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  1. Really liked those, they were awesome. And I used some of the trails off the GM screen they first got their crystals so I wanted to come up with some new ones.
  2. Hi everyone, GM dilemma here. I have a couple characters who have the Bravery v Anger and the Independence v Coldness morality traits, and I just cannot come up with a force trial that tailors to these themes. Any advice? To give you an idea of what I am going for, here are the trials for 2 of the other force users in the party with other traits. Pride v Arrogance- Comes before a large chasm, which looks like a strong individual could jump. Does he arrogantly believe he could do it without a problem, considering his force enhanced strength, or does he stop by the ledge where there is a place to meditate and take pride in his connection with the force to guide his way? Caution v Fear- Enters a room with 10 doors, and a high pedestal to meditate on in the room's center. Either he can try and use the doors, which are trapped, or meditate and cautiously allow the force to show him the way even as the room fills with water. Failure in both trials wouldn't allow for PC death, but waking up back in the starting chamber alive but unsuccessful. Any help given is appreciated, game is Thursday April 14th so I would love to hear everyone's feedback ASAP!
  3. Just wanted to throw it in there that I am treating the tone very much like the movies. Not going for super realism or looking to punish the PCs. I wanted to encourage the attempt for creativity first time around, but make sure I could give them a warning so they would not rely too heavily on the tactic. This is because rivals don't die to max stun damage, they are knocked out. With this ability bounties could become a lot easier to collect and I just didn't want it to become a repeat tactic.
  4. That is an utterly fantastic idea! Hamper him in the future with "lingering nerve damage" and use the excuse to upgrade checks against him intermittently. That would dissuade anyone from overusing the tactic AND be a cool penalty which not only is non lethal but actually adds something cool to the story.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! It was something they only tried once, and I rewarded the ingenuity at the time but I know a couple of them can't help but be munchkins sometimes so I didn't want it to become a habit. I really like the non lethal's doing crit damage to hands or having to make a cool or vigilance check to pull it off!
  6. Hey everyone! Had a quick question after my group has exposed a loophole in the system. This might be covered somewhere but I have been looking through the books and haven't had luck so far. The PCs were trying to capture the bad guy and the battle started going against them. Then, one of the players had an idea. He grabbed two stun grenades from his belt, and as the bad guy was about to wail on him, defenseless and prone, he pulled the pins and told me he would just hold them. This is where the confusion comes in. As many of you might have realized, stun damage is very one sided. PCs recover from stun and only the toughest of baddies do as well, but this makes it so that players aren't afraid to suicide stun themselves like mine did. If it was a one on one, he might've been worried he wouldn't recover first, but a couple members of the team were still conscious. So how do I deal with this? Do the rules address this anywhere? One player suggested making any stun damage over the strain threshold lethal damage instead but I wasn't totally comfortable with that either. For anyone who wants to reference the encounter, it is the basic module in the back of the Edge of the Empire core rule book. They had incapacitated everyone but the boss and were dealing with just him. Thanks for any help that you can provide!
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