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  1. but how.... you have to remember your opponents name?
  2. I've accidentally dropped a couple of times. Is there a way to get back into a game you were in?
  3. Got to play at Gencon 2017, finishing 9th place. Think we got 18 players. It was the best gaming experience I've ever had! But I was just hoping the game would live on til I found time to fully invest. My partially painted Waiqar army will forever lack a true opponent now, even when it's time to teach my sons. I realize I'm part of the problem more than a solution, but they still made $200+ off of me. More than I spend on most other games/hobbies. Not sure how the price point would have changed, but I think selling the pieces fully painted (i.e. X-Wing) would have helped build the community. The true hobbyists still would have repainted their armies! RIP Runewars Miniatures RIP Warhammer Fantasy
  4. Can you submit 2 lists from same faction?
  5. Exciting event but a poor showing. I believe we had 18 at GenCon Nationals. This game could REALLY be great if we can get players more active in Organized Play. I suppose GenCon was an easier destination.
  6. We've been waiting for it since the release of the original T-65 Expansion Pack.... where are X-Wing Rogue Squadron Pilots? In addition, we've all been waiting for a T-65 fix. So for fun..I've taken on the challenge of buffing the T-65 and thematically adding in Rogue Squadron! Step 1: How to Add a T-65 Title that doesn't break Biggs? Biggs is PS 5. With Veteran Instincts he is PS 7 (via R2-D6 adding EPT). Therefore, Title should read: You cannot equip this if your pilot skill value is "7" or lower. Step 2: Include all Rogue Squadron Pilots from Star Wars EU Current X-Wing Unique Pilots by PS o 2 – Tarn Mison o 5 – Biggs Darklighter o 5 – Derek “Hobbie” Klivian (Rogue Squadron in EU) o 6 – Garven Dreis o 7 – Jek Porkins (Rogue Squadron in EU) o 8 – Luke Skywalker (Rogue Squadron in EU) o 8 – Wes Janson (Rogue Squadron in EU) o 9 – Wedge Antilles (Rogue Squadron in EU) Additional X-Wing Rogue Squadron Pilots in EU o Tycho Celchu (Current A-Wing Pilot) o Gavin Darklighter (Bigg’s Cousin) o Corran Horn (Current E-Wing Pilot) o Dak Ralter o Zev Senesca o Kasan Moor Step 1 regulates to PS 8 Pilots. This would eliminate only “Hobbie” Klivian. Oh well. Step 1 would mean that only Luke, Wes, and Wedge could use the title without spending EPT on Vet Instincts. Bonus for them! The “Rogue Squadron” Expansion Pack could include cards for Gavin, Dak, Zev, and Kasan (all between PS 6-8). The “Rogue Squardon” Expansion Pack could include a PS9 Jedi Luke Skywalker (Perhaps his ability could work on offense too?) Step 3: Buff the T-65 with the title Add maneuverability to X-Wing, Title Reads: Your Action Bar gains the Boost Action Add Customability to Ship, Title Reads: Your Upgrade Bar gains the System Upgrade Icon There are 100 different ways this could go! Reduce ship cost, 2nd modification, add a 2nd EPT, etc… Step 4: Fix E-Wing too? Corran Horn was in Rogue Squadron. Therefore, the Title could read: X-Wing or E-Wing only A 2nd System Slot on E-Wing could be interesting. Perhaps Gavin, Dak, Zev, or Kasan could be released as E-Wing Pilots. Anyway, just having fun with the Star Wars Extended Universe, my love for Rogue Squadron, and exploring the game mechanics of X-Wing. Have a nice day!
  7. 2017 Year of the Empire!!! betting against Safe to say we'll be seeing the pilots you listed dominating Swiss though. Crazy you can sum up an entire Meta with 5 pilots.
  8. Great compilation! Here is a thread i started yesterday with some 100 pt X-Wing formats that could be real interesting. Mostly inspired by Warhammer Fantasy Scenarios from 8th Edition Tournaments. 100 Point Dogfight Alternate Format/Objectives
  9. It works good when you have lots of different units to fight over different zones. Does it work for battles of 2-4 ship teams? Would be fun to promote 6-8 ship squads but...
  10. I like it! You'll have to wait til Turn 9 to bring in your Aces? ha Perhaps you could pair some PS's. i.e. Rd1: PS0-2, Rd2: PS3-5, Rd3: PS6-8, Rd4: PS9+
  11. You can only use non-unique ships for Hunger Games. But again... Hunger Games is not the type of Format options I'm referring to. That's a completely different game style.
  12. Hunger Games is a very specific game type. Not a variant of 100 pt Dogfight. Fun though! An advantage of running multiple game types is it forces you to develop a well rounded squad list that can perform well in different formats.
  13. I like the idea of awarding say 2 points at the end of each round for the ship within the asteroid circle. Also could give that ship the bonus +1 def die regardless of if a shot is obstructed. Since ships are always moving it's hard to just park there. *right turn 1 + barrel roll back* heh
  14. Looking for some feedback on the idea of running a tournament, 75 minute matches with 100 pt lists, with a few different objective format types! Examples could be: a) "King of the Hill in Space": Create a triangle of asteroids in middle. After 75 minutes the highest point value ship within the asteroid cluster gets a bonus 25 points for team. Then look at final point results based on ships destroyed/remaining per standard rules b) "Nebula - Battle in a Space Cloud": Scattered Deployment of Ships and Obstacles placed in Quadrants by random roll. Minimum range 1 apart from each other (ships on same squadron have no minimum). Roll One Red Attack Die for each obstacle/ship, each quadrant represented by a symbol: Hit, Crit, Focus, and Blank. The Hit quadrant will likely be the most dense and the Crit quadrant likely vacant. But you never know! Plus this means round 1 shooting is highly likely. c) "Protect that Ship!": Each squad designates a single ship to be a VIP. When that ship is destroyed the opponent gets bonus 25 points. d) "They're Coming in Waves": Ships Enter Board edge at different turns. Turn 1: Each opponent Deploys 1st Ship, Turn 2: Both Deploy 2nd Ship, Turn 3: Can deploy NONE to ALL of remaining ships, Turn 4: MUST deploy all remaining ships. Fun? Too Complicated? Other preferred Formats? (Inspired by old Warhammer Fantasy Scenarios, I must admit)
  15. anyone able to provide updates from Endor System Open 3/3-3/5? any streaming?
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