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  1. I did a cost analysis of how many character points you should expect to open per booster. For each set, I took the number of rare characters and divided that by the number of rare cards. I did the same for legendary. Within each rarity, I did two calculations: I averaged the cost of one of every character at that rarity, then I doubled the appearance of every rare and ever aged the cost of each character die (the elite version of the die was the difference between elite and non-elite, so Bala-Tik first die was 8 and Bala-Tik second die was 3 while both First Order Stormtroopers were 7). After having those values for each rarity, I multiplied it by the percentage of cards at that rarity that were characters, then I multiplied the rare value by 5 and added the legendary value and then divided by 6 to get the average per booster based on expected collation. The two die average was consistently lower than the one die average, but all three sets were fairly consistent in terms of each value relative to the same version of that value in a different set. It tended to be just under 3 points per pack for the two die average and almost 4 points for the one die average, so I just called it 3-3.5 character points you could expect to open per booster regardless of set. (This does not take into account hero/villain restrictions)
  2. For the non-starting action cards, do you mix the new and old action cards to form a deck you can draw old or new leaders from? Or do you only use the new action cards and can then only get old leaders from mission cards? Thanks in advance!
  3. Gnome Games West. Green Bay, Wisconsin. 6/3/2017 Winner: Poe/Maz
  4. I'm not talking about the people who have a local store but choose to buy online anyways, I am talking about all of the people who DON'T have a local store because they are all too far away to be a reasonable drive. Should everyone who can't buy local just be told they can't play because online retailers are evil? No, we should encourage online retailers to exist because it allows those players that otherwise couldn't exist to play the game. Are you sure about the air shipment? I remember it happening for the prerelease but I distinctly remember it ALSO being said it is happening for Wave 1, which is why the Wave seems so small.
  5. Not every player has a local store that will stock Destiny or purchase OP kits for Destiny. For those that can't find an organized play event within an hour, should they just have to drive even further to preorder and purchase product? I think online sellers should just be accepted as a healthy part of the market that expands the interest in the game and increases accessibility of product to more potential players. We all want more players.
  6. I don't know if it was ever confirmed, but I had read that it was believed Someone higher up (Disney? Lucas film? Asmodee?) told FFG the release date was May 4 for promotional reasons when FFG had planned on a mid-to-late May launch. Because of this, for the first wave, they had to fly in product from China, so they flew in a very limited quantity. The rest of the product was sent by boat and the large wave FFG had planned now became Wave 2 instead of Wave 1 like they had originally planned. They tried their hardest to have a strong set launch, but promotional tie ins they didn't want were their undoing.
  7. Do you have a picture of the playmat? I haven't seen it.
  8. They wouldn't really be promos if they were in packs.
  9. They are being given out for free, so most likely if this is their first offense it's just a simple cease and desist order with no other penalties. I could certainly see someone taking that risk. Especially if they just didn't even notice the tiny little copyright when making these based on the original ones.
  10. Still trying to figure out if these are from FFG or a third party running demos.
  11. I have no idea how this relates at all. Buhalin understood what I was saying.
  12. I'll eat crow here and say I was wrong. Way back when people were predicting May 4th, I thought there was no way it would happen.
  13. Isn't FFG notorious for unexpected delays in every product they release? If they do that for everything else, I don't see why this would be different. There are plenty of collectible games (that are/were successful, the ones that failed had failed due to other reasons) that have a long run of delays in their releases.
  14. The risk with a prerelease 1 week before is if the prerelease needs to be delayed, it either forces a delayed release even if the release had no other delays or it forces the prerelease to happen after the release. It's just too risky if delays are a routine issue for the business. I agree, having a major tournament so close to the actual release of a major product for that game is odd, because it creates an odd outdated snapshot of the meta, but that is resolved by just actually planning your releases and events and bumping one of them forward to a sooner date or back to a later date during that planning stage so there is hopefully a nice month between them to provide a cushion for possible delays.
  15. This is incorrect. Specials DO have a value: they have a value of 0. This is why you can Electroshock a Special, because a value of 0 is less than 2 ("Does not have a value" would not be less than 2, much like how the color purple is not less than 2, it simply does not have a value). Given that Specials DO have a value of 0, what does changing that value do? Would it just mean you are now resolving the Special once per normal rules but it will count as resolving a die with a value of 2 for interaction with future supports/upgrades/characters that care about the value of the die resolved?
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