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  1. Skulmaster i read the post but it doesnt talk for Descent so i think you are in wrong section. It clearly talks about the genesys system and the roleplaying productions FFG has created. As we know though people working in FFG have a hard time. I hope for them the best, they need support now. I just wish in the future, their communication with the customers part to change. They have to talk with their customers! Listen to their customers!
  2. ffg should have done this job with crossover kits but....
  3. As Steve Jackson posted in Wiz-War forum in BGG. Steve Jackson Games has the rights to do a new edition. We will still have our FFG versions, which i love. So if you miss any expansion i suggest, if you find it in FLGs buy it. We will not see reprints.
  4. Since not all of you have account in Boardgamegeek. I am sharing with you a post from someone else Subject: Minor "info" "leaks" about the future of Descent from ex FFG employee Above you see a link to the original post and here is the body of the post (if you are bored to push the link 😎) Body: cross post with reddit from user ilazul:So, on the r/boardgames thread about the FFG layoffs the other day, one of the let go FFG employees starting posting about current products and projects.They posted this nugget: Quote: You're going to be super excited about what's next with Descent, maybe? I probably can't say much out of respect for confidentiality agreements but the plans for that line are really cool (gotta compete with Gloomhaven somehow) Also when asked:What's the new "Descent" thing they're releasing? I've basically figured that it's got to either be Descent: Digital Edition (video game treatment of 2E) or Descent: Deluxe Edition (a big box of all the best 2E product, but more streamlined).They answered: Quote: It's not those things, it's totally different I'm not trying to get legal sent after me (especially because I like those guys) so I'm not going to spoil it but it is very cool The poster was acknowledged by others as a FFG employee so it seems pretty reliable. Still only counts as just a rumor though. Just wanted to share!----------------------------------------------------------------------Just a couple more facts to help with speculation. We already knew that no new D2E physical content was coming out. Whether you consider a streamline "ultimate" edition "new" or not, it's ruled out anyways.We know it's a GH competitor which D2e already could be. But from this, we could maybe expect a much larger campaign with maybe even 4xp-6xp skills. Also this (more or less) confirms there will be co-op, but I think that was a given.It's also not just a digital descent.Overall, this adds to the total hype that Andrew Navarro had in his AMA. Many people keep suggesting small or lateral movements (like a digital 2e, or revised edition) but this reinforces that this new project is beyond the scope of that.I'm still in the Descent: Journeys in Terrinoth camp. I think openness of where you can go and when will be greatly expanded on from RtL with more "over world" features added than normal tactical combat features. I don't want them to change anything about the actual play-by-play of Descent besides incorporating IA changes.
  5. I think there are area control games for Terrinoth already. I would love to see a skirmish mode though for pvp mode. Make your army. Play in a map against an opponent. One takes monsters and lieutenants. The otherone takes heroes. Put some chests in the map with treasure items. etc
  6. We have heroes, lieutenants, tiles (although i would love to have playmats like the ones for Imperial Assault), monsters, treasures. Come on FFG!!!! Now that Terrinoth is in development give some food to your people (we are starving here!!!) Give us more game content!!! I would love to see Skirmish mode for Descent and i would definitely pay for an upgrade kit to open this game mode.
  7. I got addicted with Descent and if you are a completionist, base game will not stop you to buy everything!!!! I miss only Splig LT and im done with 2e. But then again i have the kit for the 1e monsters and i have to find everything from the 1e At least both my wife and my gamegroup likes the game. Dont forget to try the 3 cooperative adventures. They are great for game nights and for newcomers in the game.
  8. For Farrows you can try bookdepository. All Farrows are there at price 9,5 euros and with no shipping cost.
  9. I dont think a reprint will come. According to BGG : https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1955055/game-ever-going-get-reprinted "According to Jolly (if you read some posts from a decade ago), FFG bought the rights from Chessex a couple years before the license was up. (it was a decade license according to Jolly as well)That means, if accurate, FFG's license started in 2008. It is now 2018..." And dont forget FFG is now part of Asmodee, so i dont know if Wiz-War is in their plans at the moment.
  10. My only concern is the scale difference for the RWM. I would love to buy some of these minis, but i want to see some images first compared to Descent heroes, monsters.
  11. Thats great! Thnx guys and keep up the great work!! I would buy from FFG the campaigns from the expansions and the core game, in RTL. I think they should consider releasing these campaigns in RTL even if they had to do it p2p (pay to play). (Also, FFG should hire people like you)
  12. These miniatures are good, but still in ebay you can find and painted versions with lowprice. (and wolves that dont look like foxes ) I bought the pathfinder - reign of winter animals (falcon,raven,fox) as for wolves there are tons of miniatures u can use.
  13. Thats not bad. They give different playstyles in the game. Thats an upgrade for me. Maybe in the future we will see and skirmish in Descent or capture the flag lol. I love Descent and using the content from everything i have bought makes me happy. I want to play the more i can with all these expansions (tiles,monster, heroes, lieutenants).
  14. Im optimistic. Maybe in the future they will give us an expansion with frost tiles. Anyway campaign books and RTL is the right direction to focus, so im happy. Any news is good news at this point. Looking forward for more info from ffg.
  15. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1855528/new-rtl-dlc-trials-frostgatehttps://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1855528/new-rtl-dlc-trials-frostgate Here is the topic from bgg and some photos inside
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