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  1. If that was true, there wouldn't be any qurey whatsoever. Yet there was.
  2. We've dumped the Path cards (players are free to enter the Woodland; they gain a Destiny at Meeting With Destiny and move to the Forest). This makes the Woodland much more accessible and not such a nightmare. Thoughts?
  3. The Priest, by some distance. His abilities are pants *and* he's got a restriction.
  4. Have only played against him, but 7/10 sounds right.
  5. A strong 7/10. As Jenna pointed out, the movement ability is great. And in addition to her refighting, she has 3 fate.
  6. 10/10. Ridiculously overpowered. Should lose 1 Str and only be able to win stand-offs in battle.
  7. 6/10. Gets stomped by characters like the Troll, but is the Warlock's nemesis.
  8. 4/10. He's very well balanced, but yeah, a bit crap.
  9. I'd say 7. As has been said above, she's at the mercy of luck with her Forces of Darkness roll, but after a couple of 4s and 5s, she's pretty **** strong.
  10. Jesus, do you guys play any other games? In every single game that uses cards, the default option is to shuffle the discard pile once the deck is exhausted!
  11. Take something perfectly simple and turn it into... pffft 1) Each player rolls a die. (The order doesn't matter.) 2) The results are compared. The player with the highest result wins that much gold. But... 2a) If the highest results are tied, each player with the highest result rerolls until there is a single winner. The winner gains the amount of gold on his final die roll.
  12. Why the hell hasn't the other character used the Rod of Ruin? It should be used as soon as one of your opponents has gained 2 Strength/Craft! To act as a deterrent. To give a message to other players saying: "whoever messes with me first will suffer". Risky to say the least. There are lots of ways to lose objects these days.
  13. You can fix the Scribe by changing the last sentence to: "You can only do this once per spell."
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