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  1. He would be crazy good with that pool. Not even Luke rolls Obi-Wan dice. Maybe he should roll B-G-Y? Would definitely be fun and interesting to test out.
  2. Completely agree with this. I feel like just adding a green die (auto-focus?) to his attack pool would pretty much fix this guy. Thoughts?
  3. Wait, so this is a real thing? What cards did @DTDanix design?
  4. Are they forcing you to buy it against your will or something? I don't get all the angst. If it's not ok for you and you hate FFG, then go buy some other game and for goodness sake don't hang out on their forums with all of their fans...
  5. I'm a Kayn fan as well and have tried him in plenty of lists but he just has too many issues for being 10 points. Rally the Troops is a great command card but Firing Squad is less so because of the adjacency requirement, which means he either uses Firing Squad or attacks but not both. I feel like Advanced Comms was invented to fix this (and Sorin) but making it cost another point just makes him even more overcosted. Also, his surges are just weak sauce. I imagine Captain Terro hangs out with all of the Elite Troopers and they all have a good laugh about Kayn the Trooper Commander and his pitiful +1 Damage surge.
  6. @nickv2002 or anyone else who has printed from printi.com, what material did you select? The options are: Outdoor PVC, 16oz Backlit, 13oz Mesh, 9oz
  7. Big shout out to @TheWelcomeMat88 for the closest skirmish game I've ever played (40-38) last night on Vassal. He endured some absolute ridiculous luck on my part to make it a nail-biter, slug fest on Jabba's Spoils of Crime mission. It was a New Wookies vs. Emperor/Maul match up that really could have gone either way but it was a great example of the kind of fun you can have participating in the Reddit IA Tourneys. Season 4 will be wrapping up soon, so you should be making plans to sign up for the next one. It's great practice and lots of fun!
  8. I would recommend ditching "On My Mark" which is Gideon's bread and butter and give him something more unique. Perhaps something like... It's A Trap: When a hostile figure declares an attack on a friendly figure within 4 spaces, that figure gains 1 block and 1 evade token. Once per round.
  9. I see this episode if I click on your RSS feed (https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast?format=rss) but for some reason it doesn't show up in my podcast app (podbean). Am I the only one having troubles with that? Nevermind - I found the podcast on Google Play Music and is up to date. I think I'm done with Podbean...
  10. I strongly feel that the Wookies need a Command Card named Wreck Fools. Who do we have to bribe to make this happen?
  11. YES! Such a great ability but it is too bad that Jyn's card already had the "One in a Million" name as that perfectly describes your chances of pulling off the Flurry of Blades. Shattering Blow is an excellent ability, especially for turning those already-dead-guys cards into a free Element of Surprise. It's just frustrating that most times you will only get one attack from her before she evaporates. Maybe the tokens and Brawler cards due in the next wave will make her a little more viable?
  12. I thought it would be interesting to see and discuss what Command Cards people think should be awesome but never seem to work out that way. Would love to hear what cards you have trouble with or ways that you have effectively used my troublesome cards. I'll start things off with a couple I'm running in RIT Season 3. I'm running two sets of E. Jetties + Capt. Terro so the upside for Covering Fire seems really high and for whatever reason I've drawn it quite a few times in both practice and tournament matches. I included it mostly in anticipation of facing IG-88 and Jedi Luke but feel like the stun/extra damage potential could be useful across the board. On paper this card is great. In play it is less than great. For starters, putting this card into play somehow affects your dice so that they roll surges only for non-Trooper figures. Futhermore (and more seriously) the magical combination of one attacker putting a Stun on a figure and then everyone else piling on with an extra +2 dmg rarely happens, requires more setup than you think , and involves a sustained focus fire which is not always tactically the best option. Lastly its just not worth 3 points when I could take Grenadier, some combination of 1 and 2 pointers, or even Max Firepower for BT-1. Meh. You have been very meh for me, Covering Fire. Change of Plans seems like a pretty decent card for only 1 point especially since the E.Jets and Terro are the same cost. I must admit that I have used it once to pretty good effect but most of the time I struggle to find the right time to play this card. The issue here most likely lies more with the card holder (me ) and less with the card. I took it mostly for the scenario when I have lost a single Jet and can exhaust the remaining Jet to ready the other two but in fact I have never used it that way. I have used it effectively to get another turn out of Terro and that turned out nice... once. More often though, playing this card basically puts a sign on your readied group that reads "Focus fire here. Bring it, you suckas!" And then they die. Sadly.
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