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  1. Greetings. In out latest installment of our Star Wars FFG Miniatures Podcast we discuss the latest FAQ as part of our topics. We also discuss the world prize information released and some Armada.
  2. Dear All: We have the latest episode of the Armchair Admirals ready to go. In this episode we spend some time talking about worlds prizes and how to improve on the liberty. We end the episode by going down the road of the X Wing FAQ. Thanks all for listening.
  3. The Armchair Admirals covers X-Wing as well as Armada and Imperial Assault for a podcast
  4. Greetings all, we are pleased to announce that episode 7 has dropped for the Armchair Admirals. Highlights of the episode include our discussion on Wave 1 Armada, is it still factoring in today, the C-Roc preview, and worlds registration. Also we are doing a contest on facebook and more details can be found at our facebook page, The Armchair Adventurers. For those looking for the episode here you go and thanks for listening.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. We are having a lot of fun putting this together and am excited to have a contest for a FFG care package with our next episode. More details to come about that shortly.
  6. Climb back aboard the Armchair and relax as we talk about the topics of the day. The Admirals start their offensive or is it defensive campaign in the latest episode of the Armchair Admirals! In this episode the Admirals discuss offensive and defense lists in #StarWars #Armada, and dive deep into the Deploy your Droids spoiler from #FantasyFlightGames. Get your armor on trooper, and give us a listen! Thanks for the listen.
  7. Greetings All, we are pleased to bring another episode of the Armchair Admirals in which Andrew and Chuck sit down and talk about Flotillas, the Corellian Conflict Rules, and how much we hate stickers...ok only Chuck discusses this odd hatred. Find us on facebook here For the episode direct link here Thanks everyone to tuning into this landmark episode.
  8. Greetings All, I am pleased to let you know that episode 4 of the Armchair Admirals is up. In this episode we discuss the cards and objectives found within the Corellian Conflict. We also have our thoughts and statistics on large based ships, and whether or not they are going extinct. So please check out the link and let us know what you think.
  9. Also you can use Sabine every time a bomb goes off.
  10. Dear All, We here at the Armchair Admirals are pleased to announce our 3rd episode covering Wave X and our initial thoughts on the Scum Epic Ship C-Roc is ready to be downloaded. Thanks all.
  11. Thanks for the kind words. We plan on keeping up this podcast as these are games we are really enjoy. We plan on trying to focus on armada content to and will have a corellian conflict episode coming out, as well as a streaming of a campaign.
  12. Dear All, We are pleased to announce that the second episode of the Armchair Admirals has dropped. This episode covers the imperial side of Wave 5. Please check out the episode at Thank you.
  13. The Admirals are back and are here to talk about one of their favorite games, Star Wars Armada. In this episode we sit down to talk about the recently released Wave 5, the rebel side! Come join us as we talk about the Star Wars Rebels tie-in ships, Phoenix Home and the Rebel Fighter Pack II expansions. Find us on iTunes under the For Your Entertainment network of podcasts. Thank you all.
  14. Greetings All, I am writing to let you know that recently the For Your Entertainment podcast network has begun to produce a new podcast devoted to X-Wing, Armada, and a little more. Its a podcast about the news and potential impact of new releases and the spousal repercussions that may result from our hobby. Check it out, we are on itunes under the For Your Entertainment podcast. Otherwise a direct link to our Episode 0 can be found here Thanks,
  15. It is all about how you fly that Y Wing and what other ships you have in support of it, or if the Y wing is supporting other ships. Jumpmasters are going after threats on the board. Four TLT carrying Y Wings are going to take losses and not be able to put enough damage on the table before you take critical losses. A mixture of A wings with Y wings have different results. In my region list if my opponent decides to take 2-3 torpedo shots at the Y wing, I will on average dice have one of his JM down. It's not that hard to keep a Y wing out of arc either.