd recommend this. Clear your schedule. Get a ton of ginger ale and tissues. Fire up your favorite show or movie series on TV (I think I've done DBZ abridged, Dr Who, and Star Wars this season). Wrap yourself in the most comfortable blankets. Then dig out YE OLE GameBoy Advanced (or a DS that can play Roms at least). -Golden Sun I-III -Final Fantasy (Tactics preferred) -Advanced Wars I-III -Metroid Zero Mission -Metroid Fusion -Zoids -Pokemon Gen I-III -Fire Emblem (any... they're all pretty great) all great plays while fighting colds... After a day pretending to be a blanket caterpillar and watching/playing your favorites, you'll feel right as rain. PS. Feel better @Cubanboy
  12. and yet it has happened. It seems to me reality disagrees with your opinion of what fiction should be. Had the Raddus turned to face the FO while it was being targeted, it was implied that the FO would have range and have been able to destroy the ship. The only reason Holdo was able to bring the Raddus around to face the FO was BECAUSE they were targeting the transports, and not the Raddus. It was pretty clear to me the FO and the resistance BOTH knew that the resistance ships would get shredded if they got too close. Does your car get it's best mileage by going full speed? No? Hmmmmmmm I would venture this a silly question, then. As it is most vehicles in our universe don't get peak efficiency out of fuel running at maximum capacity, or even at high capacity, for most. (As it turns out most cars get the best mileage out of their fuel around 55 MPH, which isn't considered all that fast, especially if we're considering highway speeds...). If the plot is low fuel and biding time, than using just enough fuel to maintain a speed where the FO is kept at a range where their weapons aren't effective makes much sense. No, Ryan made the mistake of believing Star Wars fans were intelligent enough to extrapolate missing information using context... Oh goodness.... I really don't know how to answer this for you... there are SO MANY OPTIONS. I could go the route of, "Look at the old EU, there have been MANY powerful force users who have tapped into their power long before training." I could go the route of, "Look at the canon, and how they explain force usage, BOTH Obiwan and Yoda are seen on screen describing the Jedi getting their powers by letting the force direct (flow through) them. If the force is a living entity with a will of it's own, which it is, then it makes perfect sense that it could influence one of it's MOST POWERFUL sensitives.... Rey has these powers because the force wills it. Do you need any other explanation?" Frankly, at this point, based on the 5-10 minutes it took me to write up an explanation to your most burning questions that ruin the series and destroy the "rules" I would speculate that you're heavily lacking in imagination, gave these questions no real thought, or are someone who's mad at this movie JUST to be mad at this movie.
  13. Perhaps I could interest you in a set clutter management reducers? ;D *cough cough*
  14. I'm kinda torn about this one. There's a part of me that see's the OP's point and could understand a slight change, after all, the key word is Relay, which implies information being passed not teleported, but I guess I'm having a hard time seeing the need. Over extending your squads without ship support just seems like a really bad idea. (We don't have a Poe ace yet after all lol). Even with Adar and Yavaris and the other combos mentioned, over extending means the opponent has free range to chew up a squadron ball as they see fit, without much if any threat from ships. To me, this means ships can invest ship attacks into AA at no loss. There's no disadvantage to doing so. A couple of Flotillas and a dedicated AA and suddenly those over extended squads are just free points to rack up? I suppose the questions that have kept me on the fence are: 1.) Has relay "abuse" actually flooded any metas? (Local, Regional, National, Worlds/EU?) 2.) Is it powerful enough to merit restricting it? (IE: Does it require a hard counter to defeat?) As far as I can tell, which may not mean anything, this seems like a change that is catered to help fleets that don't want to invest in squadrons, or players that don't like playing squadron heavy matches. (I cannot believe I'm on THIS side of the discussion, last year I'd have been riding the "kill all squadron advantages" train hard lol).
  15. Now that you mention it... yeah that makes sense.