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  1. Just thought I would tie in all new episodes and comments into one thread rather then by keep adding new ones. We did just drop Episode 57 today which we discuss SSD and what the heck is going on with Store Championships. http://www.thearmchairadventurers.com/thearmchairadmirals
  2. Could be do to the fact that preorders on the other kit are really bad because that kit is really bad
  3. @SgtDurandal you’ve got another player
  4. Adepticon is famous for its no wireless no phone service.
  5. Also reporting a good trade with @Belisarius09
  6. 4-5 locations gone. Colorado, North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin all gone. I have only one regional that is about two and a half hours away. Hoping for a warm and dry January
  7. Looks to me the evidence that regionals end earlier this year looks like we will see worlds at adepticon. Good luck to those attending.
  8. Yep, remind me of that again when I am still shoveling snow at the end of April.
  9. Terrible decision if this is true. I personally will not be traveling to Chicago in March as they risk of spring blizzards is still a realistic possibility and I would most likely need to drive the ten hours to get there.
  10. Tell that the King of Kong or the dozens who are caught cheating on video/computer games. Cheating is always an option. Cameras and having players report potential cheating situations would become a new tactic for slow rollers to abuse. Who is setting up all these cameras and equipment to record. Are we going to be like baseball and some poor guy in Roseville gets to make the call or like the nfl where the judge goes under the cloth and comes out with a verdict. That’s not really practical either. There are dozens of ways to cheat in the game and yes it does happen but if you go into every game expecting the player is going to cheat then your missing the point of enjoyment of a game. Best of luck, I’m more inclined to give my opponents the benefit of doubt in armada.
  11. Doubling down after being recognized for what your trying well played brother well played.
  12. Shadow is bored apparently and not getting enough reaction in the xwing forums anymore.
  13. Destroyers are quick, pack twin blasters, and come with their own shield generators. Nothing short of a cannon will pierce it, but they do have two weaknesses, and you will need to work together to exploit them. The shield deflect high velocity attacks. What the shield don't stop are slow or stationary objects. They're designed to absorb them so nothing hinders their movement." "Destroyers are blind from behind. A distraction combined with a rear assault will give you a kill. The trick is to get the right speed on the droid popper.” Anakin Skywalker. These are specialist in terms of battle. They should wreak havoc and not be limited to speed one. The game takes movement abstractly and you need to find the sweet spot to simulate their rolling speed without adding a lot of more rules. Speed 2, medium base (yes I know there six feet but their base or feet is pretty wide), front arc firing, armored (to simulate shields) but unarmored in the rear zone.
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