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  1. Here's an idea, why not a cannon upgrade that ups the B-Wing's attack from 3 to 4?
  2. Pick one. Nothing is mutually exclusive, and "Pick One" is the genesis of the problem, not the solution. Dude, it was a joke. Sorry, hard to tell from 2 words. As stupid as they are, emoticons do have uses. Hey, fair enough.
  3. Pick one. Nothing is mutually exclusive, and "Pick One" is the genesis of the problem, not the solution. Dude, it was a joke.
  4. It's a very skewed sample. Of course Cubans in America are happy. . .Castro is why they left Cuba. People crying in Cuba for El Comandante could be equally powerful, if you chose to watch. Got to wonder, are they grieving in Cuba over the loss of Fidel or because what his brother will do to them if they don't?
  5. That's true, but only because of how bad the 20th century was when it came to mass murdering psychopaths; we had Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, the Vietcong, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden etc.
  6. Speak the truth! I am horrified by how anyone with a functional brain can say anything positive about that piece of ****! He was a dictator and a murderer, who had no respect for the rights of anyone. Seriously, he rounded up gay people and put them in freaking camps! There's a reason people are happy he's dead and celebrating it. Burn in hell Fidel!
  7. So much for Rebel Veterans....(begins crying in a corner)
  8. The Force will be with him, always.
  9. Here's an idea: Manuvering Fins Modification - Small Ship Only 2 Points After you successfully perform a barrel roll action, you may immediately perform a speed 1 maneuver located on you maneuver dial. You can equip this card only if you have the Barrel Roll action icon. TIE ships cannot equip this upgrade card. Gives the movement shenanigans without need for EU or PTL and in additional to E-Wings, would be really good on ships like B-Wings, Starvipers, and the M3-A.
  10. To be fair, no A-Wing took missiles before Chardaan Refit and wouldn't take one even without Chardaan (with the exception of proton rockets.
  11. Great, now make one for Samus Aran's ship.
  12. I recommend proton packs, the 1984 version, not the horrible 2016 version.....
  13. This doesn't make any sense to me. Refit was a 2 point reduction on a single ship, how does it kill design space? Nor do I see how it would keep missiles out of the game.
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