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  1. Another starting block would be to look for other "outcast" navigators to bring into your "house". through roleplaying. Question: I'm not fully familiar with all the additional rules of RT but Deathwatch has additional rules in First Founding (IIRC) that allows one to spend experience to gain followers. Is there such a ruleset in RT? IN DW, the character can "build" these NPCs from a set of criteria and choose a number of skills, talents, and traits based upon the level of follower bought (500xp has 5 talents, 1000xp has 7 talents, 1500xp has 11 talents). So, you could purchase the navigator talent and navigator powers on a limited basis. For an additional 500xp your follower can be made into a horde with the number of followers and horde magnitude being equal to the wounds of the original member. Navigators don't typically act as a horde, but you could use it to represent having a number of followers. Black Crusade has similar rules for "minions of chaos".
  2. Also, reclaimators are the lowest in the Adeptus Mechanicus hierarchy with skill significant enough to get them into trouble with the actual tech-priests. Nabbed from the 40k wiki which sourced the DH Inquisitor's Handbook:p 76-77 "Reclaimators are the the most-skilled and certainly least trusted of the Adeptus Mechanicus' minor ranks of Tech-priests. It is their task to redeem raw materials from old and damaged systems, to scavenge parts and be tasked with the endless cycle of minor repairs needed to keep a starship flying or a hive city’s infrastructure from collapsing under its own weight. By necessity, a Reclaimator’s skills begin to stray into a higher understanding of machinery and technology than most of their brethren and many learn to worship the Machine God in a fragmentary and superstitious manner, marking them apart from their fellows. Reclaimators themselves are often sent into dangerous or unsafe areas with little direct supervision, and they scavenge and salvage a good deal more than their masters know. As a result, most Reclaimators have a well-deserved reputation as suspicious, shifty characters who sell their skills and the items they retrieve or repair for a good profit on the Imperial black market. Many have links to criminal gangs and more than a few are willing to resort to robbery and even murder to build up their spoils if they think they can get away with it." I'm betting many ships, as well as non-Imperial shipyards, would have a large number of reclaimators to begin with and that they were used to operating beyond the dictates of the AD. Also, the RT Battlefleet Koronus book states that Iconoclast class destroyers are far more often used by pirates and such who are not servants of the Ruinous Powers. The book then goes to state they are often built in shadow ports and orbital shipyards not affiliated with the AD, many of which are scattered in the Koronus Expanse. So, theser would be ideal spots for repair. Also, a bit of the history of the Calixis sector and Koronus Expanse dating back to the Angevin crusade shows that there was significant technology in the region prior to the Crusade- void ship as well as cybernetics.
  3. Interesting. What is the base damage of the natural weapons? 1d10?
  4. Thanks again. Now, my big long term priority is somehow statting up a titan (or perhaps several) from the legio mortis. I'm thinking of making it part machine and part demon- basically a fused conglomeration of crew, machine, and daemon which will be somewhat on the order of power of a daemon prince from the DW CRB, maybe a little stronger. Then, I will perhaps give them access to psycannons and such from the Ordo Malleus inquisitor who will be sort of working as their patron...since he will be using them for his own goals. Note: as the campaign ends the PCs will be not only maxxed-out from DW but with a bonus advancement track or two (daemon band and/or xenos bane from RoB) and couple odd bonus abilities gained. So, it will be very high powered by then.
  5. Ah, thanks anyway. I was looking for something with actual stats and numbers filled in. Ages ago, D&D created a "rogue's gallery" of NPCs with stats to be used by DMs. Most iterations of the game since then, including Pathfinder, have made similar galleries. I was hoping that members of the board had created something similar- specialization/race plus talents and traits plus gear and characteristics and stat line. I figured that, minus the descriptions, FFG wouldn't care. Apparently, I'm out of luck.
