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  1. Turrets, if you equip a turret lose all bomb, missile and torpedo slots. Phantom/Ghost interaction, second shot at the end of the round must be carried out by a turret equipped to the shuttle. That should take care of the lists I don't enjoy playing. Miranda is now either a turret ship or a missile ship not both as it Nym. Ghost is neutered.
  2. Hi guys, I just took out the Rockingham Western Australia store championship. Just a small one with 16 players. Top 4 were (and some of this is from memory) Me: Dash with kanan, HLC, EU, Title, PTL Miranda with C3P0, TLT, VT 2nd place 2 Tractor Tie/d one with crack shot the other with trick shot Captain Jonus, wired, shuttle, fleet officer, operations specialist 3/4 Vess x7 juke Countess x7 juke Omega juke comms Rey, expertise, Finn, kanan, title (sloop) Norra, PTL, r2d2, C3P0, VT, Title My six games were: 2 k with missiles and cluters + biggs - 100 nil 2 x7s omega - 100 - 29 Chirpy with kylo rebel EU VI gunner and Stridan with FCS OPS and maybe fleet officer - 100 - 71 Double D and Jonus - 100-0 2 x7s omega - 100- 0 Double D and jonus - 100-0
  3. Has anyone thought of bossk with expertise any gc chips yet ?
  4. YV-666: Trandoshan Slaver (29) Anti Pursuit Laser (2) · Bossk (2) Gunner (5) · Zuckuss (1) YV-666: Trandoshan Slaver (29) Flechette Cannon (2) Anti Pursuit Laser (2) Gunner (5) · Dengar (3) Tactician (2) M3-A Interceptor: Cartel Spacer (14) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) Flechette Cannon (2) Ok used a list very similar to this ( I used a z as I haven't picked up the scyk yet) to great effect. Basically fly right at the opponent and ram. Doesn't matter how many stresses you pick up bossk and Gunner means you'll be hitting a lot and Dengar is an amazing ace Hunter. Zuckuss means you can quite easily hammer interceptors and the like.
  5. So with the delay of wave 8 my LGS owner has decided to have a bit of an odd one for the monthly tournament. 100 point list where you can take ships from 2 different factions! You Can't for example take a falcon and put Vader as a crew but you can run a list such as dash whisper (my idea). At the last tournament I got knocked out in the final by palpmobile Vader and soontir and am determined to at least get that far again, not easy when monthly attendance if about 40. What I'm looking for here is any dirty tricks anyone can come up with to help!
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