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  1. I played lots of Han Poe games, and though aces were not a problem, lists with many ships or really beefy ones were a real struggle. Also regen Jedi were a pain, but I guess that’s a bit less of a problem now... That’s why I switched Han to Rey, to hit harder and kill faster and then clean up with Poe when she dies... but found Poe wasn’t punchy enough, so I took out Poe and put Han back in again... i need a lot more games under my belt to reach any conclusion...
  2. How do you think it will go against separatist swarms or rebel beef? Those are my biggest concerns with a list like this
  3. I tried a fat Guri as Dengar's wingman once against triple IG. Dengar was supposed to kill or at least cripple one IG before dying, but my opponent rolled 7 natural evades and an eyeball out of 9 greens (2 pro torps from Dengar and one shot from Guri), so Guri had to face 2 and a half IGs all by herself. As I'm no Phil GC, I was only able to kill one full IG and leave another one on 2 hull when she died... With average dice, I think Guri is really good for mopping up once Dengar has taken care of any enemy who would hunt Guri otherwise
  4. I didn’t play the “standard” Han/Rey. I played this list: Han/Rey (65) Han Solo [Scavenged YT-1300] (5) Kaydel Connix (6) Korr Sella (2) Contraband Cybernetics (5) Lone Wolf (2) Rey's Millennium Falcon Points: 85 (70) Rey [Scavenged YT-1300] (3) Freelance Slicer (9) Rose Tico (3) Heightened Perception (10) Finn (4) Stealth Device Points: 99 Total points: 184 P.S I might change the title back to Rey. At least once every game I wished I had it to boost after being stressed
  5. I played Han/Rey yesterday. 3 friendly games against the same opponent. 2 games against Boba Fenn (first one I gave him the initiative, and the 2nd game I let him drop fearless to outbid me so he gave me first player). I baited with Han and punched hard on Fenn when he decided to go for Rey. Fenn died in one round (R2 from Han with LW and focus forced him to spend his focus and still take 1 damage, and R3 from Rey (4 hits) got the best of him). 2nd game putting Han on the table before Fenn wasn’t as cool but I decided to bait again and I still got 2 good shots on Fenn first round, leaving him on 1 hull, and dropping him next round. I think going for Fenn is the key here. Third game was against rebel beef (Ten, Braylen, Dutch, Garven). I was really lucky to pull this one out, with key dice in key moments. I probably should have lost this one.
  6. A Holdo thread was going on way back in February. I even made a list pretty much like @Flurpy’s bucket list, but with zizi instead of L’ulo, as she’s harder to kill. I’ll link the Holdo thread here if you don’t mind, there were really useful ideas there. Btw, @gennataos is right. Rey can’t pass bucket her TL as you no longer have a Blue TL Token to pass, you can only pass along the red ones.
  7. The Attack shuttle ability to barrel roll and link to evade. It triggers Ezra’s ability because it stresses you
  8. I played 4-5 games with FO when 2.0 dropped, but I finally settled with Rebels, Resistance, Republic, and some scum, so I sold my FO collection. Now with the quarantine and all, I downloaded vassal and have been playing FO aces all the time. Vonreg (daredevil) Holo (proud) & Kylo (optics). Really enjoying these red ships
  9. That title under these quarantine circumstances is asking for trouble... clickbait!
  10. Yup, here in Spain the Government looked at Italy over the shoulder, and did nothing about it. We now fear they’ve wasted too much precious time, our rates are even scarier than Italy’s...
  11. I just downloaded Vassal this morning and signed up to a league... cross your fingers!
  12. What upgrades on the wingmates? I'm thinking sense could be very useful with Intimidation Arvel
  13. How about Corran? If you get rid of the title (I don’t know if you use it much or are too stressed from Maul) you can fit an R2-D2, FCS Corran. I might steal your Leia build, just like I did with your miranda build hehe
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