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  1. I played a few more test games a few days ago, first one against Dengar/Boba. Dengar had title, han, pro torps, cc, R3, expert handling. Boba had S1, proxi, cc, fearless, perco I made it look like I was very interested in Boba, and closed on him, though my plan was to hit Dengar asap. I got two R3 shots against a tokenless Boba (had boosted), but good greens and bad reds meant no damage. Next turn I made a mistake that cost me too much. I forgot to use Vonreg’s ability to put a deplete on Boba, and he hard turned away, so it would have stayed. I stuck to my plan and went all in on Dengar, but Vonreg had to double reposition to avoid the proxi mine next turn, and try to get out of R1. I couldn’t escape that R1 from boba’s rear shot by such a short margin and of course he rolled 4 hits (would have been 3 with the deplete) and I blanked on all three greens. Vonreg out. At least I took all shields on Dengar for no further damage, as Kylo evaded the 3 hits from R1. Next turn Boba tallon’d and boosted back into the fray with cc, but this time he was out of R1 from Holo by a hair’s width. Kylo blocked Dengar’s move thanks to Sense and Holo did 2 more damage on him. A pity Dengar didn’t get strain when the block landed him on a gas cloud. Kylo whiffed on Boba, but was safe in the return shot. Next turn Dengar’s s-loop was inevitable, but I managed to get out of arc with both ships, and blocked the BR right. Boba got a R1 on Kylo, who had Tallon’d to hurt Dengar and halved the silencer. I whiffed a little with Kylo (rolled a blank and 3 eyeballs only having 1 force), so Dengar was safe. Even safer after Holo got 3 hits and he nattied 2 evades... Next turn I s-loop’d with Holo getting double mods on Boba while also blocking Dengar. Kylo purposefully bumped but after Dengar moved forward and bumped Holo there was a little space between them so I could shoot. Boba had bumped Kylo to keep firing after Kylo moved. I got Dengar down to 3 hull, but just wasn’t killing him fast enough. Kylo was also on 1 or 2 hull, hanging on, mostly thanks to Holo’s evade. Next turn I blocked Dengar once again on a gas cloud but still no strain. Kylo got a R2 shot dealing 2 damage, and Dengar evaded one again. 2 more hull to go. One more block and Dengar was finally gone. Boba was already in the fray so I disengaged and hid after gas clouds. Kylo was on 1 hull but if I could get half points on a full health Boba I could still afford to lose Kylo and win. Two turns later and with really little time on the clock Boba and Kylo had a R1 shot on each other. Boba was already missing a few shields thanks to Holo, so I was able to get half points on him before losing Kylo to simultaneous fire. Time was called so we played one last turn, where i looked for the block with a 5k. If I didn’t get the bump at least I’d have focus evade. Holo bumped Boba and I won 145 to 138.
  2. It sure is! My brain hurts after each game, mostly if they’re close haha
  3. Hi guys! Yesterday I went to my first tourney post-covid lockdown, and inspired by @Ryuneke's awesome batreps, decided to make one myself. Here's what I played: Major Vonreg (55) Daredevil (2) "Holo" (53) Proud Tradition (2) Pattern Analyzer (5) Kylo Ren (76) Sense (5) Total: 198 A three ship list, which completely fits my playing style. I've always enjoyed 2 aces and a support ship (Luke/Corran/Farrel, Obi/Mace/Luminara, etc), but this time the support ship is quite an ace by itself. The previous version of the list had Optics on Kylo and no PA, but with the points drop I decided to try PA on Holo, and added sense on kylo to help me against those I5 and I6 that move after me. There were 8 players, and we played 3 swiss rounds. Round 1 vs Sloane swarm (2 Academies, 3 Strikers, Kagi w/ Sloane and Krennic): I knew I had to be very cagey, as there are lots of arcs to dodge (7 in total), and a bad roll on my greens could be game. I decided to bait with Kylo, while flanking with Vonreg. I misjudged the distance and the Optimized prototype striker was able to strip one of Kylo's shields with the ability. It didn't matter what I rolled, or the evade I got from Holo... Next turn Kylo disengaged, and Vonreg turned right and took a R2 shot dealing 2 damage to one striker. 16p for me. Vonreg took two R3 shots in return from the academies, one of them obstructed, but he was safe. Next turn Vonreg gets bullseye on the optimized prototype, and deals 1 damage. Kylo rolls 3 hits on the halved striker, but he evades 2. 