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  1. ROUND 6 vs FERNANDO (Jendon, 2 Cluster Gunboats, 2 Barrage Bombers): So here we are, 4-1 with a chance to make the cut. I get paired against a heavy hitter list. I have to be very careful not to get Han into a bad spot. First turn Han gets TLd by all enemy ships with Jendon's ability. Corran tries to flank. First engagement one of the Gunboats has got too close with the slam, so Han rotates arc front and gets a R3 obstructed shot into a tokenless gunboat. Lady luck smiles, and I get 3 hits, while Fernando blanks out and loses 3 shields. Next turn is really important. Han has to choose his maneuver well , as he can get into a really bad spot if they go too fast. I take the safest route, going for a 2 hard to my board edge, and boost, so only one ship is in range, but the boost gets me close to the edge of the board... Corran whiffs but I decide to save the TL for next turn. Next turn the 2 hard to stay on the board fits ok, but I'm slowly getting trapped by the enemy ships. Luckily for me, Fernando has sent one bomber away to harass Corran, so only one barrage rocket will be fired. THe 2 gunboats will have to fire primary R3 shots. Han suffers some damage and a Fuel Leak crit, but it could have been worse... Corran double taps the wounded Gunboat and takes him off the board, with no cluster missiles spent. Next turn I hope Jendon goes fast so I can bump him, but the 2 hard fits by a hair's width, so I will get a R1 shot on Han from the Lambda. Luckily for me, Jendon spent his action coordinating a focus to the closest bomber, who ends up without a shot, even with a BR. The other bomber is still trying to come back so this turn onlt Jendon and the living Gunboat will fire at Han. Han's R1 shot on the bomber gets some damage through, as well as Corran's R3 shot, leaving him on half points. Jendon whiffs, and Han only loses 1 shield, which he regenerates with R2-D2. A few turns later Han runs away safely while damaging the bombers. One of them is left on 1 hull, while the other one is almost at half health. Corran loses 2 shields in the process, but is able to regen one of them. The following turn I double tap with Corran to finish the wounded bomber but he survives on 1 hull. Corran takes no damage. Last turns of the game before time is called, I'm finally able to finish the wounded bomber, while getting the other one below half. Han is halved, but Corran holds his last shield. Win 95-56 With a 5-1 record I make the Cut, but my MOV sucks so I end up the 31st, the last of the 5-1s. It's really funny how I managed to get the HIGHEST MOV in Bologna SoS with the same list, and the LOWEST MOV here... So in the Top 32 I get paired with my squadmate playing a variation of Rebel Beef (Cassian, Braylen, Wedge and Dutch). It's a matchup I really wanted to avoid, as we had spent the week practising for the Open, playing 6 games at my house with the same lists. Btw I won 5 of those 6 games, but all of them were really close. I didn't take any pics of the game as we were on the stream table. I'll leave the link here if you want to watch it. It's in Spanish, though. And remember, we were using the old points! Thanks for reading!
  2. ROUND 5 vs DANIEL CASTANHO (Asajj, Teroch, 4-Lom): I met Daniel in 2017, in the Tatooine Open. We played in the 6th Round and I knocked him out of Day 2, but the last year he became the Spanish National Runner up, losing in the final. He was seeking revenge! Back in 1.0 I hated Asajj, as I used a lot of attani scyk lists, and her ability made it so difficult for me. Corran also hated being stressed. Luckily for me, she doesn't get played much, but here our paths crossed... Han tried to draw attention while Corran flanked. I tried a R3 shot on 4-Lom, and plinked a shield off, but I felt I had over comitted Corran, and got him in a bad spot... Next turn Corran runs away, and only 4-Lom and Asajj get a R3 shot on me, but I blank out and lose 3 shields! A few turns later Corran has regen'd 2 shields, but is being cornered by all the Scum ships. I make a risky move trying to do something Daniel doesn't expect, and it pays off. Not only do I escape all enemy arcs, but I'm able to get a R1 shot into 4-Lom, getting half points on him. Han plinks a shield off Asajj. Next turn I have to do a blue maneuver, as 4-Lom passed me his stress (still had one more son no AS), and decide to break all 3 TLs with the Spare Parts Canisters. Han does a few more damage into 4-Lom, leaving him on 2 hull. I try to finish off 4-Lom but he runs away, and then blocks Corran, so I end up going after Teroch with Han. Due to Asajj's stress dealing ability Han gets caught in a bad spot and takes a beating. But Teroch blanks and is left on 1 hull, with the panicked pilot crit! Both Teroch and 4-Lom run away, so I end up going after Asajj. I even get a TL'd focused double tap with Corran into Asajj, but I blank and she evades well. Asajj is left 1 damage shy from giving me half points. Time is almost finished and I need to kill 4-Lom or Teroch and not lose half points on Corran to win. I finally kill 4-Lom with Han, and on the last roll of the game I get enough evades with Corran, so I still have 1 shield left, winning on points. Win 89-56
