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  1. Pewpewpew BOOM

    The Petty "I Told you so Thread"

    I got a booklet in the basic boxed set too. Just words printed on shiny paper. Whatevs!
  2. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Happy Friday

    Jarjar killed the prequels for me. I never even saw 2 or 3...so I don’t have much interest in that era. If I had any time to play, I’d be going with Scum, FO, or T-70s.
  3. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Looking for tournies in Seattle area

    Again, a good-sized tourney came and went and I found it after the fact. Despite it being hosted by Uncle’s Games in Redmond, it is not on their online calendar. Despite Evergreen Squadron doing coverage, it was never listed in their calendar either. I really love the idea of the Evergreen events calendar or this forum as a one-stop for competative play in the region, but that only works when folks post. 😞
  4. Pewpewpew BOOM

    *Sithpost* Fanatical Alt Art

  5. Pewpewpew BOOM

    LEGO Episode IX Releases (and what we will probably get as well)

    I actually see this the other way around. I think it is lame when a movie franchise gives all new tech with every installment of the series. Real militaries don’t work like that. How many decades were F-4s or F-16s used. The iconic .45 sidearm was designed in 1911 and I think it was standard issue well past the Vietnam war!
  6. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Best guess on Anakins Ability

    Spend a charge token to massacre one Tuskan Raider village. You may now equip with Dark Side upgrades.
  7. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    I think LE figures are best when released at a con AND sold directly via the company site for folks who won’t be at the con. Both Privateer Press and Wyrd did this many times.
  8. Pewpewpew BOOM

    TIE Aggressor didn't get points reduction

    I believe the guy on the left is a tie aggressor.
  9. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    I wasn’t inclined toward epic because the scale mismatches bug me. That said, I would be just fine with new epic releases as long as I don’t need to eBay pilots and upgrades to get the non-epic goodies from them. Going back to that would really piss me off.
  10. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Republic Upgrades Article

    I infer that getting my hands on gas cloud templates will cause me some strain since I don’t look to play the prequel factions
  11. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Spare Parts Cannister Poe

    I actually like it better for ditching locks.
  12. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Republic Upgrades Article

    Rebel gunboat with Sabine in the cockpit, coming right up!
  13. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Store & Carry

    I just use lidded storage boxes for cards. Cheap, simple.
  14. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Poland - the land of game spies?

    Hmmmm. Next, you’ll tell me Greedo shot first! I trust the truth of Polish leaking will be known in the end. Where’s that dang report! Mueller? Mueller?
  15. Pewpewpew BOOM

    Poland - the land of game spies?

    I believe there have been at least three times now that I’ve learned secret X-Wing stuff because something leaked in Polish then got translated. What exactly is this conduit of secrets? And more importantly, how many Bothans die each time we get this information?