1 more hull to go. Return fire doesn't deal damage to Kylo. Next turn Kylo does a 5s to avoid blocks and a few shots. I decide not to focus boost to avoid the rerolls from Sloane, so I just boost. Kylo whiffs, Holo gets behind the optimised prototype and whiffs, and Vonreg goes too fast. I totally forgot Vonreg's ability, which would have helped in Holo's shot. Time is called (oh man so few turns played 😢) so Kylo does 5s and boost right. Right now I'm winning by 16p, but Kylo is 2 damage away from half points, and he'll take two R3 shots from both focused academies. I decide not to stress Kylo to avoid Sloane's rerolls again. If I deal one more damage to the optimised striker I'll get another half pointed ship. Vonreg has no shot, and Holo whiffs (Kagi took my TL, so I only had a focus). Kylo rolls well enough and I win by 16p. Round 2 vs 5x Tie SFs with passive sensors and concussion missiles: Remember me saying 7 arcs were too many arcs to dodge? Well now I'm facing 10! 😂 If I had to play cagey the first game, this was no different. In fact those missiles are way more dangerous. The fact that the Tie SFs can use passive sensors to TL>>>rotate and fire them off their back arcs makes this list a tough matchup. I spent a few turns slow rolling to try and get the engagement I wanted, but it never seemed to come hehe. Finally I over comitted with Holo, and ate 3 missiles. Lucky for me, a gas cloud for all shots, an evade, coupled with my opponent only rolling 2 hits every time made me survive unscathed. The following turn another 2 missiles were fired, one on Holo and one on Vonreg, with the same results. So 5 less missiles in the list, zero damage taken. Good start. The following turn I segnor'd left with Holo, boosted to R3 with PA, and focused with proud tradition, and finally got a damage through. My opponent then surprised me when he decided to take another damage to flip proud tradition and make my focus actions red. Not nice. Vonreg turned away cowardly, but arc dodged all enemy arcs. The following turn Vonreg turned 1 left but I blocked it with Holo (oops) and Holo fired on the wounded SF, dealing hit hit crit after mods (TL + red Focus). Last shield down, one face down damage card and the crit being a Direct Hit! That was really lucky, as it killed the SF. Kylo did 2 more damage to another Sf, who in return got another 2 hits on the missile, with Kylo evading both. The following turn, which would be the last due to time, I went all in on the now wounded SF, shot it with all three ships, and left him on one hull. Holo had passed an enemy TL to Kylo, who was out of arc, so only one missile could be fired this turn. Finally my opponent rolled all three hits on the missile (we had to wait for the 7th missile for it to happen...) and Holo blanked out (first time as well, but I can't complain as I was rolling pretty well). So Holo being on 1 hull gave up 30p, and here's the funny part. As the concussion missile hit, a card had to be flipped, and guess who was at R1 of Holo... The ONE hull SF! Wanna guess the damage card he flipped? Yeap, direct hit. SF dead by "friendly fire", crazy stuff happening! I got the win 80-30. Round 3 vs Pro Torp Corran/Wedge/2x Phoenix Squadron A-Wings: So as only two players were undefeated, we got paired for the 3rd round. My opponent is a Corran lover like me, and we're the only 2 guys who play him regularly in the store (actually I decided to take this FO list instead of the Corran/Leia/Farrel one I've been testing lately because my friend told me he was bringing Corran, and Corran is too awesome to be everywhere 😂). Finally I would get a chance to use Sense this match, as Wedge will be moving after Kylo and Holo. I deployed in a @Ryuneke style, and baited with Kylo, but leaving Holo close in case he needs that evade. All enemy ships moved as fast as they could, so we'd probably have an engagement the following turn. Corran boosted and TL'd Kylo. Vonreg got into a nice position to flank next round. I thought Corran was going to close in a bit faster (my style), but he did the classic 1s + focus, so the 3 bank right on Kylo suddenly didn't look so good. Luckily for me, the BR left + boost left with Kylo allowed me to arc dodge both Corran and the A-Wing. It left me at R1 of the other A-Wing and probably R1 of the incoming Wedge, but better than a full modded Pro Torp. Holo, who had arc dodged the A-Wing with the 2 bank, took a strain to TL the A-Wing (Wedge was too far away), then focused. I didn't use the TL as I ended up shooting Wedge with all three ships and I whiffed with Holo, but it was fine as I passed the strain to Vonreg, who was out of all arcs. Wedge obviously got into R1 of Kylo and TLd him, and Vonreg turned in, getting a bullseye R2 shot at Wedge with TL. Wedge whiffed and only got hit crit after spending the lock, and Kylo nattied! I forgot to show him the dark side though... Between Vonreg and Kylo I did 2 shields to Wedge