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  1. Thank you very much for all the time you sink into this. Removing the point limit is like a dream coming true. Keep it up; you are the best!
  2. Hey there, I think what he means is that ships remain on the board until the turn ends. So when i.e. when killing a ship that has ini2 with a ship that has ini3 the destroyed ship remains on board until turn ends. But the ship is not removed directly after being destroyed.
  3. Just had the same problem. As it seems it is connected to the TIE SF. The bonus attack obviously has to be skipped sometimes when you face them as opponent.
  4. As always: Thank you very much for the release. You rare really doin and awesome job there!
  5. I try. Press and hold the Windows-button (the button between CTRL and Alt) and press the R-Button. A little window opens. In this windows type in regedit and click ok. Another windows opens. Click the little arrow left from HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Click the little arrow left from Software. Click the little arrow left from Sandrem. Click Fly Casual: X-Wing TMG Simulator Now you got several entries on the right side of the window. Rightclick Animations Speed and click delete (next to Animations Speed there are some random numbers and characters). Do same for Maneuver Speed. Close the opened windows. Done. When you restart fly casual now the settings should have been reset. please don't try to move the bars again since the error is not fixed by that Cheers, Shadow
  6. Hello there, if there are more players around that cannot reset the animation- and maneuver speed. Here is where you can find it at the registry (WIN+R - type in "regedit"): HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sandrem\Fly Casual: X-Wing TMG Simulator Delete maneuver_speed and animation_speed keys there. That resets the values without risk.
  7. I keep it short. You guys...are the f***in BEST!! Just a minor problem. I wanted to speed up the animations. But the bar went down to lowest and may not be moved anymore. Also I cannot click "default". Maybe when you find some time to fix it that would be awesome. Cheers, shadow
  8. As already written before I want to be sure the game will continue and not fall apart after V2 is printed. In this case it would just be a waste of money. If you want to attract new players to the game you need to play at least with the ships as they are now and not as they once have been. To make it easier to understand. I pick all my stuff and go to the store or invite friends to my house. I find noone playin x-wing or noone with ships. So I share my ships to play. Then (happens rarely but happens). Another two players are interested in learning or playing. So those get some of my ships too. A big collections makes it possible to supply up to 6 players with all they need to start playing. For me personally it is important to know if the game has a future since I of course want all the new ships too. In the same amounts as I bought ships before. But if the game would not have a future it wouldn't make any sense to convert just to be able to play 4 new ships. I hope that makes it easier to understand. Have a nice Sunday.
  9. As mentioned before this is just wrong. I play custom format and epic almost exclusively. Around 200-400 points (V1) without epic ships. So 20 TIEs on the table can happen and did happen already. Also 10 Interceptors or 6 punishers and so on and so on. Also I share my ships with others that don't own any to show em the beauty of x-wing I forgot to mention that there is a sellout at my store with up to 30% reduced prices (+10% extra reduce due to my "premium-customer"-bonus). That is the reason why thinking about converting now and not later on.
  10. Of course I want to keep on collecting and playing new ships. Since finally the Aethersprite is around I can't wait for flying "her". And I am pretty optimistic that the N1 will join the armada too Thanks once more for all the replies. I am really glad the most communities converted and the future of the game seems to be safe.
  11. Well...saying the collection is huge is pretty much an understatement - just as an example we have 21 TIE-fighters , 11 Interceptors, 6 Firesprays, 8 Y-wings and so on and so on. And since we play custom format and epic only we need the dials and cards for all of em. And yes - we would of course buy them at the local store completely. Maybe this will prevent they keep on thinking about dropping x-Wing.
  12. As mentioned before I wanted to have a global overview about the player-base. It is not about finding other players around but to be sure the game has a future before investing several 100€. It is good to see that a solid amount of players has converted so there will be more waves. So the problem seems to affect only a "minor" part of the european markets. That is all I wanted to know. So thank you very much for all the replies. I am very confident now that switching to V2 shouldn't be a problem.
  13. You cannot even imagine how glad I am to read that. So we will convert! It is not that important for me that the local community grows or falls apart. I just want to be sure it doesn't vanish that hard globally and the future of X-wing is safe. Thanks a lot for all the answers. Feel still free to comment if you did not yet.
  14. Hello there everyone. Last week I have been to my local store to check the german prices for the V2 packs. Sadly the owner of the store told me that 80-90% of the former buyers didn't convert to V2 and don't plan to do so. That wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't the flagship-store nr. 1 for Germany! Maybe the store will even stop selling x-wing stuff because of the bad sales!! So...what the heck do I want from you now? I know the german community for sure isn't the biggest around. So I want to know if in your stores there are still enough players around? Why is that important? When I and my friend convert to V2 that means spending 500-700€ just to get the old ships to V2 (without buying the new ones). It would be pretty much a waste if the game is going down and won't be supportet anymore soon. I know this is hard to predict but I am sure here are some tournament- and core-players around that can at least tell how the playerbase developed at their locations. Don't get me wrong. X-Wing still is my favorite tabletop and I played V2 online a lot to be sure I still love it. And I do. I just would like your opinion about the player-bases at your locations since here x-wing ain't a top-seller any more. Thanks
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