  6. Every entry I checked said "page not found"
  7. Front and Who? Ha!. This is an extended campaign that has gone beyond their second to the Deathwatch. Basically, they made a custom chapter which had always been close to the Ordo Xenos- it was formed in the 13th Dark Founding without knowledge of its progenitor chapter or primarch and the first round of recruits were trained by the Deathwatch at the request of the Ordo Xenos. This allowed me to gm fiat a reason for all five ot be from the same chapter and serving together at the same time despite the fact the chapter was endangered. Before their second ended, their homeworld was destroyed when its star went nova, so now they are down to 2 voidcraft and about one half a company of space marines counting the 2 dozen recently promoted up from scout. This is a pretty high powered game and all are 5th, almost sixth, rank and hero status. What front? Now that their second to the DW is over they have reunited with their chapter and are working to a warrant from the High Lords of Terra to set the stage for a future crusade into the Calyx Expanse that stipulates objectives culminating with and then moving toward the Halo Stars in order to claim a new home world. The campaign is taking place in the mid 38th millennium less than a century after the 9th Black Crusade and they are considered the "Tip of the Spear" for the Angevin crusade to come. Who fighting? When creating their chapter we randomly chose one "enemy" for each participating player in the game.- just numbers, not one explicitly associated with each character. This gave five enemies: 1. Traitor Legion- Black Legion/Luna Wolves,: The party went with a rogue trader and found a Luna Wolves scout in a stasis field on an interex game preserve who had been there prior to the beginning of the heresy. He was turned over to the DW chapter master without being killed I might add another encounter. 2. Chaos Space Marines- "Golden Suns" Chaos Space Marines- homemade war band descended from the space marine chapter originally settled in the Jericho Reach but expunged from the records (a canon fact) and led by a Fallen Angel (Solas).. This was complicated by their DW company captain being a dark angel...There have been two differing occasions where the party has faced a Golden Sun chaos space marines party and defeated it. 3. Traitor Titan Legion- this I haven't included yet...I need some work on figuring this out 4. Dark Eldar- their first mission took them to a feudal world with scattered lumber villages besieged by Dark Eldar. I only had access to some info for Eldar at the time and used it. 5. Orks- the part took out an ork freebooter in order to recover some xenos artifacts for the Adeptus Mechanicus. Also, one player ran a couple of sessions for me to play where the party was instrumental in stopping an ork waaagh! Note: The party members joke that with all these enemies it was no wonder they were an endangered chapter. Other encounters: 1.Kroot mercenaries- part of a Golden Suns trap where they had a devastator marine with a heavy bolter waiting as a sniper... 2. Vampires and Werewolves and Zombies modified from the Old World Bestiary of War Hammer FRPG on a planet they were sent to escort some emissaries regarding returning the planet to the Imperium. My fluff was that the creatures were made from Nurgle diseases started by the Chaos cultists that infested the planet. This ended in them contacting the inquisition and an exterminatus. 3. Cyborgs- modifed dreadnoughts with a little less armor that had taken a hive city 4. The part had a nonviolent encounter with a "dragon" serving the Eldar on one planet and an Exodite on another. 5. They executed an Imperial Governor who sacrificed an arbiter during the games to celebrate the Grand Harvest" 6. A modified form of psychic sensitive lion at the Harvest Games. Currently on the table:now that they have moved from the Eastern Fringe to the Calyx Expanse 1. "The Sovietski" war band- heavy with "cyborgs" and in league with the remaining Golden Suns which most notably include a terminator marine and the Fallen Angel Solas. 2. Dark Eldar are in the Calyx Expanse region 3. They are about to perform a precision strike to commandeer a small orbital shipyard working outside the Adeptus Mechanicus and building Iconoclast destroyers for pirates 4. They are about to gain the patronage of a powerful malleus inquisitorial lord who is looking to eliminate threats in the Calyx expanse before the crusade begins. This will add to the available equipment for them to requisition (as they take what they want now) and allow me to add some more daemons. 5. They will eventually chase the terminator marine and the fallen sun into an artifact chamber similar to Rhuidean from the Wheel of Time. There, they will find out who their progenitor chapte ris and face a variety of creatures in "dreams" that can kill- Necrons, Eldar, Daemons, Chaos Space Marines 6. I want to work in the Legio morits 7. I will have them encounter a space hulk that has a widespread time dilation as well as a narvhal and tyranids along with a fully intact colonization ship from the Dark Age of Technology with a fully functional STC and colonists. This will end with them being blasted beyond the light of the astronomicon with their fleet (including a powerful rogue trader), and colonists for settlement and their Warrant to take as many planets as possible tithe grade Non-Aptus This will be the campaign finale. Mainly, I am now having some difficulty with encounters that are challenging without having horde after horde and I was hoping to find a bunch of premade individual characters of various strength to use.
