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  1. Wasn't this thread about Nationals?
  2. Hi all! Back with a new batrep. Played Rd 2 of the FLGS League against Lok Revenant/Asajj/Sunny Bounder with my Poetensity/Nym list. My opponent's list Rocks were mostly clustered in the middle. I rushed with Poe to see if I could catch Sunny if he went fast. He turned, no no shot. The Lok Revenant got 3 hits on Poe with the synced turret, and I decided to lose a shield instead of spending the evade. Next turn I select a 4s with Nym to try to get a 5 die cruise missile. Poe Turns on the Lok Revenant, who disengages. As asajj comes in fast, I decide to do an AS boost with Nym, and get out of there. Poe takes 2 shields off the scurrg. Poe continues to pursue the scurrg and ends up R1 behind. Asajj and Sunny go after Nym, who launches a 4 die Cruise on Sunny. I get hit, hit, hit, crit after the re-rolls. Sunny gets evade, focus, focus so only loses a shield. Asajj does 2 damage, and Sunny gets hit, hit, and adds another hit. So I lose 4 shields on Nym. Poe took all shields off the Scurrg and a blinded pilot crit, so no turret shot. A few turns later Poe has almost killed the Scurrg, and Nym has done 1 more damage to Sunny, and taken 3 shields off Asajj with the bomblets and TLT. Sunny gets his shield back though. Poe finally kills the Lok Revenant, and Nym does 2 more damage onto Asajj, who is now on half points, but Nym suffers a direct hit and is left on one hull! Nym holds on for another turn as I use AS to bump Asajj, while throwing a bomblet, but I end up in her mobile arc, so I get stressed. One bomblet goes off, leaving Asajj on 4 hull. TLT can't hit Sunny. Poe is still far. Next turn Nym dies, but does 2 more damage on Asajj, who is hanging on 2 hull. Next turn Poe misses, and a focused Sunny gets 2 eyeballs, so ends up with 3 hits (It happened 3 of the 4 times Sunny shot, was amazing). Poe blanks and I lose all my shields, so I have to run away for a bit. Last shot of the game due to time and I'm back at full health and have an evade token, but Sunny makes me bump so I end up at R2 and I'm unable to kill Asajj, even though she suffers a crit (PS 0 crit). Asajj survives on 1 hull, and Sunny on 2. Poe is at full health. I win 60-50 a very fun match. Cheers!
  3. Thanx for the response, guys! I guess we're not used to do things this way, but it makes a lot of sense... we'll see how it all turns out
  4. Hi guys! We've been hearing rumors all day that Asmodee wants to "join" a big 3 day board games event in Madrid and wants the X-Wing Nationals to be part of that. The problem is that if you only want to take part of the x-wing tournament, you still have to pay for the full access to the event, plus the tournament, which will make it 50€. They say players will be receiving a board game worth 25€, but considering the Tatooine Open maximum fee was 50€, but included a gaming mat, a vader crew card, and a vader damage deck... I dunno, it feels a bit wrong... I think I read somewhere around here that something similar happened in the UK... could anyone clarify? Thanks a lot!
  5. Do we have anymore info?
  6. Awesome! Thanx!
  7. I tried AS on Corran after being inspired by Ailowynn's batrep (sorry if I wrote it wrong), but while it was AWESOME against lower PS enemies, it didn't hit too hard. Also, Nathan has been using FCS on Corran for a looong time, instead of AS. I was actually surprised seing AS on Nathan's Corran.
  8. Yes, that's what I would do
  9. I haven't seen anything about it yet, but my take would be 48p each ship. Standard PTL Corran is 48p (PTL, FCS, EU, R2D2) Nathan has been playing this Corran for ages... GeniusNym is also 48p (VI, AS, Genius, Title, Bomblet, ABT, EM, Cruise, EU) It leaves you with a 4p bid
  10. Forgot a few upgrades on Nym... EU, EM, Cruise Missiles.
  11. I haven't seen anything about it yet, but my take would be 48p each ship. Standard PTL Corran is 48p (PTL, FCS, EU, R2D2) Nathan has been playing this Corran for ages... GeniusNym is also 48p (VI, AS, Genius, Title, Bomblet, ABT) It leaves you with a 4p bid
  12. Prox mines require action, sensor cluster requires a focus, and the tractor array also requires an action... too many things for my taste
  13. I think it might be because of his ability. It gives him some options to BR freely before moving, even if the bomblet doesn't hit anyone
  14. Hi! I live in Madrid, but I know there's a Goblintrader Store in Mallorca. Try their web for the exact location:
  15. I heard tales of a 1 hull Chewie (TFA) and 1 hull Z-95 who were able to kill Inquisitor when the Z-95 crashed on a rock on purpose killing himself, to allow Chewie to kill the Inquisitor before he could activate. I thought it was awesome!