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  1. My FLGS league is having a theme night where there are no faction restrictions; meaning I can run a list with Palp on a Falcon alongside Dengar with C3PO if I wanted to. Right now, I've got half a list figured out: Ten Numb + VI + Mangler + B-Wing/E2 + Kylo Ren Basically I shoot first and can continually deal Pilot Crits to them as all crits are unblockable. Now I need to come up with the rest of the squad, and I've got 60pts to play with. Thoughts?
  2. Pair-A-Dice Games in Vista, CA 41 players; Top 8 Cut 1st ePalp (4-1 Swiss) 2nd ePalp (4-1 Swiss) 3rd ePoe-Maz (4-1 Swiss) 4th Rey-Padawan-Padawan (4-1 Swiss) 5th eLuke-Rey (5-0 Swiss) 6th eHan-eRey (4-1 Swiss) 7th eRey-Jedi Acolyte-Jedi Acolyte (5-0 Swiss) 8th ePoe-eMaz (4-1 Swiss)
  3. Bossk with HLC, Trick Shot, IG-88D crew, Gunner crew, Dengar crew IG-88B Thanks to Bossk's dual arcs, the defender could be at Range 2 in arc for HLC and Range 1 for primary. Then let's say they're parked on a rock. Shoot with HLC for 5, miss, trigger both IG-88B and Gunner, take a second HLC shot for 5, then take a Gunner primary shot for another 5. That's 15 dice from 3 attacks with Dengar rerolls.
  4. Norra + Swarm Leader + Finn Jan Ors + Cool Hand Shara Bay + Cool Hand + M9G8 + Chopper Norra (3), Range 1 (+1), Jan Ors (+1, discards Cool Hand for an evade), Swarm Leader (+2, Jan Evade and Shara evade post red maneuver), Finn (+1), Norra's ability (+1). With Shara, you can spend her TL to get Norra's added Focus, M9G8 to reroll Finn's blank, and have taken a Focus action with Norra that turn for 9 hits.
  5. Here ya go: http://star-wars-destiny-card-game.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Destiny_Card_Game_Wikia
  6. Nope, timing chart makes it clear that Kanan can't clear stress from ID.
  7. Yeah, it's complete for all the cards out now. Sub-type is only for support and upgrade cards. AT-ST for example is Support - Vehicle. But there are other supports, Black Market for instance, that are just supports.
  8. Made a spreadsheet that anyone can use to keep track of what cards they have in their Destiny collection. http://tinyurl.com/swdestinycollectiontracker Next step will be to add links to wookiepedia pages for each card once they're made.
  9. PS10 Rey is big because it lets me decided if I need to sloop or pop dampeners on Dengar, Soontir, Poe, Han, VI Jake, etc...
  10. I ended up 4-2, losing close games against Palp Defenders flown by great players. Primed Thrusters was huge on Poe as I was able to boost after Talon-rolling to evade arcs on K-turning Defenders. They never saw it coming, and if I needed to turn around and remove a TL from Rey, I could. Autothrusters is an auto-include with Poe. I'd never consider not taking them. Pattern Analyzer is ok if you're not already stressed, but I was double stressed with Poe as lot as PT let me fly right through debris to surprise opponents with a boost into R1. (With ID on Rey, I only had 1 pt left for Poe. I really wanted Sensor Cluster before the tournament, but after playing, I was never in a situation where I needed to absolute get 2 evades so I think SC is just not required.) Kanan is basically an auto-include on Rey in my opinion. Being able to perform that stressless sloop and then take a Focus is huge for pushing through damage. And yes, I did use Kanan on Poe throughout the day. With R2-D2, if I was missing a shield, everyone thought I'd perform a green to regen, so instead I'd dial up the 3 hard, lose the stress with Kanan, and then boost to get arc on a ship that thought I wouldn't be shooting back. It's a great combo. I think Engine Upgrade is a waste on Rey because the 3 sloop keeps you pretty close to opposing ships, and there was never really room to boost after the sloop. Alternately, Inertial Dampeners was amazing on Rey. Every single game, it gave me a great turn where I'd pop dampeners to take a R1 shot on somebody without taking fire in return. Just a great card.
  11. No, he boosted just into Range 3 of Rey after she moved 1 Forward. He was tokenless and didn't have autothrusters. Said he was looking for a bump on Turn 2....which really doesn't trouble Rey at all.
