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  1. Here you go with some basic info and finishing order. Top 4 were: - Jeff Berling with his list from Worlds: Loaded MC80 with 4 flotillas, dominating by being second player and crushing it on objectives. - Double ISD with squadrons. ISD's had Flight Controllers and Boosted Comms to make sure their squadrons did WORK. - Screed with a Glad+Vic+2 Gozantis and Squadron Aces. Winning on positioning and alpha strike. - Sloane Aces with Boarding Avenger. Knocking out those tokens and punching people in the face. Jeff and his MC80 won the day!
  2. Gencon was won by a five activation fleet.
  3. And to continue on its not just strategic that limits your selection also the chance you might play someone with grav shift who moves asteroids is another problem that limits objective selection. When I'm preparing for a tournament I know that if I'm not planning on running lists with strategic or tractor beams then those objectives are already lost. If I go light on my squads there's no chance I'll take SP to give my opponent a chance at 15 points. If you want a more open tournament field, then scenarios should be drawn at the beginning of each round where everyone plays the same one. The fewer points person still has the option of being first or second, but must choose prior to objective announcement or by default become first player. This would open list building imo.
  4. Thanks guys was in a bit of a debate on it and failed my search roll. What I was thinking but thanks for pointing to the wording.
  5. Is Rudor (at distance one of instigator) a target if the squadron attacking him is at distance one of instigator?
  6. Hey all, Our latest Episode of the armchair admirals is up. A huge shot out to Steel Squadron for his Hammerhead article that provided some great ideas. Thanks All
  7. I would also be in for this
  8. Greetings All, Thanks for continuing to listen to our podcast. In our latest episode we discuss our store championship experience, discuss a bit of X-Wing and follow it up with some discussion on line of sight and obstacles in armada.
  9. I am in for one of each. I really think the quasar will pair well with a few ships and the hammerheads, I will probably pick up another set down the road, but want to test the waters with them first.
  10. As one of the hosts of the forementioned podcast The Armchair Admirals we did have a disagreement on the wording on the card. Andrew the other host did correct it in the podcast as we discussed it. Thank you for the feedback and I appreciated you for listening and supplying the feedback. We do occasionally, well at least I do, make some mistakes and for that I do apologize. Thanks for your past subscribing and I hope that in the future you will listen to us again. Chuck Co-Host who screwed up the card reading The Armchair Admirals
  11. Our newest episode is up where we talk about the new FAQ and our review of the Hammerhead. Enjoy. Thank You.
  12. Its a shipping delay...again. Most likely we should see a shipping to stores in a couple of weeks, as its accidentally spent its navigate command to go down to speed 0 for the extra YAW click
  13. Our thoughts about the newest release a few days after the article....Guns of Awesomeness (for Scum players) or Guns of Hate (for the rest of us)......or maybe your somewhere in the middle (I don't think anyone is though). Thanks and enjoy,
  14. My thoughts as well. We will have to see from someone there what exactly is the lists. I can't wait.