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  1. Well, they could include unique codes inside each expansions that you have to put into the app to prove you own it, but I doubt they'd do that.
  2. Does using a squad builder app mean that you get access to ALL potential upgrades (eg you don't have to buy an epic ship for Palpatine)? I'll see what FFG vids are up on youtube. @LagJanson, yeah, I think I'll wait and see how all the changes shape up before investing more $$$ into this game. We're already playing with our own house-rules which address some of the issues we've had with the game. Second Edit - thanks for that faqs link @svelok, that's uber helpful!
  3. I leave for a month or two, come back to see if they've announced a Skipray Blastboat yet, and there's all this "X-Wing 2.0" stuff flying around now. What's going on around here?!? I never played tournaments, and just fly casually with friends and family (using non-unique pilots and small-base ships). Is 2.0 a complete overhaul of game mechanics? If so, what do I need to read, and what do I have to buy if I want to be "current"? Wondering if folks like me that only play casually will benefit from spending another $100+ on this game... Lastly, what are the major issues that prompted 2.0? Only 2 or 3 different lists showing up to tournaments with the rest of your collection collecting dust on the shelf?
  4. For those interested in some more Raiders, they're $13.89 a piece on amazon right now, so I just bought 2 more :-)
  5. Am I the only person that doesn't like to use Tie Punisher's b/c they're sooo ugly? I won't play with anything that's ugly, no matter how good it is. I shouldn't be excited to see my own ship obliterated so that I don't have to look at it anymore.
  6. I only fly casually, so help me with the rules here. In what order would you perform your actions/maneuvers with the above^ loadout? Perform maneuver, focus, use PTL to Adv SLAM (receive stress and weapons disabled token), use Adv SLAM to target lock as a free action, dump Ion torps/missiles or APT's to ruin opponents day, point finger at said opponent and laugh? How does the above^ work when you want to use a reload action?
  7. Easy. The list with moar gunboats is better.
  8. Was gunna say "gunboat", but I finally got to play with the ones I ordered so that's fixed now It would probably be easier to say what ships I DO fly. Most small base Imperial ships (except Tie fighters), A/B/X/Y-wings. Everything else just sits around to look at.
  9. Where are you getting your crazy good sale raiders from?
  10. I'm not kidding, I only play with Lucas canon. #makestarwarsgreatagain #disneywarsisfakenews
  11. I mean, we've already got the Gunboat, but it still seems wrong if this thread isn't on page 1 Our new warcry is "Gunboat Aces! Gunboat Veterens!". We need a fix that breaks the meta and makes them stupid good Rebel-killing missile carriers.
  12. I only play casually, but I would really like to see the following on my bookshelf: Lancer-class Frigate Dreadnought-class heavy cruiser Carrack-class light cruiser Corellian Gunship (DP20) Anything Chiss (Clawcraft, etc) XG-1 Gunboats and Skiprays
  13. What, no thread posts in the last 48 hours? Y'all must be too busy flying your new gunboats to bother chatting about them. I've been too busy with work and stuff to fly my new glorious gunboats to victory against the Rebellion :-(
  14. The 2 gunboats I ordered should arrive today. Already wishing I had ordered three... I only play casually with friends/family, so I'm thinking about running 2 Nu's with XG-1, LRS, Linked, and HLC, and Whisper with VI, FCS, Gunner, and ACD. That's a heavy hitting list bwahahahah! The other option I'm thinking about is 2 Rho's with crackshot loaded like the above^ Nu's, and Vessery with Juke, MKII, x7. But that looks less mean.
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