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  1. Well they are available through the conversion kit :)
  2. I'm usually the overlord. I have a seat at the head of the table. On the table i keep my Plotcards, Monstercards, Overlordcards and discardpile. I have my own set of cice. I have two additional chairs left and right slightly behind me with all the boxes where all not (yet) used material is. My players are at the side of the table and have their normal material: Herosheet, inventory, skills, all tokens for their specific class and hero (fatigue, health, etc.) 2 players together have a set of dice (each side of the table) On the other head of the table there's a box with the leftover hero material.
  3. Slightly OT: My i suggest Heroes for the list of existing Heroes With the lists by archetype here (Healers, Mages, Warriors, Scouts)
  4. Well IMO if you go that (house rule) route, then you can remove the requirement for movement from trading altogether. The movement action is the "cost" of trading.
  5. We houserule that you can't use rumours in Bilehall/Chains, because it doesn't make sense to be trapped in the mistlands one moment, and go save princesses from a dragon in the next
  6. Well then i guess it comes down the the interpretation of "can not suffer damage in excess of your health". Similar to the linked uFAQ regarding stamina, that the tokens stay there even if your maximum health changed. You still can suffer as long as you have the armor/skill equipped. The way we play it, you don't loose a HP when you remove the Armor. It just reduces the maximum you can have. Ok, if you remove it when you are at max health then you loose one... It makes sense in the system where you pile damage on your sheet. The armor increases the amount of damage you can endure.
  7. My group and I still houserule/handle our health as in Descent 1e where you start with the number of health as hearts on your sheet and take hearts away when you get damaged. You get KO'd when you're at 0 hearts on your sheet. From this point of view it makes more sense. When you get revived you get a number of health, no matter what your maximum health is. Regarding RAW: For me the question is: do KO'd heroes even get to perform the equip phase?
  8. Yeah seems to be 16mm link Some I've measured are down to 15.6 (greeen), but the 6 black ones i have all seems to be consistently 16mm.
  9. A kickstarter may not be a bad idea. However what i've heard from other people starting one, you want to be pretty far with what you want to do before you make it public. And be very sure how much you're going to spend on actually producing the product, otherwise you might end up paying more then what you get. (That' being said, i certainly would back such a kickstarter :D) I added a photo of my act 2 monster stack (filename act2_monsters_height.jpg). Again, slightly squeezed and used to be a lot higher when the sleeves were new.
  10. Just recounted the cards. 67 as well. The image of the act 1 stack shows a height of 36mm. Not sure where you got the 33 mm from As mentioned before, IMO the time how long the cards have been sleeved makes a huge difference how think a stack becomes.
  11. Yep, and these are cards which has been sleeved quite a while ago. I remember when it was freshly sleeved, the stack was a lot higher. I guess taking a factor of 2 against the unsleeved cards might be safe. Do you also need measurements of other stacks? For me the monsters act1/2 stacks always were almost too big to fit into my current storage solution.
  12. Here some images of the measurements i took: http://may.nu/cardsizes/ The act 1 shop is slightly squeezed, but not much.
  13. If Felin doesn't get to it first, i can do the measurements as well. (Yes i'd be interested in a laser cutout version as well )
  14. This is shown if you are not using https. Not really a problem. The "real" problem is, that if you try to use https, the alternate names for the certificate don't match the URL. In the "Certificate Subject Alt Name" there are currently these names: DNS Name: ftp.web0092.zxcs.be DNS Name: mail.web0092.zxcs.be DNS Name: pop.web0092.zxcs.be DNS Name: smtp.web0092.zxcs.be DNS Name: web0092.zxcs.be DNS Name: www.web0092.zxcs.be This list should also contain "DNS Name: d2etracker.com" @Atom4geVampire: is that a shared virtual server, or something you control directly? Do you have the ability to upload your own certificates?
  15. I added an (U? O?) FAQ based on the preview of the Hero Thaiden Mistpeak regarding when his heroic ability is allowed. https://wiki.descent-community.org/Thaiden_Mistpeak