  8. Is there a place I can find postings of NPCs along the line of the old D&D rogues' gallery? Basically, I'm running a campaign of eight hour sessions every week and filling in the multitudes of encounters by creating adversaries is becoming time draining. I use a whole lot of base adversaries from a variety of sources (various books from DW, RT, DH) and dress them up. However, trying to make powerful individual NPCs on top of this is becoming tedious. I was hoping to fiund some help.
  9. Something I occasionally do is give the PC a roll of, for instance, common lore adeptus astartes with a big bonus. Then, when and if he makes it, you (the GM) tell the player his character knows he is not to do this. That will give you an idea of whether the player is jerking you around. In SOME case, and I'm not saying that is the case here, players are unfamiliar with the way things work outside of a video game (actual roleplaying) and need to nudged along. I believe that is for the GM to decide. Regarding getting in a fight with the keeper, should the keeper have realized how the librarian intended to use the force sword?
  10. I agree and think the medicae skill that can act on its own is a bit too much. It makes an apothecary a waste of time. As an alternative, a techmarine in artificer armour can also have a servo harness with a medicae arm. I believe the medicae arm can be found in Only War (somewhere else?) and there is a conversion table for scarcity to requisition somewhere- Rites of Battle or DW corebook, IIRC. Couple that with the "gene-seed anomaly" deed allowing one to be trained in medicae and you have a pretty good set-up.
  11. Ride of the Valkyries is always nice (was excellent in Apocalypse Now), 1814 overture- explosions and such in music form
  12. "As things are now (very long story behind this), they will most likely be creating a new Sister Chapter soon." Space Marine chapters are usually created in groups referred to as foundings which are planned and enacted over long stretches of time covering centuries. So, you might want to assume that this has been in planning for a long time and that elements have been piece by piece put in place. If you have Rites of Battle, there is a list of reasons why chapters are created. That might be useful going forward. "- Requisition. I will need to figure out how much requisition they have and how it can improve and/or go down." You might want to make an inventory of what the chapter has which will be limited while pieces are still being constructed. Then, the PCs can make decisions about who gets what. Also, depending upon the reason for the chapter's creation, this migth be altered. So, if the chapter is being created with the intent of spear-heading a crusade, it might have entire forge worlds assigned to creation of its equipment. "- Gene-seeds. This will be a big one! I know the basics from the Wiki's, but not sure how to really handle this for the players." The chapters tithe their gene seed to the Mechanicus both for inspection to detect mutation and as a storage for the creation of future chapters or to restore depleted ones. So, just determine how many you want the fledgling chapter to have on hand and whether or not the Mechanicus is still going to be actively cultivating the chapter's gene seed. You can make this a small or large number. "- Gear? I intend to give them a bunch of normal SM gear. And they already have some Adeptus Mechanicus [AM] contacts, but I am not entirely sure how such deals work between a SM Chapter and the AM?!" These are major undertakings and, by canon, not nrmally handled in such a manner... A few notes: You might want to "force" the chapter to work out agreements with various factions. With an agreement to track down pirates and defend a region of space important to a forge world, the chapter may gain the services of a forge world. Or, an inquisitor can take the chapter under his wing and offer both gear and training to do his bidding. for instance, if you have Rites of Battle, they may gain access ot the Daemon Bane or Xenos Bane chapter advancement table depending on whether the inquisitor is of the Ordo Malleus or Xenos. Gear particular to that organization can be made available. In exchange the chapter might hunt down daemonic incursions or Chaos Space Marines. These will allow "missions" devoted to securing future assets for the chapter. These various "missions" can both gain needed assets for a new chapter or create serious problems.
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