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  1. Normative. Based on the fact that listbuilding, start positioning,maneuvering ,dice , etc,etc have almost endless posibilities and interfering the efficiency constantly and fluidly.
  2. Such narrow perspective. U think of rebels , think of garbage , total garbage . U think of them at the moment gives u a bad feeling, a bad mood. Maybe THEY change points, according to your wishes , then, maybe , U r willing to play them. Seems to me that a GAME, wich is obviously a secondary -reality to u, unleash the infantile parts in human mind ,wich leads to false assumptions ,that powercreep and only high- effiencies have value and therefore the Right to be played.
  3. Its under priced , the pack contains the first power creep cards , ppl r intended to buy it ... what to say , we have seen that pattern before , don't we
  4. @SOTL Isn't the I 6 Han a bit undercosted (54 naked)? What do u think ?
  5. Move to Columbus Ohio. There's like over seven inside a half hour drive That would be like heaven but reality looks like : Two stores and both give a **** about xwing events .
  6. G-1A Starfighter . I would like to see some card like thrust corrector ( cancel dice ,take a stress , add an evade),to push its defense a bit or something that interacts with its red maneuver. I really looking forward to pair zuckuss with mux and a few kihrax, they will make great buddy's.
  7. Things seem well balanced to me ,see to the system open + regional results so far. Ever so , its about flying better then your opponent , make the right decisions and so on and so on I dont get the whole recurring discussions about nerf this and that and ,oh hey , i dont like that ability , its to stronk , nerf miranda ...nerf tlt ... ridiculous. Play better, stop complaining .
  8. Word! Great minds think alike.
  9. I know its a heartbreaking waste of the system slot . I just needed another opinion . I rather go with nu squad instead of Backdraft and loading Kylo full of stuff . K.Ren Title / PtL / AS / AO/ AT (47) O.Leader Juke / CR ( 26) Nu Squadron P. XG-1 / Adv.Slam / Mangler C. / Tractor B. (26) 99p.
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