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  1. RoockieBoy

    Brobots, ffg you did it!

    I think 4-Lom prefers A @ B as his buddies, due to his ability to get extra calculates, and also having a Cannon slot for that sweet 0p Jamming beam
  2. RoockieBoy

    Best guess on Anakins Ability

    ok I might have mixed it up hehe
  3. RoockieBoy

    Best guess on Anakins Ability

    I think I read someone saying he had some sort of supernatural reflexes, but only by being able to do a BR before revealing dial, by spending force. Not sure if it's correct or not
  4. RoockieBoy

    Arc with 2 x E-wing escort

    I'm using 2 Rogues (one with Swarm Tactics), R3 and protorps next to a Swarm Tactics Wedge, and it's working pretty well
  5. RoockieBoy

    wEdgE alpha torps

    Got another League Night game with the list, against Wedge/Thane/Biggs/AP-5. Sadly, I took no pictures... I got the first engagement I wanted, with all my ships at R2-3 of Biggs and R3 of enemy Wedge. Thane and AP-5 were too far to contribute. Biggs exploded after Wedge's shot and a Proton Torpedo. Enemy Wedge lost one shield, while he and Thane only managed 2 shields on one E-Wing. Next turn I blocked the enemy Wedge with the wounded E-Wing, and took him down to 1 hull, while losing last shield on the damaged E-Wing to Thane. Next turn enemy Wedge dropped, and Thane got down to half health, including a crit, which he repaired with an AP-5 coordination. A few turns later Thane died, while the damaged E-Wing got down to 1 hull. Time was called shortly after, with all my ships on the table and only a 2 hull AP-5 alive, which was constantly getting evade focus on his Lando rolls, which saved him from dying. 2-0 in the League and feeling really good about the list. If you manage to get the alpha strike, you're in a really good position for the rest of the game.
  6. RoockieBoy

    Juke vs 1 Agility is harsh.

    Yep. The opponent modifies your evade dice (If they can), and then you get to modify yours. So if you have a focus token, and the opponent jukes your evade result, you can spend your focus on defense to get an evade, or spend Ten Numb's stress for the same result. If you don't have a focus token and your evade result is juked, you can re-roll that eyeball with Elusive. So in your list, you roll very few green dice, but have some options available to modify them.
  7. RoockieBoy

    Juke vs 1 Agility is harsh.

    Juke turns an evade into an "eyeball"... you could either spend one focus to turn it into an evade again, or a stress from Ten Nunb. Not saying it's easy, but not unbeatable. You could even use Elusive after he jukes!
  8. RoockieBoy

    wEdgE alpha torps

    So here's the list I decided to run in the extended format after the points adjustment Wedge Antilles — T-65 X-Wing 52 Swarm Tactics 3 Servomotor S-foils 0 Ship Total: 55 Rogue Squadron Escort — E-Wing 56 Swarm Tactics 3 Proton Torpedoes 12 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 74 Rogue Squadron Escort — E-Wing 56 Proton Torpedoes 12 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 71 200p I played a game against Blackout/Recoil/QD and won quite easily, so I decided to take it to the league night in my store. I played against Whisper/Vader/Soontir. I deployed on my right and he deployed on his right, far from my ships. I could tell he was scared of my proton torpedoes. I slow rolled to see where he would go. He started flanking with soontir and Whisper, leaving Vader a bit behind, so I went full straight after him, and I caught him in a corner. (In the picture below, Soontir, Wedge and Vader all still have to move). Soontir didn't engage, thinking I would turn all my ships on him, so he had no shot. Wedge did a 4s to get near the E-Wings. Vader did a 3 turn, and an after burners boost to get some cover from the debris, a BR to get more distance, and focused. First proton was awesome, as I got all 4 hits without spending any tokens, but he rolled 3 paint on his greens, and with the force, he only lost one shield. He got the force back with hate, as well. Next torp was obstructed, and I was only able to get 3 hits, after spending focus + TL, and he got 3 paint out of 4 evades! So after 2 full modded torps I had managed... one shield. Great. Wedge was too far to shoot. Next turn I 1 banked right, as I feared he would try to 2 turn + BR to his right and arc dodge both E-Wings. Also I couldn't turn with the farthest E-Wing as only the 1 hard would fit, and it's red, so I wouldn't be able to TL again. Vader saw it coming and 3 banked + afterburners left him out of both E-Wings' arcs, but at R1 of a focused Wedge. Wedge whiffed only getting 2 and Vader rolled 2 nattie evades! Amazing start for the Dark Lord of the Sith, blocking 8 out of 9 damage without any evade tokens (As the 2.0 Tie Advanced doesn't have Evade action)! Between Soontir and Vader they got half of Wedge! Next turn though, Vader had no choice but to go through a rock, so he decided to 4k, losing a shield in the process. Both E-Wings did a segnor's loop, one of them getting double stressed by the debris. Wedge 4kd, and in the combat phase, both Soontir and Wedge exploded, leaving me behind by 1p. Next turn I tried to catch Vader in both arcs, but only one E-Wing could. Vader did a 5s through the same rock, but this time took no damage. The E-Wing did 4 damage with the TL+Focus, but Vader rolled 2 evades and one focus, only taking one more! Vader's greens are getting out of hand...but at least I got half points on him, and there's like 10 minutes left. Next turn Whisper decides to show up, as she's been avoiding the fight for too long. I kinda see it coming, and we both meet at R1. (In the pic, Vader hasn't moved yet). Whisper gets half points on the unfocused E-Wing, but she is taken down despite getting 4 evades (3 natties, one evade spent). Luck was on my side (finally) and she got a direct hit, which ended her. A few turns later Vader got the healthy E-wing down to half points, while I got Vader down to 1 hull, before time was called. Rebel victory 160-128
  9. RoockieBoy

