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  1. Conventional wisdom in 1.0 was putting glitterstim on Virago, but cloaking device was my go-to. I miss it.
  2. Pewpewpew BOOM!!!
  3. Amended. I thought I could only edit the body. Must be confusing this with another forum.
  4. I agree regarding the title. However, I considered it after it was too late to change. My grumpy middle-aged eyes can’t read that itty-bitty font anyway.
  5. I think it would have been way better for FFG to have us use more generic base inserts that give an initiative # and all the arc info but without pilot names. We would differentiate pilots with the number inserts. Without the need for base inserts, they could issue much cheaper pilot card sets in booster packs and such.
  6. I ran Boba/Emon for the first time last week, also got some build advice:
  7. I’ve run 5 in several games, including a tourney a couple weeks back. I’ve had mixed results, but that is more me than the list. I never new this was a “thing” now. (45) "Quickdraw" [TIE/sf Fighter] (10) Special Forces Gunner (2) Fire-Control System Points: 57 (39) "Backdraft" [TIE/sf Fighter] (10) Special Forces Gunner (2) Fire-Control System Points: 51 (34) "Scorch" [TIE/fo Fighter] (2) Fanatical Points: 36 (28) Lieutenant Rivas [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 28 (26) Epsilon Squadron Cadet [TIE/fo Fighter] Points: 26 Total points: 198
  8. I fear this will increase the cost of my beloved SFs.
  9. I ran Boba and Emon for the first time last night. Really fun! I am still sketchy to play a 2-ship list in 2e, but I think I’ll run these guys for a while. 🥤💣 (85) Boba Fett [Firespray-class Patrol Craft] (3) IG-88D (2) Slave I (3) Elusive (3) Contraband Cybernetics (3) Seismic Charges Points: 99 (74) Emon Azzameen [Firespray-class Patrol Craft] (4) Andrasta (3) Seismic Charges (5) Proton Bombs (8) Perceptive Copilot (3) Elusive (3) Contraband Cybernetics (1) Delayed Fuses Points: 101 Total points: 200 I only played once; it was vs. a less experienced player running Jes + 3 generic T-70s. I boosted much more than I anticipated opting to take 0-1 shots tokenless over 2+ shots sitting on 2 focus/calc. I really wanted to take Cad Bane on Emon, but the limited amount of blue on the dial would make his moves way too predictable. I know many opt for the gunner Han option on Boba, but I want to avoid ongoing stress due to limited blues and I love being able to change my dial - it is ridiculously flexible on a ship with boost and a rear arc. Contraband came in handy for T-Roll turns that also replenished Elusive. Interested to learn from your experiences with Boba/Emon or similar builds.
  10. Mine each have a smear of dried feces and blood. No one touches them.
  11. Conceding would not be ethical because of the effects to others outside your game 5. You would hand your opponent an opportunity to make the cut while denying that to another player that ostensibly has been performing better that your current opponent.
  12. I refuse to be glamoured by your logic and calculations. A rebellion is built on hope, not math!!!
  13. Thank you for recognizing my potential. You are the wind beneath my wings. I would go for... Crew: (Unique) Spring-Missile Boba Fett (single charge) - At the end of the planning phase, spend 1 charge to suffocate your opponent. ...Or... Crew: (Unique) Tall Blue Snaggletooth (single charge) - During the system phase, you may spend 1 charge to resurrect Sears. For the remainder of this turn, you may stare longly at their catalogue coveting limited edition things you will never have.
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