and a Weapons failure crit, which should have been panicked pilot if I had remembered. Not a bad crit anyway so I can't complain. Next turn, unlike the first game, I remembered Vonreg's trigger, so I put a strain into Wedge. One A-Wing went for the block but failed, and the other one turned around the rock to get into action. Corran did a segnor to the left, and was still in range to fire the pro torp by a hair's width. As I had sense'd Wedge's 1 bank, I blocked it with Holo, and Kylo was safe from Wedge. Vonreg bumped into Kylo but had a nice R1 bullseye shot on Wedge. Vonreg only did 1 damage as it was unmodded, leaving Wedge on 2 hull. Corran got 2 hits 2 crits on the torp after mods, and Kylo rolled blank, blank, focus so lost 2 shields and got a console fire crit. The blue A-wing got hit crit, and though I evaded both using the force, he used Crack Shot, and the crit was damaged sensor array. What a really bad turn for me... The following turn I got lucky again, as my opponent rolled 1 hit in 8 dice (4 blanks, 3 focuses 1 hit), so Kylo, who had done a 1 left turn to surprise my opponent, lived for another turn, and also fixed the console fire. Between Vonreg (I remembered his ability but Wedge did another blue) and Holo, who did the PA for an evade, proud tradition focus shenanigans after a s-loop I killed Wedge (he used to be where the foils token is). Next turn Kylo disengaged to fix the damaged sensor array, Holo arc dodged Corran with a BR left, and Vonreg went too fast to shoot, but was now in Corran's tail for the next turn. Holo took a shield off the a-wing. The following turn I read Corran's 3 hard so I put Kylo out of R3, while being able to shoot at an A-wing. I didn't mind being in the bullseye as it had already spent the Crackshot. Holo did the trick again, this time arc dodging Corran with a BR after the s-loop. Between Vonreg and Holo I took another shield off Corran. Kylo also took a shield off the A-Wing, while taking no damage in return. The following turn I susprised my opponent turning Kylo in with a 1 turn right, and a 1 turn left with Holo. I didn't expect Corran to s-loop, but he ended in a really bad spot... I got two R1 shots into a depleted Corran with Vonreg and Holo, and finished him with Kylo. Corran's unmodded (and depleted) shot only dealt 1 shield to Vonreg. The following turn I killed an A-wing... And with 5 minutes on the clock, I took out the other one... I won 200-41, winning the tournament. The Ember/Kaz foil card is awesome! Thanks for reading!
  4. If I’m not mistaken, in the first engagement in all 3 games, and maybe one or twice if I was winning and running to preserve points. Only 3 games on my belt though so I can’t really tell...
  5. Thanks for the input! I hadn’t considered all those options as I had already settled on Sense. It’s really helpful against those 6s and 5s that move after my ships, and I agree completely, 5p of bid won’t help me as much as Sense in those matchups. I like spare parts though. I used them to great effect in the 2 System Opens I made the cut with my Han Corran list, and I’ll probably test them here too.
  6. I played 3 games (before points dropped) against Boba/Fenn, losing the first one by 12p, and winning the following two by a big margin. I only took pics from the 2nd game though: In game 2 Boba had been destroyed the turn before, so Fenn had to kill 2 ships (Farrel was dead too). I was trying to block Fenn with Leia as she was badly hurt, and trying to kill him with Corran. Fenn decided to k turn to avoid the incoming block and was tokenless. Corran got lucky, (2 hits 2 crits), but Fenn just laughed at it and rolled 3 nattie evades, plus the concord down... Next turn Corran regen'd the lost shield, and got a focus thanks to Leia, who had bumped Fenn to avoid the rock and try to limit the mandalorian's movement options. Fenn BRd right to avoid Corran´'s bullseye and get to R3, but decided not to link to focus to "open his dial" the following turn (not too many options available anyway). Corran blanked, to compensate for the lucky roll the previous turn. Fenn had no good options apart from the 1 left turn so I settled for the block... I guessed right and Fenn bit the dust. Oh man I love Corran, and now he's 2p cheaper! Yay!
  7. Well done! I've had games like these (thankfully, not many), where you can't really play the game the way you enjoy and have to play something very different. Even though a 16p win might not look very nice, I really like when I pull out wins like these. I really enjoy these batreps, I learn a lot from them. I used to do a lot of batreps myself (with real life pics as I don't play TTS), but it's been a while now, I might have to go back to them... Keep them coming!
