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  1. As we surpass "Legion Week"...

    True but Wedge was part of Rogue Squad and Mitchell who was part of black squadron as well and we have both.
  2. As we surpass "Legion Week"...

    Sure the imps can have the executor as long as they announce Arvel Crynyd at the same time.
  3. Something Super-Duper Big Is Comin'...

    If they didn’t make a 6x3 for legion then they aren’t for armada
  4. Canadian nationals 2018 stream!

    What was norms list?
  5. Canadian nationals 2018 stream!

    Is it the massive combat flotilla list with one hammerhead and 19 z 95s? If it is the end is near!!!!!
  6. And thanks all for listening to the number 70 best Star Wars Armada podcast. We appreciate all of you and thanks for the feedback over the last 15 months of us doing this. It's been a blast and we look forward to every other week in recording this. The latest podcasts discusses regional lists, the second half of our discussion on Wave 7 upgrades and what is really good and what just stinks, and we finish by talking about my favorite 2 pt officer Ahsoka.
  7. Armchair Admirals Streams

    Sloane vs Ackbar MC75's
  8. Speculation: New Unit Announcements

    So that’s pushing mid to late Q2 if we see the usual delivery model. They haven’t arrived yet but those dates are best case scenario.
  9. Speculation: New Unit Announcements

    I would say gama (next week) will have a good chance of having another new expansion for late q2/ early Q3 being announced as I’m expecting Leia/Veers mid Q2
  10. Rebels finale name drop..SPOILERS

    So am I. Read through colonial Africa, Roman history, or Chinese history for more references on garrisoning.
  11. Rebels finale name drop..SPOILERS

    Audi Murphy disagrees with you. Garrisson troops historically are the most laziest, abusive troops that are assigned this duty because they are unfit for frontline combat. These troops often do not drill and if they do, are undisciplined. Also the emperor does hold everything together. I recommend reading Rebel Dawn for a little more political insight in this. Lastly an average episode is less then 20 minutes so you don’t really get a lot of complex story telling strategies in a universe known for gunfights.
  12. Rebels finale name drop..SPOILERS

    I'm with you there, but I'm no expert in Twi'lek and human reproduction.....
  13. Rebels finale name drop..SPOILERS

    I could have honestly said that the entire series. The only shocking thing that happened imo was that they killed Kanan and didn't send him off to the unknown as well. I enjoyed the series as a whole, but 95% of the time knew the conclusion within a few minutes of watching the episode. The title of this finale kind of gave the episode the info you needed to know it was the swan song send off episode.