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  1. I guess Alarin means that he wrote to me (since i'm a content-mod on wikia). However i stopped contributing new content on wikia (i still try to keep it clean of obviously wrong stuff). I work on the descent-community wiki which has the complete information about all new cards: http://wiki.descent-community.org/Lost_Legends
  2. What exactly do you mean with this? Have links to the categories on the mainpage?
  3. :/ This is tagged as "Legend of the Five Rings: LCG" and not as descent. No wonder i didn't see it in the news RSS feed.
  4. Hmmm If you got yours than this means it has been released. But there hasn't been any release announcement. This would be a first: a release without announcement.
  5. Well they haven't renewed the certificate yet. Microsoft/Google is not involved in this process. FFG seems to gets their certificates from Amazon, which in turn gets their intermediate CAs from the Starfield Services Root CA. It doesn't cause a security vulnerability. You browser simply warns you that the page you're visiting may not be provided by the server which claims to be FFG.
  6. FFG hasn't been compromised. However the certificate for community.fantasyflightgames.com expired on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 2:00:00 PM GMT+2. It will probably be fixed tomorrow after the weekend once people are at work again
  7. While adding the page for the starter weapon Harvester Scythe of the new Soul Reaper class at http://wiki.descent-community.org/Harvester_Scythe I stumbled over the fact that this is the first occurrence of a weapon having 3 traits.
  8. Take a look at the pages 26/27 and 85 for examples of the CRRG at http://crrg.descent-community.org Regarding your second question: You can't arbitrarily interrupt your movement. You may only expand for a valid interruption reason. Using your second action as movement is a valid interrupt reason.
  9. Yeah the wrong character in Ardus Ix'Erebus was annoying me for a while as well. I just run a site-wide string-replace "Ardus Ix’Erebus" -> "Ardus Ix'Erebus" I hope this is the last i hear from this... Regarding Dispossessed. I think both exist right now. I will take a look to clean this up. I guess it's more an issue of inconsistency that some places are still use "Dispossessed" instead of "The Dispossessed". (This is the part about the wiki is not done regarding Monsters/Lieutenants)
  10. Well it is essentially a fork of the wikia wiki to my own server with less overhead. It still isn't finished yet (missing Overlord-Cards, Monsters and Lieutenants mostly). I kind of got side-tracked by the fact that i had to look after a baby for the past year ^^" But with him getting older i find more time again to work on this
  11. Here you get a list of the expansions together with the above mentioned icons: https://wiki.descent-community.org/Template:ValidateExpansionLogo
  12. Well they are available through the conversion kit :)
  13. I'm usually the overlord. I have a seat at the head of the table. On the table i keep my Plotcards, Monstercards, Overlordcards and discardpile. I have my own set of cice. I have two additional chairs left and right slightly behind me with all the boxes where all not (yet) used material is. My players are at the side of the table and have their normal material: Herosheet, inventory, skills, all tokens for their specific class and hero (fatigue, health, etc.) 2 players together have a set of dice (each side of the table) On the other head of the table there's a box with the leftover hero material.
  14. Slightly OT: My i suggest Heroes for the list of existing Heroes With the lists by archetype here (Healers, Mages, Warriors, Scouts)
  15. Well IMO if you go that (house rule) route, then you can remove the requirement for movement from trading altogether. The movement action is the "cost" of trading.
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