  8. I see some uses for buffing Vennie, as you're adding more ships (transport, t70s) to use his ability
  9. I’ll be playing Corran today. Probably against Boba Fenn, so I expect no prisoners 😂 I’ll try and make a batrep tomorrow if I remember to take pics
  10. Yup. AS regen, sloop (or 1 hard) with Corran, gain focus, recharge elusive... sounds fun
  11. You guys are gonna regret waking up my feelings for Corran... 😂 I had a Corran list to try before covid arrived, but I haven’t played it yet. It looks very close to the OPs so you have my support. It has some regen with the insane chopper + elusive combo, which is SO much fun, though not too competitive. Here it goes: (79) Leia Organa [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (3) Millennium Falcon Points: 82 (66) Corran Horn [E-wing] (2) "Chopper" (10) Advanced Sensors (3) Elusive Points: 81 (36) Jake Farrell [RZ-1 A-wing] Points: 36 Total points: 199
  12. Do we know an aproximate time of announcement?
  13. I played lots of Han Poe games, and though aces were not a problem, lists with many ships or really beefy ones were a real struggle. Also regen Jedi were a pain, but I guess that’s a bit less of a problem now... That’s why I switched Han to Rey, to hit harder and kill faster and then clean up with Poe when she dies... but found Poe wasn’t punchy enough, so I took out Poe and put Han back in again... i need a lot more games under my belt to reach any conclusion...
  14. How do you think it will go against separatist swarms or rebel beef? Those are my biggest concerns with a list like this
  15. I tried a fat Guri as Dengar's wingman once against triple IG. Dengar was supposed to kill or at least cripple one IG before dying, but my opponent rolled 7 natural evades and an eyeball out of 9 greens (2 pro torps from Dengar and one shot from Guri), so Guri had to face 2 and a half IGs all by herself. As I'm no Phil GC, I was only able to kill one full IG and leave another one on 2 hull when she died... With average dice, I think Guri is really good for mopping up once Dengar has taken care of any enemy who would hunt Guri otherwise
  16. I didn’t play the “standard” Han/Rey. I played this list: Han/Rey (65) Han Solo [Scavenged YT-1300] (5) Kaydel Connix (6) Korr Sella (2) Contraband Cybernetics (5) Lone Wolf (2) Rey's Millennium Falcon Points: 85 (70) Rey [Scavenged YT-1300] (3) Freelance Slicer (9) Rose Tico (3) Heightened Perception (10) Finn (4) Stealth Device Points: 99 Total points: 184 P.S I might change the title back to Rey. At least once every game I wished I had it to boost after being stressed
  17. I played Han/Rey yesterday. 3 friendly games against the same opponent. 2 games against Boba Fenn (first one I gave him the initiative, and the 2nd game I let him drop fearless to outbid me so he gave me first player). I baited with Han and punched hard on Fenn when he decided to go for Rey. Fenn died in one round (R2 from Han with LW and focus forced him to spend his focus and still take 1 damage, and R3 from Rey (4 hits) got the best of him). 2nd game putting Han on the table before Fenn wasn’t as cool but I decided to bait again and I still got 2 good shots on Fenn first round, leaving him on 1 hull, and dropping him next round. I think going for Fenn is the key here. Third game was against rebel beef (Ten, Braylen, Dutch, Garven). I was really lucky to pull this one out, with key dice in key moments. I probably should have lost this one.
  18. A Holdo thread was going on way back in February. I even made a list pretty much like @Flurpy’s bucket list, but with zizi instead of L’ulo, as she’s harder to kill. I’ll link the Holdo thread here if you don’t mind, there were really useful ideas there. Btw, @gennataos is right. Rey can’t pass bucket her TL as you no longer have a Blue TL Token to pass, you can only pass along the red ones.
  19. The Attack shuttle ability to barrel roll and link to evade. It triggers Ezra’s ability because it stresses you
  20. I played 4-5 games with FO when 2.0 dropped, but I finally settled with Rebels, Resistance, Republic, and some scum, so I sold my FO collection. Now with the quarantine and all, I downloaded vassal and have been playing FO aces all the time. Vonreg (daredevil) Holo (proud) & Kylo (optics). Really enjoying these red ships
  21. That title under these quarantine circumstances is asking for trouble... clickbait!
  22. Yup, here in Spain the Government looked at Italy over the shoulder, and did nothing about it. We now fear they’ve wasted too much precious time, our rates are even scarier than Italy’s...
  23. I just downloaded Vassal this morning and signed up to a league... cross your fingers!
  24. What upgrades on the wingmates? I'm thinking sense could be very useful with Intimidation Arvel
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