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    The kit will be handed to everyone when it arrives. It’s been done before, and while it’s a lot better to receive it on spot, I wouldn’t mind much. The tournament date was announced early in december, so when the new-points date was announced, it was just a case of bad luck. I think having everyone change their lists the day before would have been a lot worse. I’m sure you haven’t been to Asturias, nor have you tasted their awesome food... people go to that tournament mostly to have fun meeting old friends, eating nice food, and drinking a lot... the X-Wing part is just a bonus
  10. RoockieBoy

    Rebel Alpha Torp with wEdgE (extended)

    Swarms can be a problem, as I’m only bringing 3 ships, but I think I can erase one ship on the first round with the Proton Torpedoes, and maybe another one on the 2nd round before it fires. Still have to play more games to get the feeling
  11. RoockieBoy

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    You are correct. Lists were to be submitted on the 27th, and points came out on the 28th. The Tournament took place the 2nd and 3rd of February. I was going to go but heavy snow and rainy days ruined my family trip, so i had to cancel it... I watched some games on stream was surprised I saw lots more First Order than I thought there would be, I think the point adjustment messed up the few little tricks they had (Tie SFs with homing missiles, Squad Leader/Swarm tactics Null, SNR Kylo...) In fact i think most First order lists had Null... I’ll try to post a link to the Top16 lists, but I’m on my phone, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15jY5Q4eSB2HUr9qhEn5dQm3sBF6NgSARDwgm2NfVGZ0/htmlview Ok I think I got it
  12. Hi guys! Since 2.0 dropped, I played Corran a lot, because it was my 1.0 favorite pilot. The new E-wing stats (extra hull), action bar (boost, linked action) and dial improvement (segnors, 1 hard, 4 straight blue) were really good...but the high cost of the ship wasn't. Now with the point adjustments everyone was talking about the triple E-Wings with torpedoes, but what about just going for 2, and adding Wedge with Swarm tactics? You can potentially erase a huge threat in the 1st round of fire without letting that ship fire back. That should make things easier... I only played it once, against Blackout, QD and Recoil, and I won easily, even though my proton torpedoes did less than average damage. I was able to get QD to 1 health after the first round of fire, and a few turns later I erased Blackout before he could finish my wounded E. I only lost half health on Wedge and half health on an E-Wing, and killed all three enemy ships. Let's see if I can get more games with it soon. Wedge Antilles — T-65 X-Wing 52 Swarm Tactics 3 Servomotor S-foils 0 Ship Total: 55 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 3 Rogue Squadron Escort — E-Wing 56 Swarm Tactics 3 Proton Torpedoes 12 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 74 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 3 Rogue Squadron Escort — E-Wing 56 Proton Torpedoes 12 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 71 Half Points: 36 Threshold: 3 200p
  13. RoockieBoy

    They're up!!!

    Seevor went up 2p
  14. RoockieBoy

    The S/F Swarm

    Cool! Thanks!