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  1. I added an (U? O?) FAQ based on the preview of the Hero Thaiden Mistpeak regarding when his heroic ability is allowed.
  2. Heya I pushed the version of the wiki to 1.1 Notable changes: New template for Heroes New templates for FAQs: FAQ UFAQ OFAQ Framework for automatic lists of pages using templates: Example for Heroes: This framework can now be applied to all other pages using the templates (e.g. Items)
  3. Regarding the release interval: I'm not sure it really matters how often the CRRG is updated. IMO what matter more is that the release cycle is known. Since you are the only one working on it, just pick an interval and people will happily look forward to the next release
  4. Heya Yes when i started working on the wiki the initial motivation was to have on each page an FAQ section which shows the uFAQs with references and links. I quickly realised i had to rewrite all templates to get this working. Template(s) is/are updated for: * Cards (Skills, Items, Relics, Familiars, Servants, Tainted, Overlord, Plot) * Heroes Not done yet: * Monsters * Lieutenants / Agents * Quests I could really use help to add the FAQ/UFAQ/OFAQ templates. (I haven't really started adding them actually...) An example for a done page is: The templates contain the documentation how to use them:
  6. handbow

    No this is not a free attack. You use it how you would use any other weapon, with the limitation that you can do it only once per turn. The difference is that this weapon counts as a trinket and does not "use up your hands". --> You can equip this ranged weapon even if you already have 2x 1hand weapons or 1x 2hand weapon.
  7. The Conversion Kit. Even if you don't have all the figurines, it gives the heroes a lot more options to play different heroes. Simply use one of the hero figurines you have when using a different hero sheet.
  8. Heya. Not sure if someone is interested in a Discord Server for Descent, but i set one up anyway. It can be found at or is announced on The forum(s) is/are a great resource (it is persistent and searchable), but sometimes you just want to chat
  9. Full disclaimer: While my group agrees it's RAW, it's not in the spirit of this card. This card is intended to have a cost (4 damage to another monster) and circumventing the cost shifts the power level of this card considerably in favor of the overlord (too much in their opinion).
  10. So we're in the middle of the quest now and i'm playing it that i'm allowed to to spawn the raven flock on juliden. Silidus, thank you for the argument that the trigger is "placing it next to a monster" and the subsequent 4 damage are a consequence of this trigger. I'm still not sure how much this changes the balance since it's now 3 monsters a turn on juliden instead of 2 zombies. Will see next week when we finish the quest
  11. Well this is a different quest. And the apparitions actually have a way of being defeated. --> The heroes can target and attack them.
  12. Our group will play the quest Juliden's Keep from Mists of Bilehall. The rules state that Juliden is a monster in it's own group. However it doesn't have any health, cannot suffer any :Heart:, Conditions or be defeated. How would this play out in combination with the Overlord card "Call of the Ravens" and it's Servant "Raven Flock". In my interpretation I am allowed to place the Raven Flock and then deal 4 damage to Juliden. Since Juliden doesn't take damage nothing will happen. My group argues that since Juliden doesn't have any Health I am not allowed to deal damage to it.
  13. In Switzerland it kind of impossible to find (english) copies of the game. I ended up buying everything directly from FFG or some other shops in the US, (even if the shipping is more expensive). When the total of the order is in the range of 500$~800$ the shipping doesn't weight as much. Usually I'm not the only one needing something so when a group of a few orders together you get that high of an order quite easily.
  14. Hi everyone Almost as if Sadgit had planned it, the release of the excellent CRRG was two days before my planned release of a new Descent Wiki. So here it is at Why a new Wiki? We already have one. I'm right now with 1500 edit gap to the next the most active committer on the already existing descent wiki at wikia. I wrote lots of templates to make the pages look uniform and changed almost all of the pages. However wikia doesn't allow access to the site-wide css and doesn't allow changes on the skin-css. This limits severely what i can do. Since i'm basically the only one actively working on it i could as well just move to my own wiki. Wikia is overloaded with advertisement. 3/4 of the page is advertisement. Adblock fixes parts of that but it still is unbearable. My main problem is that wikias focus is on the adverts and not on the content. I want to have a wiki without any adverts. Running different website testing software, a given descent-community wiki site is consistently about 1/4 the size of a comparable wikia site. (~800KB~1MB vs. 3.5MB~5MB depending on advertisement) The mobile skin of wikia is broken. Like... really unfixable broken. My goal is to be able to visit the wiki with my mobile phone to look something up fast without the page being broken. Removal of the visual editor. It just doesn't work. Whichever page is edited with the visual editor contains afterwards broken code and has to be fixed by hand. Better not enable it at all than have to cope with this mess. TLDR; No advertisement Working MobileSkin Access to backend (css, extensions, layout) Current State The descent-community wiki is a fork of the wikia wiki (content wise). It uses MediaWiki 1.27.1 (update to 1.28.0 is in the pipeline) New Look-and-Feel (skin, layout, etc.) is complete Most of the cleanup of the conversion-damage is done (i keep finding small stuff...) Next Steps Currently doing cleanup on stuff which wasn't possible on the wikia (e.g. proper gallery) Add support to the Card Template for Monsters and Lieutenants Add a template for Heroes Convert all the missing pages which aren't using the templates yet (mostly plot-cards, i could use some help on that) Convert the existing templates to use classes instead of inline-css (this allows the templates to look better on mobile since i can have skin specific classes) An updated list can be found here: BR Matthias