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  1. I am in for one of each. I really think the quasar will pair well with a few ships and the hammerheads, I will probably pick up another set down the road, but want to test the waters with them first.
  2. As one of the hosts of the forementioned podcast The Armchair Admirals we did have a disagreement on the wording on the card. Andrew the other host did correct it in the podcast as we discussed it. Thank you for the feedback and I appreciated you for listening and supplying the feedback. We do occasionally, well at least I do, make some mistakes and for that I do apologize. Thanks for your past subscribing and I hope that in the future you will listen to us again. Chuck Co-Host who screwed up the card reading The Armchair Admirals
  3. Our newest episode is up where we talk about the new FAQ and our review of the Hammerhead. Enjoy. Thank You.
  4. Its a shipping delay...again. Most likely we should see a shipping to stores in a couple of weeks, as its accidentally spent its navigate command to go down to speed 0 for the extra YAW click
  5. Our thoughts about the newest release a few days after the article....Guns of Awesomeness (for Scum players) or Guns of Hate (for the rest of us)......or maybe your somewhere in the middle (I don't think anyone is though). Thanks and enjoy,
  6. My thoughts as well. We will have to see from someone there what exactly is the lists. I can't wait.
  7. I heard one was a mon mc30 list as well
  8. I don't think that is a serious post.
  9. Just the top 4.
  10. Just the final match going by the time allotted
  11. Defensive Slots....defense wins championships
  12. So the info, just push a few more bothans out of the airlock.
  13. The ol' waiting game. Waiting to see lists, waiting to see who made the cut, and waiting to see the one armada game that is going to be streamed. Not a fan. I'm going back next year and play in it.
  14. On behalf of the Armchair Admirals we would like to wish you a happy May the Fourth Be With You, especially those of us who were unable to attend this year's worlds. We do have a bonus episode here in which we talk about our favorite ships and least favorite ships. A sneak peak is that Chuck's least favorite Rebel ship is the Pelta Assault Cruiser......"I don't know what this ship wants to be used with".....
  15. I'm guessing a command pelta, with yavaris, 3 gr75's and squads.