  12. Smuggling Compartment is a Limited Upgrade, so you can't put two on the same ship.
  13. At San Diego Regionals I ended up going 4-2 with a Rey and Poe build, losing only to 2nd overall John Patrick Davis (Palp Defenders) in Round 1, and Ryan Farmer (he of Mynock Squadron Podcast fame; Top 16 w/ Palp/Maarek/Soontir) The build: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/594568/rey-poe Rey - 45 VI - 1 MF Sloop Title - 1 Finn - 5 Kanan Jarrus - 3 Smuggling Compartment - 0 Inertial Dampeners - 1 56 pts Poe - 33 PTL - 3 Black One - 1 R2D2 - 4 Primed Thrusters - 1 Autothrusters - 2 44 pts 100 pts total Round 1 - Palp Defenders (Palpmobile, Ryad, Vessery w/ Juke) We set up across from one another on the left edge of the board (Poe to the right of a 2-and-2 asteroid, Rey range 1 from the left edge) ready to joust, which is what I want to do against Defenders. I go 1 forward with both. He comes screaming ahead with both Defenders keeping the shuttle back. He finishes Turn 2 just out of TL range on Rey, I move up 1 to get into Range 3 with Rey and Poe and take a shield off Vessery, losing 2 shields on Rey. Next turn, he 4Ks w/ both Defenders right in front of Rey and brings up the shuttle. I 1 bank with Poe and TL the shuttle + Focus. Then I pop dampeners on Rey. I'm taking zero shots from the Defenders, and have 2 shots on the shuttle.........and do all of 2 damage do to some terrible dice rolling from Rey and Poe. Next round, he 4Ks again and zero stops the shuttle. I boost Poe up Range 1 of the shuttle out of arc of all ships TL+Focus. I move 4 forward w/ Rey to bump Vessery. I take 2 Range 1 shots on the shuttle.....and again only do 2 damage thanks to cold dice. Rey loses all her shield from Ryad and the shuttle. Next round, he bumps w/ the shuttle to go nowhere and 4Ks the defenders. I 4 K behind the shuttle with both Rey and Poe, and boost w/ Poe to shed a TL on Rey. I am taking no return fire on either ship and have 2 Range 1 shots on the shuttle.........and again do only 2 damage because my dice were colder than Antarctica. The shuttle should have been dead 2 turns ago, but now wasn't and that was basically game as I couldn't avoid Rey getting shot up the next round. Poe eventually got the shuttle, but soon fell to the Defenders. I fly the first 4 rounds perfectly but the dice just weren't there when I needed them to be. Lost 29-100; 0 - 1 Round 2 - Asajj and Boba Fett We set up in opposite corners with the rocks diagonally across the board in front of us. I stall by repeatedly 3 slooping with Rey back and forth in the corner and going 1 forward with Poe. He's forced to turn away Asajj b/c of a rock, but Boba has to go towards me and I pounce. I take out Boba in 2 rounds before Asajj even gets a shot off. After that it was easy pickings for Rey and Poe to tear through Asajj who didn't have Latts Razzi to mitigate PTL Poe damage. Won 100-0; 1-1 Round 3 - Imperial A-holes (Palp, Wampa, Carnor Jax, Howlrunner) Flew against a friend from San Diego who I play against all the time, and I knew her list inside and out because I'm the one who showed it to her in the first place, and got her to switch out the Inquisitor for Carnor Jax. Only real threat to me is Wampa pushing through damage on Poe, so I focus him down first. Carnor strips 4 shields from Rey with a R1 attack, but I kill him quickly enough, then take out Howl. The Shuttle was the last to go. Won 100-0; 2-1 Round 4 - Palp + Maarek + Soontir Only way to win is to take out the shuttle and one of the small ships while holding on to Poe. He passes initiative so Soontir can react to Poe's movements in the late game. We setup across from each other on the right edge of the board. Poe inside of 2-and-2 rocks, Rey to the outside. We both go slow and on Turn 3 he moves Soontir in front of a rock, barrel rolls to the inside, and evades so he's stressed. The 2 bank to the inside of the rock is all too apparant so I 3 bank and boost w/ Poe to block the 2 bank of Soontir and bank in Rey from the outside to blow up the tokenless Baron........but he's out of arc by millimeters so no Finn Dice, no Rey rerolls against autothrusters + Palp so I instead shoot the shuttle and strip 4 shields, losing 3 in the process. Next turn, Soontir gets out of the fight, while Maarek who had 4Kd before moves up on Rey. He moves 1 w/ the shuttle, and I sloop into R1 of it and do 3 damage plus 2 from Poe. Maarek strips Rey's shield and he Palps to a crit from the shuttle.........and it's thrust control fire. I'm already stressed having flown through debris that turn so I can't sleep the next turn. He stops the shuttle and I'm forced to pop dampeners to ensure I don't bump so I can take it out that turn before Maarek puts a hurt on me from the side. I blow up the shuttle, but Rey is all but dead. Next 2 turns were insane. Maarek moves up and will have a Range 1 shot into Rey's side. I hard 1 with Rey and get ready for the pain. I strip 2 shields from Maarek, Soontir takes a R3 shot and brings Rey down to 1 hull. All Maarek needs to do is put through 1 damage, but since he flew through debris, he's stressed w/o Focus. 