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  1. Boba boosts Fearless in range 1 Kablooey! In dark recesses Fortune lurks, watching me roll Blanks for you tough guy! One dice roll Determines the fate Of all worlds Palpatine again More planet-killing big guns Don’t you want planets? Let’s make a fourth base Fancier big super gun Will work this time, I promise Rey and Finn first time On-screen chemistry very good No black love, Disney? Hyperspace list up Where is my favorite stuff? Why, FFG,why? Want to play with toys Never enough time for it Family and job
  2. Second successful trade with @QQMoore
  3. If you fly this list to a 200-pt tourney win, you have proven your skill.... (22) Binayre Pirate [Z-95-AF4 Headhunter] Points: 22 Total points: 22
  4. I want to better understand your take on this. What would be examples of things that fits in the “highly resistant” category? At 5 pts Luke would be the only Reb gunner, at 50 you’d never see the card. At the current price, it is pretty scarce....perhaps FFG drops it a bit and sees what happens. Really attending to this ongoing adjustment process could also inform their dev of new stuff so things get released in better shape in the first place.
  5. I agree that it is a process fraught with difficulties, but it seems to be the right work to do.
  6. Design and playtest staff have a limited supply of energy, hours, etc and much of that will be applied to new product. In that environment, why spend resources working on something that is currently “banned.”
  7. Why remove problems when a huge part of 2.0 was the fact they engineered a method to adjust points ongoing?
  8. Reading folks’ replies here is helping me clarify my position. I don’t comb the data, but my impression from these boards is that Extended sees a wider swath of lists and styles in the meta than in 1.0. I think that FFGs energies should be focused on ensuring that environment is balanced and healthy. Banning ships in HS does not fix them in Ext. If the big events are HS, FFG will not pay as much attn to Ext and attend to issues there.
  9. If HS was merely a collection of ALL the items rereleased, that would totally make sense.
  10. How about FFG just uses the built-in balancing mechanism (points) to tweak things and let us play with all of our toys? Hyperspace would have seemed totally appropriate in the 1.0 environment, but 2.0 is built on the premise of ongoing balancing which makes Hyperspace limits seem arbitrary and lazy to me.
  11. Bids are most important for repositioning and (less so) taking TLs. If your list is totally anchored on those, consider a bid.
  12. It seems legit rules-wise and is a creative use of the cards. However, passing around cloak tokens feels off to me; Especially when the card that might cause the token to go away is not on the newly tokened ship. Your CD can’t break when you don’t have one. This is probably not significant enough that FFG will errata it (they’ve left oddball stuff in scum). I fully accept that this is a “thing” for me personally. Since this is a minis game that “represents” ships flying around etc., I still want the rules and interactions to make sense within that context...even if that context is make-believe in the first place.
  13. Love the name! My Spanish skills are way too deficient to listen to your podcast, but I am glad to know it exists. All things that bring folks into a game are good by me. Podcasts like yours can get more Spanish speakers here in the US interested in the game too.
  14. Does her ability trigger for each and every hit/crit when she had a friendly in range?
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