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  1. Thanks for the reply,thought i was just blind to a update.
  2. With the announcement of the regional locations,have they released a updated rules reference and map rotation?Sorry if i couldn't find it but it seems all the threads i have found were a few months old.Dropped out of IA for xwing 2.0 for awhile.Thanks for any help.The last maps i remember were mois eisley back alleys uscru entertainment district and Tarkin Initiative labs.... Did Back alleys rotate out for Lothal Wastes while i was flying plastic space ships??
  3. WE were the group that made that drive from orlando(14 hours),you played my son in round 3 and my buddy in top 4.Really great event and your list was tough.And from starting off 0-1 you made a great comeback as well.
  4. i got selected but my buddy who I usually travel and play with did not,which made me a "no" for going.We usually split cost for such trips,making such trip feasible.So that is one ticket that will not be purchased going back to them.I am not going to book and pay for flights,hotel,etc...only to have to go alone.Things get expensive.Especially if we wait until he gets another chance at a maybe ticket then try and book stuff.Price only goes up the longer you wait to book.
  5. my local coolstuff at least said that they could order quarter 1 and 2 kits for tournaments.
  6. I wasn't sure if you wanted your list put out there,so i just put it as a unique scum hunter list.Plus i forgot to write everyone's name and lists down.Mix of excitement and fatigue.
  7. It was a blast playing you twice,first game went to the wire and as you said if you would of killed ranger instead of damaging echo base that would of been game won for you.Second game,few bad choices on my part and your firepower did my guys in.Playing against your list was hard,who do you shoot first?Definitely had fun and played against some good people that day and the store hosted a good tournament.The clawdite surprised me,like you said most people shrugged them off as not being competitive(our local Orlando group did)but you proved them wrong.Your sentry droid play all day was on point and was my main concern when facing your list.But to much focus on them and the other heavy hitters take you down. It has made me want to play sentry droids and i have been playing rebels for a better part of 2 years now.I came home and painted them up so i could play them in our next local tournament.Was nice meeting all the players and hope to see you guys at some other events.Congrats on the win,you deserve it.A few of the games played that day were nail biters and could of gone either way.
  8. I REALLY wanted the new dice and now seeing them i am glad i was awake 31 or so hours to get them.Just glad that my play was not effected by being tired.But a 10 or so hour day is regular for a xwing store championship or regional,so glad it was IA and in a chair instead of hovering over a table.
  9. Played in the Gautier,Mississippi regionals yesterday at maCnarB gaming.Played han/e.rangers/e.echo base/gideon/3po/2 regular smugglers and balance of the force.Went 5-1,placing second against some really good players.Good variety of lists.Two vader lists,a little different from each other(one had riot troopers instead of second elite jets).A han/chewie list.And a few different variations of the scum hunter lists.A Terro/dewback/e.jets list.There was even two lists with Maul and jabba in them.The winner played a unique scum hunter list and I had played earlier and beat on Nal Hutta but the final match was on Jabba's and he had the good deployment side and piece mealed my list.Hiding his wounded where han couldn't get end of round kills on wounded figures.Overall had a good experience and the gamestore was awesome even throwing in a lot of extra prize support in the mix.Only down side is that the gamestore was a 9 hour drive away from me.So we got up in the middle of the night and drove there(9 hours)then played(started at 11am)12 hours(end of finals,11pm)only to get back in car and drive 9 hours home.So it was a 31 or so hour day.The things we put ourselves through to get the shiny new stuff(dice).Had a blast,met some new people,saw some others from past regionals and nationals and generally had a great weekend playing a game I love and spending a roadtrip with my daughter(who mostly slept).I found that most people tried not to kill han,out of 6 games he only took damage two games(dying each game).MVP goes to my rangers who were doing ranger things from 10 spaces away all day.
  10. Does anybody have the PDF file for the new jabba map?so it can be printed out for early play.Ibsh's site doesn't have the new maps PDF files.
  11. Does anybody have the PDF for this new map so it can be printed out for early play?Ibsh's pdf files doesn't have this pdf map in his list.
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