4 dice.....blank focus focus focus. Maarek uses Predator on the blank and ........... another focus! Rey lives with 1 hull! Both Ryan and I needed a breather after that roud. Poe is stressed from PTL on the right edge of the board, and Soontir is going to finish off Rey. I 3 hard turn with Poe and boost w/ Primed Thrusters to block Soontir's 2 hard turn and it works! I then sloop with Rey onto a debris and avoid the crit that would've kill me and have a shot in arc of a tokenless Soontir.........but it's at R3 by millimeters and through the very edge of the debris cloud I'm sitting on. I get 4 hits with the Finn/Rey rerolls and Soontir rolls blank blank evade evade evade and is saved by autothrusters! The dice gods giveth and the dice gods taketh away. Maarek finishes off Rey from R3 and that was basically the game and I spend the next 30 minutes regenning with Poe while trying to kill Maarek while forcing bumps on Maarek, but I can't get enough damage through before Poe gets caught and blown up at R1 by Soontir. Loss 29-100; 2-2 Round 5 - RAC w/ HSCP+Vader+Gunner and Maarek Uh oh. I win the roll and pass initiative so I can know if I need to sloop with Rey b/c RAC has Engine Upgrade and can avoid my arc. I know I need to get it down to Poe vs Maarek b/c then I simply win on pts w/ regen and RAC will absolutely destroy Poe. We joust the turrets and both get down super low....and then Rey gets hit by Damaged Cockpit and is a PS0. Rey had 2 hull left, and so did RAC. Were we both PS10, it's mutually assured destruction, but now Rey gets PS killed by RAC while Poe is off fighting Maarek and loses a shield. The next turn, a green from Poe is obvious, so instead I 3 hard turn in to RAC and boost while he misjudges a 3 bank towards me, ends up on an asteroid and dies to a R1 shot from Poe. The last 45 minutes see him chase me with Maarek, my using the Talon roll + boost combo to get shots while dodging arcs, but I can only get Maarek down to 1 hull before time is called. Win 63 - 56; 3-2. I know I can't make Top 16 with my low MOV, so I'm just playing for pride at this point. Round 6 - PS8 Poe, Norra, Green Squadron A-wing (no ATs) We setup on the left edge of the board ready to joust. He 5 forwards with the A-wing, then boosts, while I 1 forward with Rey and take a Range 3 shot Turn 1. After Finn + rerolls, it's crit crit hit hit, and he blanks out without focus or evade tokens. POP! A-wing is dead Round 1. I play the next few turns in the same way I played the Defenders from Round 1 and his Poe is dead by turn 4; his Norra dies 3 turns later. Rey only loses her shields and Poe never took a hit. Guy never stood a chance. Win 100-0; 4-2 and 27th place out of 125 players. Could have easily gone 5-1 and made Top 16 w/ either better dice in Round 1, or had I 2 hard turned with Rey instead of the 3 bank the turn I first blocked Soontir in Round 4, but those are the lessons you need to learn the hard way. All in all, it was a great tournament. Next up are Arizona Regionals and then the Kashyyyk Open. See you there.
  14. A XXX list I'm thinking of is: Biggs R4-D6 Integrated Astromech Wes Janson R3-A2 VI Integrated Astromech Poe PS9 BB8 Push the Limit Primed Thrusters Autothrusters Poe can use BB8 even when stressed to shake off TLs from his wingmen, and then Wes shoots at PS10 to remove tokens. All this helps to keep Biggs alive longer while Poe and Wes take out the opposition.
  15. This is a squad I came up with post-HOTR to sun at upcoming Regionals; http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/590757/kanan-biggs Kanan Jarrus - 38 Ghost - 0 Advanced Sensors - 3 Ion Cannon Turret - 5 Lando Calrissian - 3 Rey - 2 Experimental Interface Zeb Orrelios - 18 (Docked) Phantom - 0Biggs Darklighter - 25 M9-G8 Intergrated Astromech Went 3-1 in a Swiss Tournmanet beating Rey-Norra, Dash-Falcon, and Party Bus, 2x TLT Ys, and a Z w/ BMST. Losing only to Palp-Vessery-Ryad in a very close game. With a banked Rey Focus, focus/evade, and Lando, I can have 3-4 tokens on Kanan every turn w/ Advanced Sensors making bumps irrelevant and actually something I want to force to reduce incoming damage. Everyone has to shoot at Biggs, Kanan reduces their attack dice, and then Biggs uses M9-G8 to make Kanan's shots more accurate. Ion Cannon Turret is amazing against low agility ships as I prevent them from K-turning so they only get 1 shot at Biggs before I fly past their forced 1 straight and blast them from the Ghost's rear arc. Against the Scum list, I flew a Y-wing and the Party Bus off the table with the double Ion Turret shots each round. Against aces, I have to get the Shuttle off the board and then rely on the Ion Turret to **** on a stressed ace and then that's GG. Thoughts?
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