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  1. Whilst I like the idea of the list you are going to struggle as most of your ships are flying with 1 agility. Gonk on the slaver is nice but with the stress from doing a double gonk is going to be hard to wash off. Especially once you have joust Ed initially and try to come around for another shot. Rather than gunner you might want to try dengar which allows you a reroll and gives you 2 points to spend or on initiative.
  2. Hi everyone, Not sure if there are many threads on this topic but I wondered about some advice as I am thinking of flying 3 defenders. 1x Glaive with title D and tractor beam. Either crack shot or go big and go for ruthlessness. Countess Ryad with title x7 and adaptability. 1x Onyx defender with title x7. Any thoughts? The plan is to try to fly them together as much as I can and try to tag team at least 2 defenders on 1 enemy a turn.
  3. Hi Everyone, I am sure that this has been asked before but just in case here goes. If you have Boba Fett crew and saboteur on the same ship can you trigger Boba's ability of the flip of a hit to a critical? Also can a ship that uses proton bombs use his ability as well? Thanks again for looking at this.
  4. Like the list but with only 1 ion token you may struggle against lists with large ships. You may do better adding a b wing e2 upgrade for crew and then taking someone like Hera who means you can keep performing red manoeuvres
  5. I thought that attani mindlink only gives you a token if you don't already have one much like stress you don't double stress just have to take one if you don't already have one. That said Manaroo can pass her token to anyone on the board meaning you can stop target locks alpha strike from attacking her each combat round especially if you pass it to someone out of range/arc.
  6. Trying out Manaroo with unhinged astrometry. Boba fett and punishing one title along with ptl. The plan is people start to tl her then pass them onto a ship flying around the board with a turret that can then join in from afar. Dengar is great but against large turreted ships takes a pounding and gonk means it's hard to regen with only an action a round.Even with experimental interface it can still be a struggle getting enough shields back to not get turned to dust.
  7. OK so if you play adaptability does that mean you can change what you play mid way through a round. Use the card as decrease pilot skill in the activation phase and then flip it over in the combat phase. Is that correct or are you stuck on the choice you make?
  8. Yeah FFG have sent out an email confirming that you can only use gonk for an action once. Any great plan nerfed but still good to take.
  9. Hi everyone, just a quick question about mangler cannon. If I shoot with a mangled cannon and get 2x crits and a hit does that mean I can turn the last hit to a critical as well? I'm sure this has been asked before but I wanted to check it out in current rulings.
  10. If Bossk takes HLC it means his natural ability of changing a critical to 2 hits never activates because you turn all crits to hits. You would be better with a mangled cannon where one hit can be changed to a critical every time and then convert back to hits after.
  11. If you swap out push the limit for experimental interface modification you can then give gonk a shield token and take it from him in the same turn. Ptl only allows you to take an action from your action bar whilst EI allows one from an upgrade card.
  12. Why not take off expert handling in place of videos plus tractor beams that way you can barrel roll an arc dodger into your other arc or else reduce their agility and shoot first.Having played with expert handling found it of little use. Also you could try advanced sensors to take an action first including things like proximity mines.
  13. Awesome write up as always. Cannot wait to see more reviews of upcoming games.
  14. If you take Youngster it means all ships at range 1-3 get to use your elite pilot talent. How do you use crack shot with this those around you?
  15. Looking at taking Boba as crew when he comes out. Just wondering get if you take a proton bombs and cause a critical hit does that mean you can use boba to take out the upgrade or is it only direct attacks
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