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  1. Why even buy core sets when the staple cards of each clan are banned. Great design.
  2. True to every word. Combination of bad decisions, underpaid / overworked designers and their usual business plans. Designers are all over the place on multiple games, their OP support is very bad and their products are expensive. Many people have noted and voiced their concerns similar to yours, but are often outvoiced by fanboys who see absolutely nothing wrong with FFG business model and casually throw around the "entire lcg collection is cheaper than T1 Magic deck" as an argument to everything. I am almost done with FFG, which is a shame because they make awesome games with stunning art i want to enjoy, but can't.
  3. So a product which doesn't adress any of the major issues of the game (length, balance and accessibility to new players). It fleshes out two mechanics which are non existent with only one core set and therefore is not a perfect companion to it. The only upsides are playable collection of cards inside and spot on lore/theme/flavor implementation of story elements.
  4. honestly hope its just that. new product with casual focus and faster victory which could be implemented in the base game.
  5. I'd argue that 120$ will suffice for 12 weeks of magic draft which in the end of said time will result in a pretty decent deck for a beginner. That means that for the price of 3 cores you get 12 tournaments, trading with people who shower you with spare cards and quite a good deck which i consider a good deal for a beginner. Not to mention that with 4 challenger decks you get 5-6 months worth of HIGHLY competitive decks to play at FNM for 80$ or 13$/month. In that perspective, 3 cores as an intro product do not fare so good i fear...
  6. Hope for a story box with possible 1vs1, multiplayer, solo or co-op format in a setting where customized decks with other cards can be used in 25-35 minute rounds. So a different game really.
  7. Just about any L5R card or competitive video game which lasts 20-25 mins/game. can't commit 1 hour for a game. Please spare me the "My game are 35 mins/ I played two 60 min games in my entire life".
  8. Dovla


    Is this FFG owned IP or some kind of license?
  9. Designers and writers at FFG are obviously burnout.
  10. I agree with this, but the current format of publishing is actually compatible with the new format if every pack had the necessary components to make custom encounter deck.
  11. The new Gencon event made a pretty important announcement about a turn to competitive side (which already existed in a very limited capacity) which at least for me is very exciting. Do you think the game and new sets will continue this or it is just a one time boost? It seems quite interesting of a concept to release new sets with ability to modify them and let other players quest them. What will be the consequences of this for the older cards? more errata? rotation? Are you interested in competitive play?
  12. hmm, so 30$ for a bland white playmat...seems kinda pricey, especially when i can add 10$ and buy a core set or basically w/e to get a full playing experience (2nd or 3rd core, 2player game or 2 decks for sw destiny, 2 dynasty packs...)
  13. I saw that and imo its a good decision. The list of cards which were chosen for a list (if there was any) is imo, wrong and reveals a wider problem.
  14. This list is hilarious. Final proof that this community should be kept as far as possible from having any say in design decisions. Until a truly negative play experience emerges or decks which dominate the meta its basically unplayable (FN in destiny would be a good example), there should be no restricted lists with such small card pool. Man i don't like let go or policy debate played against me but banning them is outright wrong line of thinking.
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