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  1. $150?! They are $170 brand new, and $120 on a few websites.
  2. Seriously? When I did it, it was fine... How do I post pictures on here? I can just post the comic.
  3. Let's hope our players never figure this one out! I deleted the link, lol Well, obi wan just drops his lightsaber straight down through the Death Star.
  4. The beta books have their own unique adventure modules? Rescue at Glare Peak wasn't a con exclusive, it was a free RPG day exclusive. Under a black sun is the current PDF and can be found in print under the name of Shadows of a black sun. It was also a free RPG day exclusive.
  5. Hey, the other day my players went up against a capital ship in a much smaller ship. They did it only to delay the ship until a different ship could escape. The angle they were attacking from had 10 guns. Instead of rolling 10 times I was thinking that you can roll once and give the capital ship a blue dice for every gun that could fire at the PCs. So the pool would be: Gunner skill plus 10 blue dice vs range and silhouette. It could still be a massive hit but would only be once per round and wouldn't be as bad for the players as getting hit 2-3 times with the regular gun. It also wouldn't take up nearly as much time.
  6. How did he manage that? Did you make the player take an aim and get the two black dice? Also, you could let the force user roll a force die and if the result is favorable manage to maintain their grip.
  7. 3 triumphs could do just about anything, lol. Mechanics check? Permanent bonus maybe, maybe they have enough parts to build a second thing, etc. Athletics check? Recover strain, wounds, and find something important or valuable. Charm check? They become so infatuated with your character that they end up doing whatever your character wants for the rest of the session. An NPC helper could be useful. 3 dispairs should be really, really bad. It's hard enough to roll one and you could only roll that many of an opposed check. Melee check? A player could automatically lose a limb, and have their weapon destroyed. Negotiate check? You didn't read the fine print on the agreement you signed when you sold some parts. Now you own them money, services, etc and the group gets added obligation (if no obligation than your group will have a nagging menace to deal with). Discipline check? The character faints, takes wounds, and now suffers from PTSD that requires a fear check whenever triggered. It can go away eventually but would linger for a while.
  8. For scavenging I had been working on a Jakku Force Awakens style game. I made a d100 roll table of things you could find, and something like 1-10 were spare parts. The way I did it is to roll a D10. On a roll of 1-4 you roll for something on the common table, on a roll of 5-7 you get something uncommon, and 8-9 you get something rare, 10 is a reroll. You then roll a D100 on a table to see what you would get. I only used items of low value overall and took thing like size/weight and added the usefulness on a desert planet with no food. I did all this before crafting rules and need to remake the table to account for that. I was thinking that this could actually be a decent solo game to see how long you can survive.
  9. Please follow up here! I'm very interested in seeing how you do! If you do mess something up, please don't stress! This is a game and is meant to be fun!
  10. Miniaturemarket has it, but I don't know what the shipping would be.
  11. I'm a relatively new GM myself but there is something I do that work amazingly for this game but wouldn't work for others. One thing to remember about this game is that everything is abstract. You don't need exact maps, layouts, or characters. What I do is I make 3-5 encounters for each mission. An encounter can be anything from dealing with a merchant or politician, to a minor combat or a major combat. I usually have an idea of the terrain, planet, and characters that they will come across but I don't plan anything out extensively. One of the biggest complaints I hear is that players always find some way to mess up a GM's plans or path. Well when my people play they can go whatever way they want, or do anything they want, but they will hit those 3-5 encounters. Maybe they will stealth past one, or flip a light side to help them make it easier, but they will have to deal with them all in some way. This gives the players the feeling of agency and makes it a lot easier on you because you don't have to scramble to change your plans when they do. Remember that during initiative, players can use advantages and triumphs to change the landscape to benefit them. They can flip light side points to make something be there that they need. They can have items like untility belts to make an item they need appear from thin air, and do similarly with a vigilance check (the the GM's discretion). Players in this game have a ton of leeway, so you can give them slack while still holding onto the rope. This is all a lot easier than it sounds, lol. It took me a few games to get the hang of it, but once I did my group starting having a lot of fun with it!
  12. Also, if you want to have the character be a bit of a brawler you can use the improvised weapons chart on p.212 of EotE core. I would also suggest talking to you GM and seeing if they will let you add some advantage skills to your base strike disorient defensive against Melee Pierce with a knowledge Xenology or warefare role (to know where pressure points are) Stun Maybe vicious for the same reason as pierce Maybe even see if they will let you disarm an opponent at 2 advantages instead of 3.
  13. I had my players run past Uncle Owen yelling at a young whiney Luke, lol. My force sensative exile character ended up getting some instruction from Obi and he gave my player a training lightsaber, which is why he didn't have one to give to Luke, lol
  14. I gave my exile player a training lightsaber early on but he rarely used it since the other weapons he had were better. When he found a Jedi master, I let him transfer all his force sensative XP to a F&D specialization. He then had to build a lightsaber over time. This was an unpopular idea on the forums, the opinion of the forums is that the crystal is the only important part. For the rest you could just use a flashlight casing. My player and I both thought that you can make each component important. He didn't just find them in markets. One piece was from an assassin droid, another was a relic of an old battle where a Jedi died. Another was a prize given to him by an eccentric scientist who they went above and beyond to help. It developed the character and didn't give him a lightsaber until later in the game when the character had more experience.
  15. Lol, I've never had a problem with coming up with places to lead them. I don't rigorously plan out my adventures. I usually have 2-4 basic conflicts or storyline points I want them to hit, and a basic idea of the terrain. They can make whatever choices they want but they will hit those points no matter what they do or where they go. It's really great at making the players feel like they have agency and control of the story. And it means that I have to spend less time pre-planning games and less time scrambling to figure out what to do when they make weird choices.
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