  3. ROUND 4 vs ORIOL (4x Ion Gunboats, Fel): After the lunch break I would have to face a horrible list for me. Ions are a hard matchup for Han, as he can't go fast like he wants to, nor stop. And Corran can get trapped as well and easily killed by Fel. I started keeping the distance with Han and trying to trade shots only 1vs 1, but Oriol was rolling good greens, so I wasn't even scratching the paint. A couple turns later Corran turns in... Then the bumpfest begins... Both Corran and Han lose 2 shields but at least they're not ion'd. I'm still unable to get my first hit through... I try to get Soontir while the gunboats turn around... I shoot him with both of my ships but still nothing. Next turn I get really aggressive with a 3 bank on Corran, leaving Fel at R1. Luckily for me, the BR doesn't fit, so he's stuck in arc. Both Han and Corran fire, and between the two I only manage to sneak a crit through. Luckily for me, it's a direct hit. Yay! Corran is only fired by 1 gunboat. It's a R3 through a rock, and it gets 2 hits. I only need to evade one to not get ion'd... but I blank my 5 greens and Corran is in BIG trouble... Next turn Corran regens as he'll have to go throuch a rock, which takes away my new shield. 1 hull Soontir also goes through the rock but no problem for him. Gunboats turn on Corran to keep ioning him, while one attempts to block Han and leave him without a shot on Fel, but the Jugde we called says there's arc, so Fel dies. Corran is Ion'd again. Next turn Han is able to halve the blue gunboat, while Corran regens another shield, which is again lost thanks to the rock. Corran survives on 1 hull but is Ion'd again, walking too close to the board edge... Another turn goes by and Corran is finally able to get his action, but he'll be getting 2 R1 shots. Han is able to kill the wounded Gunboat. With less than 10 minutes on the clock, I realize I'm winning on points by a 13p margin. All I have to do is keep Han from giving half points, and I win. The gunboats start slamming to get close to Han, and the red one gets a damage and 2 ions through. One more damage and I'm done for. Luckily I'm able to arc dodge 2 of the 3 gunboats in the last turn with a really close boost, and Han is safe... It was THAT close. I win 89-76
  4. ROUND 3 vs ANTONIO (Fenn/Guri/Teroch): I had the upper hand here. His ships would all move before Han, and only Fenn would do it after Corran. Handbrake Han is a really hard matchup for the scum aces. Corran TLd Guri, as without AS I felt I could get a shot on her easily. Fenn moved more aggresively than the other 2, but we did no damage to each other. After a few rounds we engaged with all our ships. Guri was too far, but Corran would take 2 R2 shots. I evaded Fenn's shot but he used crack shot so I lost one shield. I spent the Focus to defend from Teroch's attack. Han got 3 hits at R2 of Fenn, but he evaded them. Corran also failed to hurt Fenn on his first shot, but I decided to double tap and got a lucky crit through.. Disabled power regulator! I didn't take anymore pictures, but it was really tense and nailbiting match. Antonio knew he had very little chances of winning if he screwed up, so he played very conservatively, and it wasn't until I got half points on Guri that the outcome seemed to get decided. He even had a last turn chance to get Corran to half points and win, but Han did one damage to Fenn on that last round, getting him to half health. Corran also evaded the shots and stayed above half points. Win 77-0
