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  1. Dovla

    Novellas - Sword and the Spirits

    Designers and writers at FFG are obviously burnout.
  2. Dovla

    Competitive LotR

    I agree with this, but the current format of publishing is actually compatible with the new format if every pack had the necessary components to make custom encounter deck.
  3. The new Gencon event made a pretty important announcement about a turn to competitive side (which already existed in a very limited capacity) which at least for me is very exciting. Do you think the game and new sets will continue this or it is just a one time boost? It seems quite interesting of a concept to release new sets with ability to modify them and let other players quest them. What will be the consequences of this for the older cards? more errata? rotation? Are you interested in competitive play?
  4. hmm, so 30$ for a bland white playmat...seems kinda pricey, especially when i can add 10$ and buy a core set or basically w/e to get a full playing experience (2nd or 3rd core, 2player game or 2 decks for sw destiny, 2 dynasty packs...)
  5. I saw that and imo its a good decision. The list of cards which were chosen for a list (if there was any) is imo, wrong and reveals a wider problem.
  6. This list is hilarious. Final proof that this community should be kept as far as possible from having any say in design decisions. Until a truly negative play experience emerges or decks which dominate the meta its basically unplayable (FN in destiny would be a good example), there should be no restricted lists with such small card pool. Man i don't like let go or policy debate played against me but banning them is outright wrong line of thinking.
  7. Players influencing card design and wanting ban lists because they lose > bad idea.
  8. The game didnt catch up here, so there are no groups who lost interest to speak of. While i think that mostly everything (story, mechanics which feel like l5r, design, 6x6, balance) what could have been before and immediately after release were spot on, my main issue is with game length. Even feel like balance complaints are not warranted (there was a whole shitstorm about backhanded argument, then policy debate, even before he came out ujiaki) and turned out to be overdramatized. Inb4 "games in my group are <50 mins all the time therefore your arguments are invalid because my personal experience means that this is the general state", most of the games just drag on for too long (even among top tier players on discord league, video length is sometimes ridiculous) and its really hard to find time to play even one game a day, let alone a mini tournament with 3-4 rounds. I can play three destiny games in that time. The other issue is roles which are too restrictive for the current cardpool size.
  9. The guy is in roid rage after a successful cut, pissed off on his sensei and poor fu leng going to take the most of the beating.
  10. mAgix thrives with online clients, no reason why l5r wouldn't. If they make a good job, they are sure to succeed. Play few games in the morning, roll around the block in the evening to play with real cards, yes please.
  11. Dovla

    A bad run!

    It will get better.
  12. I would happily throw my money to well polished digital game which uses codes to scan physical product and integrates them online. Also digital league, matchmaking, co-op partner finding and tournament system, sounds great. This looks too hearthstoney and cartoon like to me and hope there will be different interfaces available, but this is a great move and hope FFG will do it right. cant wait to try it.
  13. Simple mistake, which indicates a much more serious problem. FFG is an incapable company for the amount of work needed to produce so many games in a quality manner. From printing to understaffing and leaving of game designers, its a matter of time before it starts collapsing. Look at Lotr and SW lcg. The games are falling apart due to reasons mentioned.
  14. Dovla

    Gameplay vs. Luck of the Draw

    Simplifying everything and reducing it to bad dynasty flop is in almost all cases wrong. Often the game is recoverable and comebacks are quite possible because of the mechanics of the game. I urge everyone who quits after turn 2 bad flop to keep playing and see the results after 20 games. More likely than not there will be a significant percentage of games which were not decided on a single moment. I found that incremental advantage and disadvantage are crucial to winning or losing the game. The most sure way to win every game is to utilize everything on the board and playing a game without pilling up on missplays and mistakes. Its not one way of the crab that decides the game, it really is a small mistake and not the optimal play every turn that is the deciding factor. The player who manages that compared to opponent will likely be the winner with less regards to bad draws.