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  1. Doesnt make it wrong though! If someone takes advantage of your kindness or compassion it is they who are wrong! Should they be prepared for people to do so? Yes. And they are, they have the second largest army in the country!
  2. Not villains, certainty jerks though. Y'all killin people cause of a reneged treaty? By all means claim bushido, you still fail the prime point of being a noble, protecting commoners.
  3. I think Manchu is using the literary form of romance here haha
  4. If your reaction to an oposing party's wish to renegotiate a treaty is to attack them, then you are being obstinate and jingoistic. There is no such thing as a good war, especially with a famine going on.
  5. I havn't really played for real since PAXU, i dont really know whats good or not. I just kinda want to play seeker. Even more self-centeredly, I want my vote to win lol
  6. The listing from before gencon indicates seeker of fire as the unicorn's top choice, but afterwards it is keeper?
  7. When you only get 1 or 2 hatamoto per tournament, the chances that onw of them can go to other tournaments decreases. No real way to win favor pointsvif you dont have any hatamotos.
  8. codegnave


    Weird. It'll be fun as a draft game I guess?
  9. Maybe im confused, but didnt the crane attack the city first? I thought they took it over to get food(instead of just like, asking for help or something else rational) To be clear, no one in these stories make good decisions. Its kind of the point imo
  10. My only disagreement with that is that one side looks bad from incompetence and the other from maliciousness.
  11. Forcing a higher status woman to join your clan to get a political benefit doesn't necessitate the woman's party being ignorant. I would imagine that they have used this tradition to the detriment of others in the past, with or without abusing the ignorance of others. Its still in bad faith if the goal is an unfair political advantage.
  12. Im pretty sure that the capital c civilization is human vs monsters. If not then thats uhhhhh messed up. Then why are they the only clan we have heard of that still has a bizarrely out of place chauvinistic marriage policy? They are either wildly out of place in the setting, or they do it for political gain.
  13. If you are roleplaying than this is not really an appropriate place to do so unannounced Im not arguing that the unicorn could or should have known better, it obviously would have benefited them, but that doesnt change the bad faith nature of the offer. To say nothing of the pre-state nature of rokugani politics and information decemination. Its pretty disingenuous to blame the victim of a scam while defending the perp.
  14. Or just dont let the lions be dicks because the unicorn were late in finding that out. And using the term 'civilized' is really gross.
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