  5. ROUND 2 vs Villano (Anakin/Mace/Luminara): Another game against Republic. I felt confident, but I would have to be more careful as I almost lost my Rd1 game when it was all going so well... He deployed his ships very far from one another, so I zoomed Corran and went after Luminara. We traded shots and I was able to strip 2 shields, but I also lost one. Han tried to get in their tail. Next round all 3 ships went hard after Corran, but I was able to get away, only being attacked by Mace, who took another shield off. Han attacked Mace, and stripped 2 shields. Next turn I made a Huge mistake. Instead of making them chase Han, I turned to them. The idea was to do a 3 turn and boost past, to make them chase me and leave Corran space to regen and re engage, but the boost didn't fit... should have done a 2 turn... The Jedi did 8 out of 9 hits only with the force, as they had no TLs. Luckily Han evaded 4 of them with all the rerolls, the force and a focus. Next turn I tried to run away, but I couldn't get far enough, and was really punished for that. Once again jedi dice were hot, getting 9 out of 9 hits, some of them being crits, like the first hit hit crit attack, with the crit being Fuel leak. As he didn't have TLs, and only force I didn't expect him to punish me so hard, but he did. Next attack was again hit hit crit, with the crit being Hull breach, which triggered fuel leak for another damage card... which was flipped up by the hull breach... you know where this is heading... Han ended up like this... The game was basicly over, as I couldn't do anything but go straight or I would take TWO damage and die, and I had too many crits to flip... Han was able to survive one more round before getting killed by Anakin Corran fought as hard as he could but against 3 really mobile ships it was impossible Loss 61-200
  6. Hi guys! I know it's been a while, and there's been a points update in between, but here's my Spanish System Open batrep, where I take Inert Fat Han and Corran for a last spin. Here's the list: Han Solo, Trick Shot, R2-D2, Kanan, Engine Upgrade, Inertial Dampeners 112p Corran Horn, FCS, R2 Astro, Spare Parts Canisters 76p Total 188p ROUND 1 vs JON (Anakin, Mace, Wolffe): After a few rounds baiting with Han and running away I had already taken 2 shields off Wolffe, losing none. Finally he converges on Corran, leaving Han a R1 shot on Anakin if I stop. I did, and TLd Anakin for a nice R1 shot. Mace was too far away, son Corran would only take Wolffe's R2 unmodded shot (only his reroll) and Anakin's R3 force-modded shot. Han and Corran did bad things to Anakin, leaving him on 1 hull, with the panicked pilot crit. Corran lost 2 shields, and Han lost 1 to the Inertial Dampeners Next turn I thought Anakin would disengage and regen, so I decided to regen myself, and try to bump Wolffe to avoid being shot by 2 ships. It was a pity to see Anakin bump Wolffe, which would have left Corran a R1 bullseye shot if I hadn't regen'd. Mace got a R1 shot on Corran. Han was only able to strip Anakin's new shield, and Corran lost his regen'd shield to Mace. After chsing Anakin for several rounds I wasn't able to finish him, so I started putting hurt on Wolffe. Corran disengaged and regen'd with his last R2 charge. Wolffe decided to go after Corran And finally we met I had to double tap with Corran in order to finish the ARC, but it was worth it. Corran lost its last shield to the clone. Han had 1 shield left, Anakin had regen'd with its last R2 charge, and Mace was untouched. Time was almost up and I was winning on points, but if I lost half points on Han I would lose if I didn't finish Anakin. Even though I tried, I was unable to finish Anakin and Han lost half points, but Corran spent the spare parts canister charge to gain another R2 charge and regen above half, giving me a 92-56 victory. Win 92-56
  7. Anything to add those who were at Gen Con? How was this ruled?
  8. I’ll be playing the list this afternoon, it really caught my attention... all the blame to @GreenDragoon
  9. No idea, it’s not my list 😂. In fact, I don’t play Empire, but I think it’s cool the Deci seems to start showing up
  10. Rear Admiral Chiraneau + Darth Vader + Shield Upgrade + Fifth Brother Captain Oicunn + Shield Upgrade + Death Troopers + 0-0-0 + Intimidation + Dauntless + BT-1 6-0 and First in Swiss in a 43p Hyperspace. 2nd best MOV. Lost in top8 though.
  11. Yeap you’re right. I didn’t mention it as I thought it was clear you would never pay 10p for a shield and 2 red boosts you never use... you’d be better off with just a shield upgrade (8p), so the reason you take it is to get another mod slot to make Guri fatter. Phil GC’s Guri makes good use of all those slots!
  12. I used virago boost once, to arc dodge an entire swarm that was all around Guri, and could easily block my AS shenanigans the following turn with blocks and BRs. That way I forced them all to k turn. I just did a 3 Straight and disengaged. Another time I used it to get into R1 of a tugboat, to prevent it from tractoring me next turn, as the 1 straight wouldn’t fit. I think those are the only times I can remember using it, in something like 30 games...
  13. Virago is only taken for the extra modification slot if you’re going to go full fat. If not, just avoid it...
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