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  1. @Lordbiscuit That's the great thing about it all.....the star wars galaxy is full of extraordinary things already so there is at least some precedent for these kinds of things. Take Anakin for instance. He was the Chosen One. He was immensely talented and the entirety of the first 6 star wars movies revolved around him. The Jedi and the sith changed their plans for him. So, if there were another "super-being" thrown into the mix would they do the same or would they try to destroy him? It's just something interesting to explore.
  2. I appreciate all of the tips and suggestions. With everything you guys have given me (and anything else you might think of that you'd like to share ) I believe I can move forward with my plans and actually make this work. I'm fascinated by the idea of someone like Superman living in a star wars universe and how his existence would influence the decisions of people like Palpatine, the Jedi, Crime lords, Mandalorians, etc. I really think this is something the players in my group would appreciate also. Thanks again and if there are any more suggestions I would love to hear them.
  3. hhhhmmmmmm.........well, not what I was hoping to hear, but I appreciate all of the advice.
  4. @Rookhelm, Offhand, my feeling is that since this system isn't meant for superheroes that I'd probably keep my own separate stat page for him that shows me his "real" brawn as being several levels higher and maybe even give boost dice to account for his being uniquely powerful. I'd build the dice pool for him and then describe the results of his actions accordingly and let him figure out why, I guess. At least, that's what I was thinking, but I'm not familiar enough with this system to know how far I can push these kinds of things and still make the game's mechanics make sense.
  5. I've got some experience with the saga edition of star wars rpg, but I'm new to FFG. However, I am excited about getting into it. I've got an idea for a campaign that I think the players would really enjoy, but I'm not really sure how to pull it off with this system and I'm hoping for some helpful tips. I'd like to make a story roughly equivalent to Superman in the Man of Steel. They would get to create their characters like normal and decide skills, talents, etc. The twist is that I would have a secret list of their super powers and actual stats like super strength and toughness. As the game progresses, they would quickly realize that they're not ordinary. The focus of the campaign would become learning how to be hero, dealing with public perception, etc. How should I go about implementing these kind of ideas without breaking the game? Although I want them be powerful, I can't put them in a spot where they feel like they don't need to roll the dice anymore or that they can do anything. I need to have some kind of definable limitations and weaknesses. I've never played any other rpg besides the star wars ones, so I'm not sure how they balance this, and I actually do want this to be in the star wars universe. Any help would be greatly appreciated. p.s. I have all three FFG Star Wars core rulebooks.
  6. I appreciate it. I'll take those suggestions into account. I'm looking to make these villains the "final encounter" villains and they will probably be pulling strings over the course of several campaigns before the "final fight". How much experience would you guess the 4 heroes (1 bounty hunter, 2 jedi, 1 spy) ought to have for such an encounter? (they would take on these villains in two separate encounters.)
  7. I don't suppose anyone could spare time to help a new player/soon-to-be-GM? I would sure appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I've played the Star Wars rpg off and on for several years now. I've got some experience with the Saga Edition, but I decided to try to make the jump to Fantasy Flight's version. I'm looking forward to playing the game, but I'd also like to start dabbling in character creation. Me and my whole group are still wrapping our heads around the differences in the two systems. I said all that to say this: We're taking turns Game-mastering and I want to start preparing for my turn now by creating the characters I need and testing them in staged encounters so that I can familiarize myself with subtleties of the game in my spare time. In this way, I hope to know my arch-villains inside and out so that I'm perfectly prepared for the players and I don't give them a villain too overpowered or too underpowered. I'm hoping to use Darth Sidious (RotS style) and Abeloth (FotJ) as inspiration for my arch-villains. Since I'm still going over the rules myself, I honestly wouldn't even know what skills, talents, etc. they ought to have. Also, the fact that there are no "character levels" seems to be a good move, but also leaves me wondering how much Experience they ought to have. I hope this isn't too much to ask, but I'd sure appreciate it if someone could share some ideas or tell what their builds on these characters are, or even just some tips on how to go from learning the new system to becoming a game-master. Thanks! P.S. I have all 3 Fantasy Flight core rulebooks.
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