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  1. thanks a lot for your answer yeah it more or less clear things, i thought there was a explanation for every traits so it is more like depending on each situation / card itself... i suppose getting used with game mechanic it will appaear more logical to me i think it is something it has to be discussed with the players thanks pal,
  2. hi everyone, sorry if it has been asked already i browsed the forum and internet but found no clear answer the actions cards have traits: some are obvious but some are pretty unclear... like i was wondering why one has judgement on it, found that it was for withchunter, some has "reaction/teamwork" what does it mean ? it's meant to be use when you are hit and an other PC is close to you ? i've been searching through main books (player, guide master, bestiary) but didnt find charts explaining clearly all the traits of the action cards did i miss a chapter ? thanks a lot
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