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  1. Craaaaaazy week at work lll.. do you use discord?
  2. Hey, thanks guys! Forgive the delayed response. I never got a notification that there replies to the topic. sfRattan, you can't discourage me lol. This is definitely a pet project. I've done some reading on STA, haven't really looked into it, though. The driving force for this (a side from just wanting to play around in Genesys) was actually getting a comprehensive starship design system ported in. This is fully inspired by Steve Long's Spacedock. Admittedly, I'm a bit stuck on talents. I have all 3 of the Star Wars core books as well as Genesys, but I have yet to decide if I want a straightforward career path or Career/Specialization like in the Star Wars games.
  3. I loved the Star Trek LUG from way back when! It was always quite complicated, though. That said, I picked up Genesys a couple weeks ago and wanted a project to get my started creating setting before i move in to create my own. I've chosen to do a conversion of LUG's Star Trek RPG including Steve Long's Spacedock for my local gamers. I've been GMing in the FFG system for years now, but I'd like to get a couple of players who are more experienced with the system who can help me tweak things into place. For copyright reasons, this document will not be distributed outside of testing purposes.
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