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  1. Hey All, Good luck at worlds for everyone attending. Just wanted to pass along episode 11 where we had the chance to talk to the 2016 World Champion Daniel Taylor.
  2. Welcome back to another episode in which we spend a good chunk of it talking Imperial Assault, but we do talk about the upcoming Wave VI for Armada. Spitballing some ideas in our State of Armada. What do you guys think of another two ship wave?
  3. The YT-2400 would be the 4th ship on my list of the best generics. It's an amazing ship that I would say serves a tremendous role. Heck I own and use six of them. I think personally they and the fire spray both are tremendous. It's tough cutting ships down to just three but I do know what you are saying.
  4. I'll type an article here for you sir. Should have it up in a couple of days.
  5. Greetings All, We have another episode of the Admirals ready to be transmitted. Its an excited episode as we talk about our thoughts on the best generic squad in the game. We also go on about Wave 11 X-Wing following the armada talk. Next episode we look forward to talking about Wave VI and our State of Armada topic. So what are your thoughts on the best generic squad in the game?
  6. The Armchair Admirals return for episode 9 and they are not alone. In this episode the Admirals sit down with 2016 Armada World Champion Josiah Buckhardsmeier and discuss his rise to World Champion. We also discuss how he’s preparing to defend his titleb as well as his thoughts on some of the hot topics currently trending in Armada. We also cover spoilers for the X-Wing Hit and Run article and discuss how this makes the M3-A Interceptor a viable ship. Brace for Impact, we have a great show for you! A huge thanks for Josiah for sitting down with us this episode. It was some great insight into the game.
  7. Greetings. In out latest installment of our Star Wars FFG Miniatures Podcast we discuss the latest FAQ as part of our topics. We also discuss the world prize information released and some Armada.
  8. Dear All: We have the latest episode of the Armchair Admirals ready to go. In this episode we spend some time talking about worlds prizes and how to improve on the liberty. We end the episode by going down the road of the X Wing FAQ. Thanks all for listening.
  9. The Armchair Admirals covers X-Wing as well as Armada and Imperial Assault for a podcast
  10. Greetings all, we are pleased to announce that episode 7 has dropped for the Armchair Admirals. Highlights of the episode include our discussion on Wave 1 Armada, is it still factoring in today, the C-Roc preview, and worlds registration. Also we are doing a contest on facebook and more details can be found at our facebook page, The Armchair Adventurers. For those looking for the episode here you go and thanks for listening.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. We are having a lot of fun putting this together and am excited to have a contest for a FFG care package with our next episode. More details to come about that shortly.
  12. Climb back aboard the Armchair and relax as we talk about the topics of the day. The Admirals start their offensive or is it defensive campaign in the latest episode of the Armchair Admirals! In this episode the Admirals discuss offensive and defense lists in #StarWars #Armada, and dive deep into the Deploy your Droids spoiler from #FantasyFlightGames. Get your armor on trooper, and give us a listen! Thanks for the listen.
  13. Greetings All, we are pleased to bring another episode of the Armchair Admirals in which Andrew and Chuck sit down and talk about Flotillas, the Corellian Conflict Rules, and how much we hate stickers...ok only Chuck discusses this odd hatred. Find us on facebook here For the episode direct link here Thanks everyone to tuning into this landmark episode.
  14. Greetings All, I am pleased to let you know that episode 4 of the Armchair Admirals is up. In this episode we discuss the cards and objectives found within the Corellian Conflict. We also have our thoughts and statistics on large based ships, and whether or not they are going extinct. So please check out the link and let us know what you think.
  15. Also you can use Sabine every time a bomb goes off.