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  1. My only concern is the scale difference for the RWM. I would love to buy some of these minis, but i want to see some images first compared to Descent heroes, monsters.
  2. The Shadow Rune Project

    Thats great! Thnx guys and keep up the great work!! I would buy from FFG the campaigns from the expansions and the core game, in RTL. I think they should consider releasing these campaigns in RTL even if they had to do it p2p (pay to play). (Also, FFG should hire people like you)
  3. These miniatures are good, but still in ebay you can find and painted versions with lowprice. (and wolves that dont look like foxes ) I bought the pathfinder - reign of winter animals (falcon,raven,fox) as for wolves there are tons of miniatures u can use.
  4. Trials of Frostgate - Official Announcement

    Thats not bad. They give different playstyles in the game. Thats an upgrade for me. Maybe in the future we will see and skirmish in Descent or capture the flag lol. I love Descent and using the content from everything i have bought makes me happy. I want to play the more i can with all these expansions (tiles,monster, heroes, lieutenants).
  5. Im optimistic. Maybe in the future they will give us an expansion with frost tiles. Anyway campaign books and RTL is the right direction to focus, so im happy. Any news is good news at this point. Looking forward for more info from ffg.
  6. New DLC & Update Here is the topic from bgg and some photos inside
  7. Cities of Adventure: Reference Cards

    can u plz tell me what is the animal - symbol of vynelvale?
  8. The way i read it, all it says in RuneAge rules: "At his side sits the controversial Maegan Cyndewin, the half-elven sorceress and the remaining soul with a rightful claim to the Shadow Tear, the Ynfetaar." So it says : At Lord Aenoeth's side sits one half-elven mage, named Maegan Cyndewin and the remaining sould, named Ynfetaar, that has rightful claim for a territory or land named Shadow Tear.
  9. Runebound 2nd edition- Zanaga expansion heroes: This heroe is Maliki the claw
  10. Well the idea of a expansion in the islands of Torue Albes is not bad. It doesnt have to be the same as SoB. It can take some ideas from there. There are some people who would like to see boats, sea monsters, dead pirates, lost island of Dread etc.
  11. I like more the every month update. But 2 months is ok too. 3 months is a lot, in my opinion.
  12. You have done amazing job with all the sculpts, but these summoned stones look really great ..
  13. may i suggest Descent templates for custom content: and Descent custom hero creator:
  14. u can try this custom hero creator: