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  1. Pewpewpew BOOM

    North Seattle Area

    I was at Uncle’s Games, Redmond, a couple weeks back for their X-Wing Night (Wed 5-9). Probably around 7 players and they said turnout is often much higher (it was the Wed after Xmas). Chill, friendly vibe. Zulu’s Boardgame Cafe in downtown Bothell will have an X-Wing night starting in Feb-ish when they open the newly renovated section. I live a few minutes away and they are open until midnight so I will be there once it is up and running.
  2. Pewpewpew BOOM

    TIE SF Discussion

    Perhaps one is Quick and the other Draw. They are the Reece’s cup of the First Order. “Your piloting and my pew-pew go great together!”
  3. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Three Scum Fives - What Upgrades?

    Without being able to move second, Guri still moves after everthing I1-4 (which includes several popular pilots like Palob, 4-LOM, and every generic). Sure, moving after the multitude of strong I5 pilots is optimum, but I am not in the camp of thought were she either has a ridiculous bid or gets left off the table. With AS boost or bendy BR, her moving last in I5 is certainly more easy-button, but even moving first she has so many positioning options that Guri has lots of game. I say go to 198-200 and play the crap out of your ships.
  4. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5

    Don’t you mean the lack of VI makes it so we see a few other talents on the table from time to time?
  5. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5

    Ever notice that you never see the devs’ left hands in those videos? Just sayin.,,
  6. Pewpewpew BOOM

    FFG you should be prudent and thrift about the points adjustment

    I agree; and for what its worth, I read it as “popularity” meaning a frequent choice in list-building. If something is seeing LOTS of use relative to other ships/pilots/cards it is a reasonable indicator that there might be a cost-power issue. Frequency + results need to be looked at.
  7. Pewpewpew BOOM

    TIE SF Discussion

    Word! Well, you could do coordinate Null for double mods...but I’ve enjoyed Swarm Tactics and TS. I find that I often prioritze things other than pulling off ST, but I get enough out of it to keep in the list. 😶🔫👨‍🔬👨‍🔬 (31) "Null" (5) Targeting Synchronizer (3) Swarm Tactics Points 39 (45) "Quickdraw" (3) Fire-Control System (10) Special Forces Gunner (3) Swarm Tactics Points 61 (36) Omega Squadron Expert (6) Concussion Missiles (5) Collision Detector (1) Trick Shot Points 48 (2 of these) Total points: 196
  8. Pewpewpew BOOM

    TIE SF Discussion

    I’ve run Null, QD, and 2 Experts with TS+CD+Concussions. It is super fun because you can choose so many maneuvers and still get shots. I find that Null dropping for I7 to I0 often ends up coming in handy too. TS+CD allows those 2 SFs to have a REALLY open dial as they can zip through obstructions then fire rear arc missles through them with +1 red die.
  9. Pewpewpew BOOM

    The mighty Decimator

    If I could only have a couple dozen gun’d-up freighters in real life, I could dominate the high seas!!!!
  10. ...and X-Wing is easier to spell.
  11. I ran 3 vipers often in 1.0 and I picked up TIE Interceptor #4&5, but I am not interested in paying $20 for the dials etc.
  12. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Device Tactics

    I think that is often their primary effect; the damage is secondary for ships other than TIEs and Z-95s.
  13. Pewpewpew BOOM

    2e Dash is a beast

    I will be ignoring this thread for the remainder of my activation.
  14. Pewpewpew BOOM

    First tournament with Resistance

    That was truely impressive.
  15. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Just how good is Capt. Seevor?

    I think it may be a while before I get in enough games to tire of FO, but once I do, I’ve got a Seevor/4-LOM/Palob(or Torkil)/Sunny/gunrunner list assembled and ready to go: 5 great scum ships all I3 or less. Seevor will (potentially) shine in a list like this...or draw a bunch of fire so other shine. 😉