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  1. These overlays are great but I was wondering if there was one out there that dealt with Damage Cards so that when a critical pops up I can show the viewers the card or is there a way to add the name of the crit to a specific ship?
  2. Maui, can you please provide the exact words that FFG used?
  3. There is a valid grammatical argument for launching devices whose upgrade cards do not say launch. The following quotes will note additional rules and reasonable applications and definitions. Please note the highlighted sections of Device, Bomb, and Mine that state that both types of devices may be launched or dropped and a specific phase it must be done in. The pilot ability of Deathfire alters the phase and timing that a device could be launched or dropped and gives a dropped device a launch option while Finch Dallow (whom also changes the timing) specifies only when he may drop a bomb. When a device is specified to launch or drop you follow the Device Reference on placement of the template associated with a device, which is normally a 1 straight with the current exception being DRK-1 Probe Droids which is a 3 straight. The TIE Bomber's Nimble Bomber ability alters the 1 straight into a 1 bank if you so choose or a 2 straight or bank if a Skilled Bombardier is equipped. Under these guidelines and rules alterations based on upgrade cards and ship abilities the following are legal moves for Deathfire's pilot ability: Launch a Mine or Bomb using 1 Straight. Drop a Mine or Bomb using 1 Straight or 1 Bank. Drop a Mine or Bomb using 2 Straight or Bank if Skilled Bombardier is equipped.
  4. The official FFG ruling I've read stated that you cannot launch devices that cannot normally be launched. Can someone please give me an example of a device that can be normally launched besides the Separatist only probes? Trajectory Simulator says "if" you would drop or launch a device you may launch with a 5 straight. What device prior to Probe Droids would qualify to be launched? There is also a section in the rules reference regarding dropping and launching which ultimately states you use the device's template in your front guides instead of rear.
  5. Tournament regulations page 3 bottom right corner under Squad Building. A legal squad contains 2-8 ships from a single faction.
  6. Original list. Juno Eclipse [28] Veteran Instincts [1] Tie/x1 [0] Advanced Targeting Computer [1] Bounty Hunter [33] Tactician [2] Bounty Hunter [33] Tactician [2] -Updated list- Juno Eclipse [28] Veteran Instincts [1] Tie/x1 [0] Advanced Targeting Computer [1] Darth Vader [29] Tie/x1 [0] Advanced Targeting Computer [1] Boba Fett [39] Veteran Instincts [1] Having two 10s that can change their maneuvers without upgrades and a 9 that can take two actions without an upgrade has brought me great success. Though the two Firesprays have done amazing causing small and large ships alike to bump and lose actions while Juno adjusted to flank.
  7. This squad has worked pretty well for me at my local venue where Brobots, Firesprays, and Decimators are played all too often. I fly with the intimidates up front flanking Leader and the Vi behind them in an M formation. Allows the intimidators to just shoot right out from the rest of the squad and gum up the field. Everyone able to hard turn one and barrel roll is outstanding. Thoughts? Omega Leader [21] Juke [2] Comm Relay [3] Omega Sq Pilot [7] Veteran Instincts [1] Omega Sq Pilot [7] Veteran Instincts [1] Omega Sq Pilot [7] Intimidation [2] Omega Sq Pilot [7] Intimidation [2]
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